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Kwame Boateng Bio, Family, Height, Age, Love In The Flesh

Adding to the realm of dating reality shows, BBC Three came up with Love In The Flesh, a dating show that premiered on 23 March 2022. It sees five couples meet offline for the first time in a Greek lush beach house: to see whether their digital connection rings true in the real life. Kwame Boateng, whom we discuss in the rest of the writing is one among the nine others participating in the social experiment.

This ‘Kwame Boateng Bio’, explores his family, height, job, and Love In The Flesh journey with Jess Jardim.

Love In The Flesh: Are Kwame Boateng And Jess Jardim Still Together?

Kwame Boateng and his partner on the show Jess Jardim go a long way. They had connected online five years ago before the whole Love In The Flesh thing happened.

As the show progresses, we find out, Jess, a carer professionally, Hertfordshire native, and a 24-year-old, has been chatting online/speaking to Kwame for five years, but has never actually been able to see him other than from a photo. (No. They never face-timed.) Why? Because Kwame repeatedly refused to appear on the screen and subsequently, that had Jess believing that he is a catfish.

At the height of their online relationship, the couple was chatting every single day. Meanwhile, Jess also admitted to pestering Kwame when he did not reply for a few hours. She said she likes to remind him she is there.

In his defense, Kwame said he had not video-called Jess because he thinks he looks better in real life and he did not want to disappoint her before they meet in person.

Kwame said he had not made Jess aware of his successes and city boy lifestyle also because she did not want her to get the wrong impression before they meet or be interested in, for the wrong reasons.

Kwame mentioned he is a high flyer and has big plans for his earnings and he wants to wait a while before he revealed this to Jess.

Jess, on the other hand, said she is undeterred and genuinely believed that Kwame could be the one.

She was relieved when Kwame did not faze by the revelation that she is a mum. Also, she knew him before she was pregnant.

Kwame Boateng Family

Unlike Jess who is a single mum living on her own with her two-year-old son, Kwame Boateng is a huge family man. He has always lived with his parents. He says he is especially very protective of his younger sister.

Early in 2020, Kwame also hinted at having twin sisters as he tweeted “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I don’t condone violence but I beat up my twin sisters for less.”

The reality TV star seemed close to these people, particularly his mom. He was elated that his mom could see him on a billboard for Love in the Flesh.

By the look of things, Kwame’s family have Ghanian roots. He constantly writes about his love for Ghana and England on Twitter. But then, of course, Kwame also highlighted flags of Somalia and Togo (other than Ghana) on his profile on social media.

Kwame Boateng Height

Kwame Boateng stands above 5’10” tall.

Is Kwame Boateng On Instagram?

Yes. Kwame Boateng could be found on Instagram @kwamehimself where he had 31 posts and 2,422 followers as of 27 March 2022.

Kwane also occasionally posted on Twitter @kwamehimself where he entertained another 845 followers.

On national television, Kwane admitted that he likes getting chatty with people and investigating any mutual friends on social media. He says he finds the chat more natural. This also in some way explains why he continually refused to video-chat his current girlfriend.

Kwame Boateng Age

Kwame Boateng was 28-year-old when he decided to go on a reality show looking for love. Then, when this show went on air, in 2022, he was 29.

Kwame Boateng Job

Over LinkedIn, Kwame Boateng mentioned being an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of laundrycheck; the laundry and dry cleaning company came into existence in January 2018.

As a CEO here, Kwame said he is responsible for implementing company policy and any changes to it. Also, it is his responsibility to ensure that the company strategy is geared towards growth, profits, and increasing shareholder return.

Before this, for a year from 2017 to 2018, he was a lead project manager at aspiring kings. And even before that, he likely was studying General Biology at the University of Westminster.

In his words, as a student at the university, he took leadership of the boxing team leading them to the glory of bronze and silver medals at the British Universities championships.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kwame Boateng’s Birthday?

Kwame Boateng calls himself “Mr. February” as the month marks his birthday on the 20th; it makes him Pisces.

  • Where Is Kwame Boateng From?

Kwame Boateng was based somewhere in Tower Bridge, London as of the time of this writing. He may have originally come from Ghana, Somalia, and Togo.

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