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Chance Pitt Bio, Age, Height, Family, Love After Lockup

Meet Chance Pitt of Love After Lockup. While addressing details on their relationship we also touch on the subject such as his age, height, family, and criminal history.

So keep reading to learn more about him.

Love After Lockup: Are Tayler George And Chance Pitt Still Together?

Chance Pitt and his girlfriend Tayler George happened to meet by accident. He called expecting to encounter Tayler’s ex-boyfriend, with whom he had been imprisoned. However, Tayler, who had lately become single, opted to keep him on the line. Chance began phoning once a week, and then nearly every day.

And soon two of them fell in love. However, the family of both parties isn’t accepting their relationship.

Bobbie, Tayler George’s twin sister, does not get along with Chance. She believes that the two of them must get along to have a happy future, but this does not appear to be the case. During their supper hour, Chance was also bugging Tayler. He becomes irritable and even swears in front of her daughter, which is a major red flag.

Chance said that his license was revoked as a result of his impolite behavior. He acknowledges that he is prone to overreacting. He also admitted that when he and Tayler first started communicating, he chatted to a lot of girls but never told her that he retained their phone numbers. Tayler is irritated since he didn’t want her to have male acquaintances, even though he had girlfriends.

But, Tayler isn’t a saint herself and had an ex-fiance named Jake who passed away. She got his pictures all over the place which makes him wonder has Tayler moved on? Tayler had her daughter with her baby-daddy, her ex-fiance who passed away. She still sees a lot of Jake in her daughters.

Chance strongly feels that the photos should’ve been taken down before he came home.

According to Facebook, Tayler and Chance have been in a relationship since 14 January 2021. Based on the platform, Chance is very good with Tayler’s kids. They are often seen having fun together. In December 2021, Tayler shared that Chance gave him a promise ring.

One friend asked on the comment, “Is that a ring I see?” To which, she replied, “it’s a promise ring he gave me a few months ago lol”.

So, the question are they still together? Yes, they are together after the show. They appear on each other’s social media posts.

Chance, 41-year-old, went to prison for burglary and theft.

Chance Pitt Arrest History

In November of 2019, Chance walked into a Missouri grocery store and went straight to the bank’s counter. So far, Tayler’s story seems to fit!

Chance, on the other hand, did more than just flirt. He handed the cashier a note demanding money and indicating that he had a pistol, according to authorities. In terms of Chance’s “flirting,” Tayler may be alluding to the fact that he told the teller earlier that day that he had discovered he was HIV positive. (Chance’s HIV + status had not been confirmed at the time of his sentencing.)

Chance didn’t get to enjoy his haul for long because he was caught on a security camera and detained later that night. Chance managed to make the most of the limited time he had. When he was captured, he had just over $460 of the stolen money left. The rest, according to Chance, was spent on supper, alcohol, and gas.

Chance had similarly robbed a hair salon a few months before the bank robbery. He dressed up for the robbery by donning a wide floppy hat, a dreadlocks wig, and denim overalls.

Chance was recorded on a video camera exiting the same grocery store he would heist a few months later wearing the dreadlock outfit. He hurriedly exited the business and subsequently looted a nearby hair salon. He planned to rob the grocery store bank at the same time but changed his mind at the last minute for some reason.

In July of 2014, Chance pleaded guilty to both crimes and was sentenced to 22 years in prison. According to court documents, he was sentenced to ten years for one crime and twelve years for the other. Chance had to serve the sentences back-to-back since they were concurrent.

Chance Pitt Age

According to the show, Chance Pitt is 41 years old as of 2021.

Is Chance Pitt On Instagram?

Yes, Chance Pitt is on Instagram (@chancepitt) and Facebook.

Chance Pitt Family

Chance Pitt was born to his father Earl Pitt. He appears to have two brothers Chad Pitt (@chad.pitt.965) who lives in Oneida, New York, and engaged to Kerstin Marland, and Matthew Pitt (@mautstic) who turned 32 years old in February 2022.

Chance Pitt Height

Chane Pitt stands tall over the height of 6 feet. His tattoos which spread over his body are his distinct feature.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Chance Pitt’s Birthday?

Chance Pitt celebrates his birthday on 27 July.

  • Where Does Chance Pitt Reside?

Earl Chance Pitt currently resides in St. Peters, Missouri. He hailed from Okeechobee, Florida.

  • What Does Chance Pitt Do For A Living?

According to LinkedIn, Chance Pitt worked as Finisher at G&P Concrete.

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