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Who Is Dave Weinman? His Age, Wife, Net Worth, Height

Dave Weinman is all about saving lives and also saving family heirlooms. Yes, this fireman on Secret Restoration has spearheaded multiple tasks and has spent hundreds of hours even just to complete a single but cumbersome restoration.

Are you intrigued by this man? Keep reading to learn about his age, wife, net worth, height, and more. 

Dave Weinman On Secret Restoration

History Channel’s new series Secret Restoration is just as it sounds. The show follows a team of restoration experts including Dave Weinman who work diligently to restore old heirlooms inside a tool factory, but without letting owners of these items know they’re getting special restoration treatment.

Dave, alongside Leah Bolden, PJ Burchett, David Dall, Alfred Dill, Sara Porter, and LaTasha “LA” Thym, worked on these objects in the show’s “secret factory” reportedly located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. And it could be true for Dave himself tagged the location of Bridgeport on a FB post of him working on a 150-year-old cannon carriage in the Secret Restoration factory.

“ROLL OUT THE GUNS – All done. Hundreds of hours of work, multiple parts made from scratch, dozens of raw castings hand fit and finished.  Rotten steel cut out and new steel welded in. Bodywork, Bondo, sanding, paint, the list goes on,” he wrote at the time.

Also, a few days before he shared a few pics of the restoration team and the factory on FB, captioned, “MORE SHOPLIFE – Gang. I can’t express how excited I am about this Wednesday. The project I spearheaded took me hundreds of hours to complete and required reverse engineering 140-year-old parts to make them from scratch on the mill and lathe.”

Interestingly, anyone can apply to be on an upcoming episode of the series. If you have an item of any historical significance you want to be restored, just apply on their official website stating you’re relationship with the owner of the item.

How Much Is Dave Weinman Net Worth?

Dave Weinman flaunted a net worth of above $700 thousand. But let us tell you it’s not all from restorations!

This expert restorer is also a firefighter. His LinkedIn mentioned Dave to be a “Cadet” in the City of Philadelphia.

Taking about his work, Dave said that as a firefighter he used to have half of the inventory of the fire store in his pockets. A few months later, he then realized that it was impossible to be combat effective and weigh as much as a cruise ship anchor. Thus, he personalized his gear to carry just what he needed to get the job done while staying lightweight and mobile. “Nothing fancy, just a couple sharp edges, a few wood chocks, enough rope to get me out of trouble and a charged flashlight keeps me “Combat Ready” every tour,” he said.

To be precise about his salary as a firefighter, Dave was annually paid $68,145 in 2017, $76,223 in 2018, $76,187 in 2019, and $78,092 in 2020.

Now, coming to his passion for restoration, he first discovered it while refinishing a colleague’s old fire helmet. A decade later, he then found himself restoring old tools, machinery, weaponry, and a multitude of vintage gizmos. Today, this history buff is also a part of Secret Restoration.

Support Dave on Patreon @PartsAndRestoration.

Dave Weinman Wife

Dave Weinman might be a father of two kids. But the “husband” title is missing from his FB and IG bio. We believe that the restorer and his wife have already gone their separate ways.

Talking about his kids, Dave’s sons are Charlie and Jake. They are the star of Dave’s socials and were often seen helping their dad out in the garage. “LITTLE MECHANICS – Had my shop helpers with me this morning, and they did great,” he once captioned a post.

Fun Fact: Dave didn’t mind keeping their son away from school if it was to spend quality dad-son time.

Dave Weinman Age

Dave Weinman was 34 years of age when he appeared on Secret Restoration in 2022.

Is Dave Weinman On Instagram?

Find Dave on Instagram @partsandrestoration.

Also, here’s his Facebook @LeatherHeadCustomWorks and Youtube @partsandresto.

Dave Weinman Family

Dave Weinman comes from a family of four.

His father, Jon Weinman (born: Mar 1953) is a Scuba diver. While his mother, Janice F Weinman (born: Dec 1957) was a Communications Coordinator at Y: ART. Also, Janice, a Notre Dame of Maryland University graduate, has worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital and as a Former Office Manager at Jonathan H. Weinman, DDS.

As for his sibling, Emily L Weinman is 3 years older than him. She is already married and has a lovely kid named Caleb (born in 2019) who loves fire trucks.

Sadly, Dave’s grandfather Melvin Weinman passed away in September 2005. He joined his late wife Miriam “Toby” Weinman in heaven.

Also, Dave has an aunt named Linda B. Hurley. She’s a woman of God.

Dave Weinman Height

Dave Weinman stands tall at a height of under 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dave Weinman Birthday?

Dave receives his birthday wishes on March 14 and is of the Pisces zodiac.

On his 33rd birthday, Dave’s mother took to her FB to write, “Happy Birthday to our kind, caring, loving and passionate son, David!! We love you so much and are grateful to be part of your exciting life’s journey.”

  • Where Is Dave Weinman From?

Dave Weinman lived in Philadelphia, PA as of 2022. But he could be from  Baltimore, Maryland.

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