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Leah Brotherhead Bio, Age, Family, Height, Is She Married?

Meet Leah Brotherhead, a self-proclaimed Northern, vibrant, young, cool, relatable, and down to earth, who in recent times, stands out as Toni, the main character of Channel 4’s chaotic new comedy Hullraisers.

The comedy series, written by Hull’s own Lucy Beaumont and Anne-Marie O’Connor, tells the story of three working-class women living in Hull. Leah’s Toni is one of them.

With that being said let us tell you if Leah is married, her age, family, and height in this ‘Leah Brotherhead Bio’.

Leah Brotherhead On Channel 4’s Hullraisers

Channel 4’s Hullraisers features an all-star female cast. While Leah portrays Toni, her co-stars Sinead Matthews (of The Crown) portrays Paula and Taj Atwal (of Line of Duty) plays Rana.

Leah’s Toni is a “big-hearted tornado of chaos”. She is an aspiring actress, wife, and mother, who dreams of leaving Hull behind. “Like many of us, she’s caught between being the person she once was and the person she’s becoming,” the Channel 4 synopsis read about Toni.

Speaking of this show, Channel 4’s commissioning editor, Jack Bayles, teased that it is a show with a huge heart and a joke rate to match the feels.

Leah Brotherhead Career

Leah graduated from East 15 acting school and later notably won the BBC Radio Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award, appearing in over 100 plays, documentaries, and readings for radio.

She then went on to participate in many theatre works, films, and TV shows.

Before landing on Hullraisers, Leah was best known for playing Kat in ITV2/Hulu’s critically acclaimed comedy-thriller ZOMBOAT! and for the role of Stacey in a couple of episodes of BBC’s White Gold.

Her first onscreen role had arrived in 2011 when she appeared in the short film Jess//Jim. She had then gone on to star in the long-running BBC medical dramas Casualty and Doctors. More lately, we saw her in Netflix’s hit period drama Bridgerton.

Leah has appeared in various West End and Broadway productions including in the Tony-nominated adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall. She had become Jane Seymour.

Her extensive theatre credits also include work at Shakespeare’s Globe, The Royal Shakespeare Company.

How Old Is Leah Brotherhead?

Leah Brotherhead was reportedly born before 1989. And it is on the 12th of April that Leah celebrates her birthday. So in 2021, she should have turned at least 32 years old.

Leah Brotherhead Family

Leah Brotherhead’s real name is Leah Kelly and she has a sister named Eve Kelly, whom you could find on her Instagram @eviedorothykelly.

By the look of things, Leah is really close with her dad, Neil. She often flaunts him on social media in a way that he is not her parent but her best friend.

Also, other family members of Leah has to be Clara (on Instagram @claraalicepatrick) and Maltida (on Instagram @_matilda_mercer_).

Leah Brotherhead Height

Leah Brotherhead stands around 5’4” tall.

Is Leah Brotherhead Married Or Is She Dating Anyone?

Most of Leah Brotherhead’s friends/best friends have already gotten married. However, when it comes to herself, he was yet to tell her fans if she has been married or if she is just dating or none of these.

So, just when her relationship appeared single or unclear, her BIO SN VOICES, an artist management company cites, “A voracious reader and podcast enthusiast, Leah now splits her time between London and Berlin where she lives with her partner.”

While we did not know who this partner was yet, there was this man with the name Mateusz Trzeciak; who regularly featured on her IG. There are certainly decent chances that the seeming photographer/cinematographer is Leah’s beau.

Is Leah Brotherhead on Instagram?

Yes. Leah Brotherhead could be found on Instagram @leahbrotherhead where she had 1,486 posts and 1,025 followers as of 3 April 2022. At this time, Leah did not seem to have social media activity on other platforms including TikTok and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Leah Brotherhead From?

Much like Leah Brotherhead’s character in Hullraisers, she originally hails from Hull, East Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Her country of origin, on official documents, is cited as Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • How Much Is Leah Brotherhead Net Worth?

Leah Brotherhead had less than $500K as net worth as of April 2022.

  • What Role Does Leah Brotherhead Portray On Bridgerton?

Leah Brotherhead played Joanna, a villager, in S01E06 titled “Swish”.

Viewers meet Joanna as she encounters the duke and new duchess character shortly after their return to Clyvedon after being married; her daughter, Ada, runs away from her and ends up in the duchess’s arms. Later, at another meeting, Joanna informs Daphne that she would offend the villagers by refusing to choose a pig, knowing the winner would be slaughtered; the winner traditionally provided pork to Clyvedon for the year. She makes the duchess realize that by not choosing a pig, she had snubbed the pig farmers and cost one of them a lot of money.


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