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Lee Hye-seong Boyfriend, Height, Netflix The Devil’s Plan

Lee Hye-seong, always ranked first during her school days, also finally decided to test if she could do just the same on the Korean reality show called The Devil’s Plan which premiered on Netflix on 26 September 2023. Like most others, this elaborate social experiment is also about contestants trying to outsmart each other. It brings together 12 savvy contestants to face off in mind-bending games of wit and strategy to decide who is the brainiest of them all. Lee Hye-seong is one of these people. So, in the rest of the writing, we are going to tell you all about her.

Lee Hye-seong On Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan

Producing director Jung Jong Yeon is super proud of all his contestants on The Devil’s Plan including Lee Hye-seong. He has in great length described his contestants’ strength. When it was Hye-seong’s turn he said viewers should anticipate the “hard-working” Hye-seong as she persevered through her “diligence” and “persistence”.

In addition to that, they also informed viewers that she is a multilingual TV personality and announcer who got her degree in business administration from Seoul National University.

In addition to Hye-seong, celebrities, lawyers, doctors, professional Go players, and more, were invited to the game to compete to win the ultimate prize of 500 million won (approximately $392,700). The concept here is such that the contestants were kept in a week-long camp. Then, their limits were tested through fierce mind-bending games to find the final winner. Among them, one was to be crowned as the brainiest player.

The cast included Kwedo AKA Orbit, Ha Seok Jin, Cho Yeon Woo, Lee Si Won, Seo Dong Joo, Park Kyung Lim, Guillaume Patry, Kwak Joon Bin, and two non-celebrities: Seo Yoo Min and Kim Dong Jae.

Lee Hye-seong Boyfriend

Back in April 2023, after reports alleged that Lee Hye-Seong is dating fashion brand CEO Kim Rak Geun the former’s label SM Entertainment had denied the rumors saying the two have never held hands and the rumors are “groundless”. They just have been close acquaintances, the outlet claimed.

Fast forward to September of that year, it was still not understood if Hye-seong was seeing anyone.

In the past though, she was quite vocal about her then-boyfriend, Jun Hyun-moo. June who is very famous back home in Korea is a former announcer turned broadcast personality and host. Both he and Hye-seong are even today registered under the same agency. First, in November 2019, this agency of theirs confirmed their relationship. Then, in February 2022, the same source announced that the two parted ways.

There is a 15-year age gap between the estranged couple. Based particularly on this fact, people at the time accused Hye-seong that she was benefiting off of her famous beau and trying to use him to her advantage. Hye-seong in an episode of MBC’s Radio Starrview back in September 2020 spoke up about the malicious comments she suffered about how she is only dating Hyun Moo to gain career success. Hye Sung while sharing various stories detailing their happy relationship also confessed that all of these talks really put a “scratch” on her “pride”. Nevertheless, she also conceded that she did gain more fame because of Jun Hyun Moo. “It’s true that I’ve become more famous as a result of Jun Hyun Moo” — these were her exact words.

Before this one-on-one, Hye-seong when asked about how they began dating, had talked about meeting first through KBS’s Happy Together. From there onward, Hye-seong said she started to get close and ate together a lot.

How Old Is Lee Hye-seong?

Lee Hye-seong was born in 1992. So, she reached the age of 30 in 2022.

Lee Hye-seong Height

As pretty as in the picture Lee Hye-seong stands below 5’4” in height.

Lee Hye-seong Career

Lee Hye-sung should be more recognized by Koreans thanks to her work as a TV personality. She was once an announcer under KBS. Some of her work as a host should be Who Who is Doing The Best, It’s Ok to be Uncomfortable, and Love Mafia.

What’s more, in 2021, she was a cast member for a few TV series like Wild Wild Quiz, Our Neighbourhood Class, and Uncover World History. Some K-drama fans also have to have seen her doing the cameos in Netflix’s King the Land and Celebrity.

Hye-seong is the earlier days of her career majoring in business administration at Seoul National University. The fluent English speaker, even prior, studied 16 hours a day to be the top student in high school.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lee Hye-seong From?

Hye-seong originally hails from Goyang-si, South Korea. So, clearly, her nationality is South Korean.

  • When Is Lee Hye-seong Birthday?

Lee Hye-seong’s birthday is on November 26th which makes her a Sagittarius.

  • Is Lee Hye-seong On Instagram?

Yes. Lee Hye-seong was on Instagram @amazingc0met with 289 posts and 101K followers as of September 2023. The same time around, her YouTube channel ‘Comet Book Bread’ also enjoyed as many as 52.3K subscribers.

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