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Kwedo AKA Orbit Age, Wife, Real Name, The Devil’s Plan

The Devil’s Plan is a Korean reality series that premiered on 26 September 2023. Like most others, this elaborate social experiment is also about contestants trying to outsmart each other. It brings together 12 savvy contestants to face off in mind-bending games of wit and strategy to decide who is the brainiest of them all. Kwedo AKA Orbit is one of these people. So, in the rest of the writing, we are going to tell you all about him.

Kwedo AKA Orbit On Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan

Kwedo AKA Orbit may or may not have won this show called The Devil’s Plan, but he is already a favorite among fans. Soon after the episodes were out, viewers were quick to tweet their opinions about Kwedo. “Orbit is actually so smart and good in his second main game like he can forsee their rival team’s next move or plans during the game…” one of these fanatics gushed. Another new fan girl of Kwedo wrote “Watching the devil’s plan … I need orbit so badly”.

Kwedo must be not surprised because he gave it all after he was confirmed to be on the project. When he first got the call he said he was interested in science but not in other aspects of the show like competition and survival. It was after knowing that it was being released in 170 countries with dubbing and subtitles, he thought it might be too good an opportunity. So, this is how it turned out in Kwedo’s words. He had to talk about science for 16 hours a day, excluding sleeping and playing games. He also cried a lot because of the special family-like bond he formed with all eleven of them on the show. There, he said, made memories that he could not experience anywhere else. Also, he also requested watchers to understand that as part of the game, he made a fool of himself many a time by being excited, betraying his good friends, and crying a lot in an ugly way.

In addition to Kwedo, celebrities, lawyers, doctors, professional Go players, and more, were invited to the game to compete to win the ultimate prize of 500 million won (approximately $392,700). The concept here is such that the contestants were kept in a week-long camp. Then, their limits were tested through fierce mind-bending games to find the final winner. Among them, one was to be crowned as the brainiest player.

The cast included Ha Seok Jin, Cho Yeon Woo, Lee Si Won, Seo Dong Joo, Lee Hye-seong, Park Kyung Lim, Guillaume Patry, Kwak Joon Bin, and two non-celebrities: Seo Yoo Min and Kim Dong Jae.

About Kwedo particularly, it was said that he will demonstrate a high understanding of any game with his scientific thinking and analysis and will prove that “games are also science.”

Kwedo AKA Orbit Job

Kwedo AKA Orbit is a science communicator and YouTuber who studied astronomy. His YouTube channel ‘Unrealscience’ enjoyed as many as 918K subscribers as of September 2023.

Kwedo was introduced to viewers on the show as a former policy advisor to the Blue House with a major in Astronomy and Space Sciences.

Kwedo additionally makes his living by selling science t-shirts, science mugs, science beer glasses, science cups, and science goods in his merch store called ‘More Science Store’. With each passing day, Kwedo is only getting more popular. Earlier in January 2023, they even invited him to the MBC Entertainment Awards. He said he gladly accepted it because he found it to be such a fun concept.

Kwedo AKA Orbit Age

Kwedo AKA Orbit was reportedly born before 1983. His birthday, which is a fact, is on August 11th. So, around this time in 2023, he should be 40 years old at least.

What Is Kwedo AKA Orbit Real Name?

Most likley Kwedo’s real name is im Jeahyuk. It is not understood why he chose to go around instead other way around. His other alleged/rumored real name is Andrew Ge. But, it turns out the name Andrew Ge is of that one person who voiced Kwedo English in the Netflix show.

Andrew, full name Andrew Ge (“Guh”), is a New York-born, OC-raised, and Los Angeles-based actor. Some of his TV/Film credits would be The Slumber PartyBlue Suit, and Beneath The Banyan Tree. He also has numerous voice credits.

Kwedo AKA Orbit Wife

Until the time of this writing, people liked to believe that Kwedo AKA Orbit to be likely unmarried. The only thing that is known about his association with any lady is the fact that he is seen making one of the girls cry in episode 5 of The Devil’s Plan.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Kwedo AKA Orbit?

Kwedo AKA Orbit stands above 5’11” in height.

  • Is Kwedo AKA Orbit On Instagram?

Yes. Kwedo AKA Orbit was on Instagram @orbit_scientist as of September 2023. Here, there were 161 posts and 67.6K followers. One could not find him on other social media platforms as of this point.

Back in October 2022, Kwedo informed people about a fake account of his on Instagram. So from what he said, someone had been running a scam with this account.

  • Where Is Kwedo AKA Orbit From?

Kwedo AKA Orbit originally hails from South Korea. From what part particularly was not understood though.

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