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Lexi Goldberg Bio, Age, Job, Family, Height, The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum recently premiered on Netflix and one of the cast members we met on the show is Lexi Goldberg. She gave The Ultimatum to her partner of three years Rae Cheung-Sutton. Along with a few details about her journey on the show, we will dig deep into her personal and professional life.

Find information related to her age, job, and family.

Lexi Goldberg On Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love

The Ultimatum, a different kind of dating show premiered on Netflix in 2022. Now in 2022, the show is back for a new iteration called Queer Love with a brand new 10-episode season.

The full-length trailer for “The Ultimatum: Queer Love,” which will be available on Netflix on May 24, was made available by the streaming juggernaut on May 3. Following the teaser that was presented during the “Love Is Blind” Season Four reunion last month, the dramatic trailer provides further information about what viewers can anticipate from the series. Fans will get to know five couples, all of whom are female and non-binary, who are trying to decide whether to move forward in their relationships or call it quits.

One of the contestants is named Lexi Goldberg. Lexi Goldberg, one of the competitors, seemed willing to totally commit to the experiment in the teaser. She says, “I’m going on dates with eight beautiful women,” before raising a glass to a potential new acquaintance.

She is appearing on the show with Rae Cheung-Sutton. They are the youngest members of the cast this season.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who presided over the first episode of “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” last year, has stepped down to make way for “Sweet Magnolias” star JoAnna Garcia Swisher to guide the couples on “The Ultimatum: Queer Love.”

The other cast member this season are Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright, Sam Mark and Aussie Chau, Xander Roger, and Vanessa Papa.

Are Lexi Goldberg And Rae Cheung-Sutton Still Together?

According to what we can see, Lexi Golderg and Rae Cheung-Sutton do still look to be happy together. In fact, it seems as though they have taken the necessary steps to establish a stable relationship. They frequently connect through likes and comments, as seen below, and it is also clear from the fact they can both be seen wearing gold rings on their ring fingers in their most recent Instagram images.

If you still have any questions, you may look at this post from Yoly Rojus, a fellow cast member, from January 2023, where you can see both Lexi and Rae hanging out with her. Rae also posted a picture on Instagram for Halloween 2022 with the message “Looking for my Pam Anderson,” which is relevant because Lexi’s Instagram bio includes the line “Was once called ‘Our generation’s Pam Anderson.'”

Even though Lexi was only 21 when she first met Rae on a tragic night out in West Hollywood shortly after meeting her on Bumble, she knew right away that she had found the one. In fact, she did not care about their two-year age difference or the fact that the latter had initially contacted her for a simple “booty call” because the only thing it did in her eyes highlighted her integrity.

“I love Rae more than I think I ever will love another person,” the former elucidated in the series (filmed in 2021). “We’ve been together for over 3 years now, and I really want to marry this girl.”

But they were unable to proceed because of Rae’s acknowledged propensity to overthink everything and her skepticism regarding the possibility of a picture-perfect union or a happily ever after for her.

Lexi gave her then 27-year-old partner an ultimatum because she didn’t want her to feel like she was “pushed against a wall,” but she did need her to obtain some “clarity” through investigation. Their time in the experience began in this way, but it quickly became clear that they had both been pulled to self-described influencer Vanessa Papa, who was formerly Xander Boger’s companion.

Then again, things quickly changed for Lexi when a private date with Vanessa revealed she wasn’t even sure she wanted to get married and whether her original partner would find other suitable partners. This clearly enraged the former, not only because of her disdain for the fundamental goal of the entire experiment but also because of her ambiguous intents toward Rae, prompting her to become rather protective.

When it came to “The Choice,” the then-24-year-old made sure to call her out, but despite that, her “ex” stuck with her instincts and chose her as her three-week trial wife.

At that point, Lexi and Rae’s relationship became rockier than it had ever been, especially after the young girl herself made the decision to concentrate only on her own wonderfully kind trial wife, Mal Wright. It didn’t help that Rae and Vanessa got physical even though they weren’t really attached; Lexi didn’t trust Vanessa and couldn’t figure out how her ex-boyfriend had allowed things to get this far.

The fact that Rae had told her everything that had happened the next morning honestly out of guilt was a small silver lining, but that was about it given the results of everything.

“You come into this process, right?” Lexi said in the production. “And you give each other the room. You give each other the space to explore everything this is. I didn’t ask [Rae] to tell me she wasn’t going to sleep with Vanessa. I didn’t ask that of her. I tried to tell her to just be careful. The type of person Vanessa is, I don’t think she’s here for the right reasons.” She then broke down and added, “The person I thought loved me came here and then slept with that person. It feels like a betrayal. I’m sick to my stomach about it… Why would I ever want to marry someone like that?”

Lexi Goldberg Age

Lexi Goldberg was born in 1996. In December 2022, she turned 26 years old.

Lexi Goldberg Job

At KPMG in Orange County, Lexi Goldberg works as a mergers and acquisitions consultant. She earned a Masters’s in Business Taxation and a Major in Accounting from the USC Leventhal School of Accounting in 2019. Despite having knowledge in debt recovery, sports management, and law from prior positions she held, she formerly worked for the Red Bull Wings Team.

When she was eleven years old, she obtained her first significant promotion—a black belt in Kempo Karate—and discovered the true meaning of tenacity. She made my first significant relocation to Ursuline Academy for high school when she was fifteen years old. She launched her first small business, a clothing line that raised more than $4,000 for kids’ cancer while serving in the leadership position of student body president.

Lexi learned organization and communication skills while managing over $9,000 and creating a successful shirt delivery system for the shirt brand while interacting with hundreds of consumers. In 2016, Flywheel Sports gave her the position of interim retail coordinator, and she used her skills in planning, communicating, and leading to increasing the company’s monthly retail sales from $1,000 to $8,000 in just three months.

According to her LinkedIn, Lexi worked at

How Much Is Lexi Goldberg Net Worth?

In 2023, Lexi Goldberg’s net worth is under $250 thousand.

Lexi Goldberg Family

Lexi Goldberg is the daughter of Michael Goldberg and Alison Goldberg. Both of her parents are 55 years old. Lexi’s dad, Michael celebrated her birthday in September 2022 while her mom, Alison celebrated hers in May 2023.

Michael is the owner and president of Indulgence Jewelers since 1992. He went to University of Hartford. Alison is a Philadelphia-based wedding planner in her own company Events by AFG.

Lexi has one younger brother named Jared Goldberg. He was a high school baseball player at Salesianum.

Lexi Goldberg Height

Lexi Goldberg’s height measures around 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Lexi Goldberg On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Lexi Goldberg on Instagram (@lexicgoldberg), Twitter (@lexicgoldb95449), Facebook (@lex.gold6), and TikTok (@lexicgoldberg).

  • When Is Lexi Goldberg Birthday?

As per our research, Lexi Goldberg celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve. That means on 24 December.

  • Where Is Lexi Goldberg From?

Lexi Goldberg was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. She is currently based in Costa Mesa, California.

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