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Mildred Bustillo Bio, Job, Age, Family, Height, The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum returned for season 2 in 2023 and one of the contestants is named Mildred Bustillo from California. Find out details about their job, age, family, and more in this piece below.

Tag along and read all about the show star in this bio.

Mildred Bustillo On Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love

The Ultimatum, a different kind of dating show premiered on Netflix in 2022. Now in 2023, the show is back for a new iteration called Queer Love with a brand new 10-episode season.

The full-length trailer for “The Ultimatum: Queer Love,” which will be available on Netflix on May 24, was made available by the streaming juggernaut on May 3. Following the teaser that was presented during the “Love Is Blind” Season Four reunion last month, the dramatic trailer provides further information about what viewers can anticipate from the series. Fans will get to know five couples, all of whom are female and non-binary, who are trying to decide whether to move forward in their relationships or call it quits.

One of the contestants is named Mildred Bustillo. She was given “the ultimatum” by her girlfriend Tiff Der. The other cast member this season are Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright, Sam Mark and Aussie Chau, Xander Roger, and Vanessa Papa.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who presided over the first episode of “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” last year, has stepped down to make way for “Sweet Magnolias” star JoAnna Garcia Swisher to guide the couples on “The Ultimatum: Queer Love.”

Are Mildred Bustillo And Tiff Der Still Together?

There are certainly a few tell-tale signs that Mildred Bustillo and Tiff Der failed to make their relationship work after the show. Exhibit A, Mildred, and Tiff don’t follow each other anymore on IG. Additionally, they don’t have any posts of each other on their respective socials.

Furthermore, the whole experiment itself proved that they struggled to make things work.

When Tiff first came across Mildred under the Instagram hashtag “lesbian Latina,” it appeared to be in 2019. They quickly slipped into her direct message to let her know they were really intrigued. “I was lonely, single,” Tiff shared on the show. “I would not say thirsty, but a little parched,” and definitely unaware she was a single mother to a special needs teen son as well as a divorcee.

But they were exactly the type of person the other needed at the moment, igniting a passionate love affair that led to their creating a blissful (but turbulent) home together.

Tiff and Mildred admittedly fought frequently, had communication problems, and broke up frequently before reconciling. Therefore, even though they had shown their compatibility in bed and their partner was more than prepared for the next step, the former was really concerned about what marriage might look like. This is why the latter was the one to say that she hopes “this experiment helps us determine whether we want to move forward in this series (which was filmed in 2021)… Whether you want to.”

The fact is that Tiff also had trouble figuring out if Mildred wanted marriage with them or just the idea of it, which made the whole thing ideal for the two of them. This is not to suggest that they both didn’t struggle to get used to their new routine of seeking a “trial wife” because they did; rather, this process made them more aware of where they needed to grow. However, when it came time to choose, the former made it obvious that they only wanted their first love, even if they were confident they’d have a wonderful “trial marriage” with their choice.

After their friction, Mildred chose Aussie Chau. Mildred and Aussie seemed to click right away when they first met since the latter was relieved to have discovered someone who wasn’t as belligerent and violent as her “ex.” Similar to Mildred, who was drawn to the Australian’s soft-spoken charm, Mildred felt she had found someone who genuinely wanted to connect with her.

In fact, Mildred and Aussie argued that their friendship was mostly based on their shared appreciation for one another while picking each other in episode 3, and the former even referred to Aussie as a “deep person.” Aussie claimed to have a connection with Mildred on multiple levels and made a commitment to give their relationship a shot.

Unfortunately, things would not stay happy for long since although Aussie and Mildred were happy together, the former’s commitment problems started to surface whenever they talked about their future plans. Aussie tended to overthink things and was unsure of her desires, but Mildred was confident about settling down with someone who would make her happy for the rest of her life.

Mildred ultimately voiced her doubts about Aussie’s commitment to the experiment, and even Aussie’s friend Mo appeared to be aware of the problems the two were experiencing. The two then got into a heated argument as Mildred accused her spouse of failing to communicate and even performing the housekeeping properly. However, Aussie, who despises conflict, decided to leave the fight and claimed that the prior relationship didn’t call for this.

As for Mildred’s partner, Tiff chose to prospective connection with Aussie’s partner Sam.

Mildred Bustillo Age

Mildren Bustillo is age 34 as of 2023. She was born in 1988.

What Do We Know About Mildred Bustillo Family?

Mildred Bustillo only has a single parent now, her dad Edwin Efrain Bustillo. Edwin was born on 15 April 1957 which means he is 66 years old. Edwin is originally from La Unión, El Salvador. She is currently living in Los Angeles, California. You can find him on Facebook.

Mildred’s late mother is named Gloria Angelenelcielo Iñiguez. She lived in Happy Camp, California was in a relationship. Gloria died on 27 April 2012. On Christmas Day 2012, Mildren posted on her Facebook, “Christmas is not the same .. = / I miss you like crazy. Listening to your favorites. Rest in paradise mom.”

Mildred Bustillo Job

Mildren Bustillo worked various jobs over the years. Formerly, she worked at DRNK Coffee + Tea as a store manager. However, she is currently employed as a Zumba instructor at Crunch Fitness.

Per her profile on, she is licensed by Zumba Basic 1. She trained at Zin Virtual Convention 2021, Zin Jam Sessions Attended, and 10-YEAR ZIN™ JAMVERSARY VIRTUAL SESSIONS. For more details about her in-person classes, you can click this link here. reports that a Zumba instructor in Long Beach, California earns an average salary of $26.95 per hour.

Mildred Bustillo Height

Mildred Bustillo’s height is under 5 feet 5 inches.

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  • Is Mildred Bustillo On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Mildren Bustillo on Facebook and Instagram.

  • When Is Mildred Bustillo Birthday?

Mildren Bustillo celebrates her birthday in September.

  • Where Is Mildred Bustillo From?

Mildren Bustillo hailed from Compton, California. She is living in Long Beach, California.

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