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Kristin Zancanelli Bio, Age, Job, Lexi Goldberg Girlfriend

Fans of The Ultimatum: Queer Love were left shocked when the reunion ended with Lexi Goldberg and Raelyn “Rae” Cheung-Sutton separated. Even more, Lexi showed them her “amazing” new girlfriend who she started dating around late April of 2023. So, the name of this person we have come to know is Kristin Zancanelli, AKA Zanc, and we are going to tell you just about her.

Meet Kristin Zancanelli, The Ultimatum Star Lexi Goldberg’s Girlfriend

In a recent TikTok live, The Ultimatum star Lexi Goldberg offered further clarity about who her new girlfriend is. She said “this person” loves her so fairly and so truly and her name is Zanc. Not stopping there she also gushed that Zanc is a “talented as hell photographer” who has shot every major artist, every celebrity.

Lexi also added that her partner has worked with talent such as Bella Thorne in the past and that is one of the many reasons she is now just so overwhelmingly happy. “I’m with somebody who has celebrated me for me and gives me a lane to dress however I want to dress and be whoever I want to be. I’ve never felt more comfortable in my skin. It’s the best relationship I’ve ever been in”, Lexi told Bustle recently.

The Queer Love star also spilled that they were best friends but never opened the door to a potential romance before. After realizing their feelings for each other they not only could not be happier but also have just adopted a dog.

Lately, on 7 June 2023, Lexi took to her IG story to soft-launch her new partner. She featured some steamy videos of her kissing Kristin with a sticker above them reading “Spoiler Alert”.

Kristin Zancanelli Age

Kristin Marie Zancanelli was born in 1993. So, she reached the age of 29 in 2022.

Kristin Zancanelli Parents

Kristin’s mother is Kim Julie Zancanelli and she reached the age of 57 in March 2023. She is the owner/designer at Designs by Julie Zancanelli. Her designs here, AKA Julie Zancanelli Jewelry, are a modern mix of chic and edgy opulence. You can see them on IG @juliezancanelli. One of her “Diamond Malachite Emerald Necklace” was on sale at $899 recently on her online merch store:

Unfortunately in her personal life, Kim just lost her husband and the father of her kids, Gary L. Zancanelli Jr. He died on 9 January 2022. Fondly known as “Zanc” by friends and loved ones, Gary was the founder and owner of Red Door Woodfired Grill. He launched the first Red Door Grill location in Leawood in 2013. Since then, four other locations in the metro have opened up in Lenexa, Overland Park, Liberty, and Brookside.

Since March 2020, Gary’s wife Kim also started working as an office manager at Red Door Woodfired Grill in Kansas City, Missouri. Since Gary’s demise, she must have stepped into more roles.

Who Are Kristin Zancanelli Siblings?

Kristin Zancanelli has two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

Kristin Zancanelli and her family as seen in June 2020 (PIC: Facebook)

Her sister is Mikayla Zancanelli, a graphic designer, illustrator, and maker of things now based in Denver, Colorado. Designer by trade and creative at birth, she earned a BFA in Communication Design at Miami University in Ohio in 2020. Today, she is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists, Colorado chapter, and Society for Experiential Graphic Design. Like everyone in her family, she has always looked forward to pursuing her personal career even better.

Then there is Gary Zancanelli, Kristin’s brother. Per LinkedIn, he is a software engineer by profession. He has been working full-time at San Diego, California-based Qualcomm since June 2023.

Kristin Zancanelli Job

As said earlier, Kristin is a very famous photographer with clients from Hollywood. On her official BIO on her website, she introduces herself as a professional memory dealer. She says she is available to travel anywhere. Yet, jokingly she also adds “Just don’t ask me to go to the moon, my camera’s not that good ;)”.

Kristin studied journalism with an emphasis on strategic communication at the University of Missouri and graduated in December 2016.

Other than this treasured degree, Kristin has a wide range of skills, in digital, print, illustration, and design. She has years of experience in many different departments including media buying & planning, PR, social content, and graphic/art design.

Kristin Zancanelli Height

Beautiful and fashionable Kristin Zancanelli stands above 5’5” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kristin Zancanelli Birthday?

Kristin Zancanelli’s birthday is in November. What day exactly was not known already though.

  • Where Is Kristin Zancanelli From?

Kristin Zancanelli was born and brought up in Scottsdale, Arizona it seems. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Los Angeles, California, most likely with Lexi who is said to be splitting her time between L.A. and Miami.

  • Is Kristin Zancanelli On Instagram And Facebook?

At the time of this writing, Kristin Zancanelli was on Instagram but could not be found on Facebook. As of 9 June 2023, her IG @shotbyzanc included 498 posts and 141K followers. In her other account @zancsblackbook, there were 62 posts and 417K followers.

Other than that, she also made her opinion about certain things known on Twitter @kzanc12. She had not posted already on her YouTube channel ‘kristin zancanelli’.

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