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Lin Mei Bio, Parents, Height, Dating, We Are Black And British

Meet Lin Mei, one of the stars of BBC’s reality TV show “We Are Black And British”. Learn about her parents, her height, and her dating life. Plus, the topics she touched on in the show.

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Lin Mei On We Are Black And British

BBC has premiered a new show titled “Black and British” where the casts from the different socio-economic backgrounds from different parts get together to discuss their experience as a Black British person in today’s time. They touch on various subjects and put forward their arguments and try to come up with possible solutions for their problems.

The cast possesses a patchwork of opinions that don’t conform to any easily digestible agenda. According to The Guardian, the group debates are often shaped by fast-moving logic and critical thinking rather than set-in-stone values.

Lin Mei, who self-described having “conservative values”, is a bi-racial contestant. You should know that her father is African whereas her mother is Asian and White. She introduced herself as one of “1.2 million mixed-race people” living in Britain today. She spoke on the subject of a Black community who thinks that bi-racial light-skinned people also have privileges and they don’t have to go through anything.

In the show, she shared her experience of being subjected to racist abuse at family functions.

Before the show premiered, Lin took to IG and shared that she was proud to be in a TV show with all Caribbean / African British people, irrespective of different political views.

Is Lin Mei Dating Anyone?

Lin Mei appears to be single. She claimed that she has been told that her personality is quite intimidating and strong. In a YouTube interview with Craig Mitch, she shares that she wants a man who is financially accomplished and stable so that he wouldn’t feel inferior.

Lin pressed on the fact that she wouldn’t even pursue a man who isn’t financially strong. Plus, she advised men not to even get into relationships if they haven’t figured out their life goals. She also touched on the subject of being financially involved in a relationship.

Plus, Lin acknowledged the fact that these personalities would make a man automatically feel like she has a big character. She claimed not to be as feminist as her mom but would put her goals and standards and find someone who could match up rather coming down from her standards.

And maybe because her ambitious and success-driven nature is ruining her dating life.

Lin has also shared her thoughts on failure to promote “committed relationship” and “marriage” are the reasons why men end up alone because they live in the delusion that they have time to “get ready for commitment”. But, she believes that time moves fast and unless men drop their “city boy” years a little early, they will end up alone.

Lin Mei Parents

Fans of Lin Mei have praised her parents for their appearance for being stunning. She has also opened up about them on her socials. Lin’s mom reportedly has roots in Pakistan. Whereas, she inherited Caribbean heritage from her father which she sees as a happy community than the structured business model, education, and family unit of the Pakistani/Indian community.

Lin has featured her father in March 2016 posts on her IG which showed the father-daughter time. In 2018, she shared via an IG post that her father doesn’t like it when she blow-dries her hair without a cultural ethnicity class from her father.

Coming to her mother, Lin’s mom has been vegan for over 30 years.

Being a bi-racial individual, Lin had her fair share of experience in society and doesn’t entertain discussing it because she believes it is a social construct that people obsess over way too much. But, she thinks it is important to hear/understand what mixed/biracial individuals go through which are often not discussed including the ones that are closest to them.

Lin Mei Height

Lin Mei’s fans always wondered about her height. One shared on Twitter that she is so tall she has got to be around 6-feet-5, but another follower replied that she is 5-feet-8. The other distinct feature of Lin Mei is undoubtedly her colorful tattoos on her arms which have spread all over.

How Old Is Lin Mei?

Lin Mei is no more than 34 years old as of 2022.

Lin Mei Job

Starting with academic qualifications, Lin has earned her BA in IR/CJ GDL Law and graduated with honors. She is a Property and litigation contractor and her area of practice is Litigation-Asset Management. She also advises her followers on finances via her IG posts.

In a 2020 YouTube interview (podcast), Lin Mei shared that she worked two jobs to support herself. A regular fixture on Link UP TV (@linkuptv) she has hosted interviews on its YouTube channel. In the channel, she also co-hosted a Live show Triggered, and discussed the topic “Why must we be pressured into dating Black women?”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lin Mei Birthday?

According to a Twitter post, Lin Mei celebrates her birthday on 23 July.

  • How Much Is Lin Mei Net Worth?

Lin Mei hasn’t revealed her net worth yet.

  • Is Lin Mei On Instagram?

Yes, along with Instagram (@linmeitalks), Lin Mei is also on Twitter (@linmeitalks), and Facebook (@lin.mei.5076).

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