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Richard Fuisz Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Elizabeth Holmes

Meet Richard Fuisz, the neighbor of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. Here, you will learn a few things about their family history, Richard’s role in Elizabeth’s life, his family, his wife, and his net worth.

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Meet Richard Fuisz, Elizabeth Holmes Neighbor

Richard Fuisz, a George-town educated psychiatrist, inventor, and former CIA agent has known Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes since childhood. Elizabeth’s parents were friends with Richard’s family in Washington D.C. He shared with Inc., “Holmes’s parents told her she should become an inventor like Dr. Fuisz.”

“Our kids grew up with their kids. They were jealous of our family,” Richard claimed according to Oxygen. “I was a physician who had many patents and made money off of them and knew Arabic.” He even claimed that Holmes’ mother “programmed Elizabeth to be like me, invent and learn a language.”

Also, in December 2021, Richard posted a picture of young Elizabeth and her brother Christian on his Twitter while they were attending a party in his home. Whereas, in June 2021, he posted another picture of his home which he offered to Elizabeth’s father Christian IV after he stated that Enron, the company he was working on, had failed and had no place to live.

In several interviews, Richard also stated Elizabeth’s obsession with Steve jobs.

Furthermore, he explained, “Why was this not disturbing to Elizabeth’s parents, to [former board members George] Shultz and [Stanford Emeritus professor of chemical engineering, Channing] Robertson? She wore Jobs’s black turtleneck, she had her picture taken with a slimming lens to make her neck look thinner, she had staff meetings at the same time as Jobs did, she imitated his body language–pulling the nanotainer [where Theranos would store the drop of a patient’s blood it claimed it would test] out of her pocket the same way Jobs did with the iPhone.”

Richard also faulted Elizabeth’s mother Noel for her indulging her daughter’s childhood fantasies. He explained to Inc., “Elizabeth’s mother, Noel, told my ex-wife about Elizabeth’s idea for a wrist bracelet with needles that would test peoples’ blood in real-time, detect diseases, and administer drugs all in the same device. These are the thoughts of a child.”

Since then, Richard has made several posts on his Twitter regarding Noel. In December 2021, he wrote on Twitter, “Physician. Noel Holmes. Noel, you took such pleasure in the courtroom during the unfair and false action against my Family. How am I to feel now as your daughter faces the likelihood of prison. Remember YOU raised Elizabeth.”

Later, Elizabeth filed a lawsuit against Richard and his son Joseph for allegedly “stealing” Theranos’s patent in 2011.  In 2014, the case was settled outside of court, with Fuisz claiming that neither party benefited from the deal.

But Richard concluded, “If she had come to me and said, ‘I am low on money, can I have the patent?’ I would have sold it to her for $1.”

William H Macy Plays Richard Fuisz On Hulu’s The Dropout

In Hulu’s The Dropout, the role of Richard Fuisz is played by actor William H Macy. William did an interview with, the actor shared that he had heard of the Theranos story before and he was handed the script. Because it was written exceptionally, he loved it and signed up for the role of Richard.

William also explained that when he was filming it was an ongoing investigation at the time and all the information that he needed was on the script. Thus, William didn’t want to meet the real Richard.

Richard Fuisz Wife

Richard Fuisz was married at least two times. In February 2021, he posted pictures of his ex-wife Patricia Fuisz. Patricia worked as a nurse and was the mother of his three sons Joseph, John, and Dr. Tony Fuisz. Then, he remarried his second wife Lorraine Fuisz who had had his son Justin and a daughter Jesse James.

Joseph is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School. He works as an attorney, inventor, and entrepreneur. He founded Fuisz Pharma LLC.

Moreover, Joseph is married to his wife Helena Robinson since 2006 and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He is currently serving as the CEO of NOVA Thin Film.

Joseph also did cross-checking of Channing Robertson, Stanford professor of Elizabeth.

His son Justin has a wife named Brittany. He is the founder and CEO of Fuisz Media and attended Georgetown University.

Whereas, his son Tony is a Cardiologist and also has a son named John. Richard’s only daughter Jesse James married in February 2021 with her husband Travis. She graduated from USC.

Richard Fuisz Net Worth

As of 2022, Richard Fuisz must have a net worth above $20 million.

Is Richard Fuisz On Twitter?

On social media, you can find Richard on Twitter (@rfuisz), Facebook (@fuisz), and Instagram (@richardfuisz).

Richard Fuisz Parents

Richard Fuisz was born to his father Anton Fuisz and his mother Margaret Matuš. His father immigrated from Slovenia and had two sisters Mariska and Cecilia, and his mother was a daughter of Slovenian immigrants who died at the age of 102.

He once wrote on Twitter in May 2021, “My Dear Father Anton (RIP) used to sing the following lament in old Slovenian (translated)…”I have no Mother, I have no Father, I have no Brother, I have no Sister, I don’t have Anyone….”.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Richard Fuisz?

Born on 12 December 1939, Richard Fuisz turned 82 years old in 2021.

  • Where Is Richard Fuisz From?

Richard was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

  • How Tall Is Richard Fuisz?

Richard stood tall above the height of 6 feet.

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