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Georgia Hoffman Bio, Age, Gold Rush Jack Hoffman Wife

Todd Hoffman, who impressed plenty of fans when he originally appeared in the Gold Rush, returned to the Discovery Channel on 25 March 2022 with a new show titled Hoffman Family Gold. The new series follows Todd along with his father, Jack Hoffman, and son Hunter Hoffman and a few others set out to find gold in Alaska.

Meanwhile, in the rest of this writing, we shall tell you all about Georgia Hoffman, Jack’s wife, and Todd’s mother.

Meet Georgia Hoffman, Gold Rush‘s Jack Hoffman Wife

On 26 July 2015, the Facebook page of Gold Rush wished the couple on their 50th anniversary. So, by July 2021, they should have raised a toast to their 56th year of being together.

By the look of it, Georgia and Jack have set the perfect instance of what they call the “couple goal” among those who know them.

“My wife and I have learned that our greatest joy comes from doing things for others”, Jack said this once time, encouraging others to try something that he and his wife had been doing all along.

How Many Kids Do Georgia Hoffman And Gold Rush‘s Jack Hoffman Have?

Georgia Hoffman had three kids with Gold Rush‘s Jack Hoffman. Though Jack mentioned having three kids back in 2012, the only two we know are the 52-year-old son Todd Hoffman and daughter Tamara Hoffman.

So, you know, Todd is married to Shawna Hoffman and with her, he has two kids Hunter and Hudson Hoffman.

The family dogs Blue Hoffman and Patches Hoffman have been just as famous among the Hoffman family’s fans. Blue died in Season 5 of Gold Rush. That is when Jack brought in Patches.

There’s also another and much younger Georgia Hoffman. She is Georgia’s very first great-grandchild (named after her).

The Hoffman folks have this tradition where each year Georgia and her husband have a meeting with their kids, their spouses, and the older grandchildren. In Jack’s words, in the family meeting, they go over how their year was, what they are grateful for, and what the following year’s hopes, dreams, and goals are.

Georgia Hoffman Age

Georgia Hoffman was born in December 1946. So, she reached the age of 75 in 2021.

Georgia Hoffman Job

As per this 2004 story in the Willamette Weekly, the Hoffmans including Georgia Hoffman were the owners and managers of The All States Motel in Portland, Oregon. It was later discovered that this motel used a legal loophole to operate virtually outside the law.

The city of Portland had inspected the business on several occasions and found it in violation of city code. Precisely in April 2003, a certain inspector filled 12 pages of his report citing hundreds of violations, that included everything from broken windows and damaged downspouts to cockroach infestations, holes in the kitchen floor, leaky roofs, and a toilet, and whatnot. And on contrary to this, the motel was bringing in an estimated $150,000 a year in revenue for the Hoffmans. This was back in 2012 when they also had a home worth $700,000 in Molalla, Oregon.

Nonetheless, at the time, Georgia also was reported to have said that she could not afford to fix the motel’s problems. She was planning to tear the place down.

How Much Is Georgia Hoffman’s Net Worth?

Georgia Hoffman held more than $1 million as her net worth as of March 2022.

As for Jack, her husband/leader of the Hoffman gold mining, reportedly managed an impressive $4 million net worth. According to Nielsen reports, ‘The Gold Rush’ franchise proved to be enormously successful as it was the highest-rated series for the past 10 years. Although this has been their rent times situation with the success of their television show and the Hoffman team mining over 6000 ounces of gold, things were not always this rosy. The Hoffmans had to live through their fair share of hardships to achieve the success they have found today.

Is Georgia Hoffman On Instagram?

Georgia Hoffman did not appear to be on social media as of the time of this writing. She and her husband, however, were sometimes seen on Todd’s Instagram @goldrushtodd. The account entertained some 110K followers as of 28 March 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Georgia Hoffman From?

Over the years of the Gold Rush, Georgia and the rest of her family have lived in Sandy, a city located in Clackamas County in Oregon.

  • What Is Georgia Hoffman Maiden Name?

One could not tell what Georgia was called before she replaced her maiden name with Jack’s last name.

  • Has Georgia Hoffman Appeared On Gold Rush?

The Hoffman family’s adventures of looking for gold in Alaska in the Gold Rush were so fascinating that the Hoffmans landed their own Discovery show. And in both shows, viewers have spotted Georgia also. Even the IMDB has been credited for several episodes throughout several seasons of Gold Rush.

In addition to the Hoffman family members, the crew for the new Hoffman Family Gold includes Jim Thurber, foreman Andy Spinks, and mechanic Randy Hubler.

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