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Love After Lockup Monique Robinson Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings

Meet the family of Love After Lockup star Monique Robinson. Below you’ll learn about her mom, dad, and her siblings.

Read all that we know about them as you scroll down this article.

Love After Lockup: Who Are Monique Robinson Family Members?

Monique Robinson is the star of season 5 of WETV’s popular show Love After Lockup which premiered on 16 December 2022 is in a relationship with her inmate boyfriend Derek. Earlier, when the show premiered, we learned about their relationship. Through a Facebook forum for inmate pen pals, Monique met Derek. Upon seeing Derek’s picture, Monique was compelled to message him.

In one clip, Monique explained, “One night, it was late, I couldn’t sleep, so I’m just scrolling on Facebook, clicking on things, and then somehow I came across a prison pen pal group.”

Once they began conversing and wanted to go serious, Derek also fell for Monique. Two years later, they are still together. But their family is in disagreement. Even Monique’s pals are not happy with her love life or her relationship with Derek. The problem for this couple is that they haven’t actually met.

Monique is concerned that their relationship will alter once Derek is released from prison. Derek enjoys working out, and Monique lied about sharing this passion with him. She is therefore concerned about his reaction when they first meet. However, Monique attributes Derek’s influence to her decision to have weight-loss surgery.

Meet Love After Lockup Monique Robinson Mom

Love After Lockup Monique Robinson was born to her mother Sylvia Curry Glover. She is a native of Chicago, Illinois, and is currently 56 years old. Other than that there isn’t much about Monique’s mom.

On Sylvia’s birthday in January 2018, Monique’s sister wished their mom: “Happy birthday🎉🎉🎉 to a special person in my life my mama👩 Sylvia love❤ u ma enjoy ur day c u later so we can t up 1 time for a fun time.”

Meet Love After Lockup Monique Robinson Dad

Monique Robinson’s dad is named Arnold Glover. However, Arnold is most likely Monique’s stepfather. Why? you asked. First off, his last name is Glover, while Monique’s last name is Robinson. And Arnold and Monique’s mom Sylvia reportedly tied the knot on 7 January 2006.

Nevertheless, he adores Monique and her siblings like her own. More about Arnold, he attended Proviso East High School. He boasted about owning his business on Facebook.

Back in September 2010, Arnold posted a photo of Monique on his FB and captioned it, “My Oldest Daughter @21 Monique.” Presently, he is 54 years old.

How Many Siblings Does Love After Lockup Monique Robinson Have?

Based on our research, Monique Robinson has at least five sisters and half-sisters. Kandice Robinson, one of her sister states, that she is from New Orleans, Louisiana. She went to Proviso East High School and worked as a former baker at Sam’s Club. She has been in a relationship since December 2018 and has a son named Kandrick from a previous relationship.

Calandra is another sister of Monique. She states on her FB that she is currently single. She is a digital creator and has 1.2K followers on her FB page. Born in October 1989, she is 33 years old currently.

Additionally, her sister Sondra Robinson is a graduate of Proviso East High School and Triton College. She stated on her FB that she works at Walmart. Born on 28 June 1985, she is 37 years old. Also, there is Sylvia “Dneisha” Robinson who is also a digital creator from Chicago, Illinois. Born in June 1985, Sylvia is 37 years old.

The youngest of all is Nia Glover, who attended Illinois State University and CICS Northtown Academy. She turned 19 years old in November 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Love After Lockup Monique Robinson Family Members Live?

Most of Love After Lockup Monique Robinson’s family is currently residing in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Are Love After Lockup Monique Robinson Family Members On Instagram?

Yes, while some of her family members are on Instagram, most of them are on Facebook.

Her parents’ FB: (@sylvia.curryglover) and (@arnold.glover)

Her sisters: Kandice: IG (@kandikane30), FB (@candice.k.robinson), Sondra FB (@sondra.robinson1), IG (@sondraamiyasmommierobinson), Calandra FB, Sylvia (@realbigjuiceee) and FB, Nia FB.

  • Do Love After Lockup Monique Robinson Family Members Appear On TV?

Yes, a few of her sisters and her friends have appeared on the show.

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