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Love After Lockup Ashley Bio, Age, Instagram, Last Name

Would you trust your boyfriend, who’s also a former bank robber, with your jewelry business? Well, Love After Lockup star Ashley did! Rather she was more worried about what other people might say.

Keep reading this Love After Lockup Ashley Bio to learn more about her.

Are Love After Lockup Ashley And Travis Still Together?

Love After Lockup Ashley didn’t reveal if she was still together with Travis. But she did confess to being “overwhelmed” with “everything” coming her way. So, it’s hard to picture them continuing their relationship. 

In addition, there was also Ashley’s flirty neighbor Martin in the picture. Despite Travis’s wishes, Martin the handyman made his regularly regular visit and they had some questionable flirty moments as well.

Looking back, Ashley and Travis were together for four years even before they were cast in Love After Lockup. Initially, it was Travis’s sister (who purchased jewelry from Ashley) who set her up with Travis. And while Ashley wasn’t originally interested in an inmate, taking one look at the “most gorgeous man” changed her mind, and “next thing you know, I slid into his JPay,” she said.

So, thereafter, the two bonded over the internet, and Ashley even went on to get engaged to the man in prison when he proposed over a video visit about a year prior. However, when the time came for Travis to get out of prison, Ashley had mixed emotions. But it wasn’t because she didn’t trust him enough. Rather she was worried about what people might think of her boyfriend who was incarcerated for 13 years.

The duo’s nervousness about taking their relationship to the real world was also on full display as they chatted over a video call. “This is the moment of us. It’s coming up,” Travis assures her before telling “But I believe we’ve prepared for this and I just think it’s gonna be seamless, you know?”

They then go on to teach each other bout sleeping positions. “What if we just are entwined the whole time, like one mess of human bodies? Just limbs and legs and parts everywhere. I’ve got a boob across my face while you’ve got a ball like laying on your leg there,” Travis even makes a hilarious comment.

But despite his efforts to ease up the tension, Ashley remained “overwhelmed” with “everything” coming their way in just a couple of days.  “[Your release] feels like an hour from now, that’s how anxious I feel about it,” she confessed.

Did you know: Travis didn’t propose to Ashley with a 5-carat diamond but a “fun” engagement ring.

Love After Lockup Ashley Age

Love After Lockup Ashley was 38 years of age when she appeared on the show in 2022.

She is 6 years younger than Travis.

What Is Love After Lockup Ashley Last Name?

Love After Lockup star Ashley didn’t reveal his last name.

However, we aren’t leaving you disappointed. Here are his co-stars whose last name is known — Cameron Morton, Aris Morton, Nathan C Tracy, Skylar Hope Rackley, Derek Warner Jr, and Monique Robinson.

Love After Lockup Ashley Job

Love After Lockup Ashley is a jeweler. However, a few believe that Ashley’s job is not exactly of an antique fine jewelry purveyor. “Remember when WeTV told us Marcelino was a writer?” a fan remarked.

But whatever profession she may be in, Ashley was earning well. Infact, she was making money so much that she spent around $80,000 on Travis while he was in prison.

Moreover, she was considering offering the former convict a job at her jewelry. “I mean he’s a bank robber, he could rob my jewelry. That’s what other people might think. But I had four years to get to know him and I’m not worried at all,” she assured her fans.

But many still were skeptical about her decision, and even more worried that she was giving him money. “80,000 in 4 years?!?! Ashley dumb as f**k you were definitely supporting a drug habit,” a user tweeted.

Is Love After Lockup Ashley On Instagram?

Sadly, we couldn’t find her on Instagram.

But find her co-stars on IG @_livelifetrue_ (Derek), @stepyaprettyup (Aris), @miss.nique (Monique), @itsjujusworld_ (Justine), and @montanamillz (Michael).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love After Lockup Ashley From?

 Ashley hails from Port St. Lucie, FL.

  • How Tall Is Love After Lockup Ashley?

Ashley stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, she has blond hair, brown eyes, and a plus-sized body.

Sadly, many viewers didn’t like how she looked.

“Ashley’s 38?!!! Why does she look like an extra in Office Space?” a user wrote. While another tweeted, “Ashley do u even bathe or do ur hair? Look a hot azz mess. U definitely smokin on sum’n & it ain’t cigs! I see rock! Maybe some booger sugar? U ain’t ditsy u just not sober! We got a new branwin yall”

Likewise, a user added, “Ashley looks like she loves Xanax.”

This might also be the reason why she wasn’t on social media.

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