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Love During Lockup Dalton Bio, Age, IG, Haley, Is He Free?

‘Love During Lockup’ 2022 shared some weird love stories of people with their inmate partners. And, the relationship between Dalton and Haley certainly turned heads because of Dalton’s extensive criminal history. This article covers all the information related to Dalton. Here you’ll learn about his age, his socials, his criminal history, and whether he is free or not.

So, scroll down this article to learn more about Dalton.

Are Love During Lockup Couple Haley And Dalton Still Together?

Both Haley and Dalton hailing from Highland, Texas appeared on We TV’s “Love During Lockup”. At the time of the filming couple were together for eight and half months. They went to school together and Dalton was a popular kid back then. During his last arrest, they connected.

Haley had received nearly $80,000 from the settlement after getting into a car accident. She reveals that she had already spent over $25,000 on Dalton. Plus $12,500 of that money, she had spent on her lawyer in the hopes that Dalton could fight his case, free himself, and come to her.

While Haley is all over Dalton, Dalton shares that he doesn’t even remember Haley.

In an exclusive clip, Haley shared her and Dalton’s weekly date night ritual. “We eat really good food on our date night. Well, I’m eating the really good food and describing it to Dalton,” Haley shared. She was shown preparing a juicy steak and that she planned to eat and tell Dalton how delicious it tastes.

Haley explained why she loves her unconventional date with her beau. She revealed, “I feel like me doing this for us and our date night does kind of give me a feel of what it will feel like when Dalton comes home”. She shared her fantasies about Dalton as a freeman and her cooking.

“Doing normal things helps make our relationship seem like more of a reality,” Haley explained.

She admitted the trouble of keeping the romance alive in her relationship since Dalton is in prison and they can only interact over the phone. However, she gave her and Dalton credit for doing what they can to keep things spicy until he’s released.

During the date, Haley told Dalton about the steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli she prepared. Dalton inquired as to how she prepared the steak and whether it was tasty. Haley detailed the meal to Dalton, gushing about how delicious each dish was. Even though he couldn’t see it, Dalton displayed delight as he listened to Haley enjoy her dinner.

Looking at Haley’s persistence, she isn’t going to give up that easy on him. If stars are on her side, she might even ignite the romantic feeling inside Dalton which might help Haley to end up with Dalton. But, Dalton never deterred from his old ways and has a career criminal history.

So, it is highly unlikely that two might end up together, and fans also believe the same. But, at the end of the day, we are going to have to watch the show to see how everything turns out.

Is Love During Lockup Dalton Free?

In September 2020, Dalton was sentenced to 8 years in prison with 295 days credit for time served. His maximum time served release date is 3 December 2027. But, he can apply for parole and has been denied once in January 2021.

During the intro, Haley mentioned that Dalton “has been incarcerated for a year and a half”. At the time, Dalton was sentenced in September of 2020, he was credited for 295 days already served. His eligibility to plead for parole would likely be in June-July of 2022.

So, Dalton is likely doing time as of this writing in Jan 2022. But, more updates coming soon.

Love During Lockup Dalton Criminal Record

Love During Lockup’s Dalton has an extensive criminal record despite being only 25 years old when he filmed the show. Dalton shared, “Growing up, my parents were very well off, very successful, and they tried to teach me right. But, I just kind of had to learn by banging my head into the wall.”

Starcasm presented with the report of Dalton’s criminal charges after 2012. His first arrest was on 4 January 2013 for deadly conduct where he was sentenced to 30 days. Then, on March 31, he was again pulled in for credit card or debit card abuse, lowered to the theft of property between $50 and $500, and was convicted and sentenced to 61 days.

Just two months after the arrest on May 8, he was arrested for possession of Marijuana, less than 20z, and sentenced to 29 days.

Within 1 month, Dalton served 53 days for criminal trespassing. Then in October, he was sent to prison for 27 days after being charged for theft of property between $50 and $500. The following month, in November, he was charged with a terroristic threat of family/household but was not convicted.

In late December 2013, Dalton was charged for possession of controlled substances under 28-gram penalty group 3 but was safe from being convicted. In May 2014, he was charged with forgery of financial instruments where he (pleaded guilty, deferred sentencing). Court announced 10 years probation then 3 years confinement.

Following the march, he was convicted for theft of property under $1500 with 2 or more prior convictions, reduced to the theft of property under $50 with 2 or more prior convictions. He was sent to prison for 150 days for the charges.

In January of 2016, police arrested him for credit card or debit card abuse, burglary of a vehicle. Four months later, in February 2016, he was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. In the same month, he was arrested and charged with theft of property under $2500 with 2 or more prior convictions and was sentenced to 12 months.

Three days later, he was charged with forgery of government/national instrument/money/security. He received 2 years sentence.

In November 2017, Dalton was charged with fraudulent use/possession of identifying info 10-50 items, 3 charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. He was convicted and sentenced to four years. Surprisingly, Dalton was only charged one in 2018 and 2019. In May 2018, he was charged with theft of property and sentenced to 4 years in the first offense and 9 months in the second offense.

In his recent charge, Dalton was convicted for burglary of a building, evading arrest or detention with a vehicle, and was sentenced to 8 years.

Love During Lockup Dalton Age

Dalton, from Love During Lockup, was 25 years old when he started filming for the show.

Is Love During Lockup Dalton On IG?

No, Dalton is unavailable on any of the social media platforms.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Dalton From?

Dalton from Love During Lockup hailed from Highland, Texas.

  • What Are Love During Lockup Dalton’s Distinct Features?

Dalton’s distinct feature is his deep-set eyes and his facial hair.

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