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Love During Lockup Rio Bio, Age, Tai Simpson, Still In Jail?

Meet Rio from WeTV’s ‘Love During Lockup’. He is one among several men Tai Simpson is seeing right now. Learn about his age, his affair, his relationship with Tai, and his current status.

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Is Love During Lockup Couple Rio And Tai Simpson Still Together?

Illinois-based inmate Rio AKA Hottie is one of the few inmates Love During Lockup’s Tai Simpson is currently seeing. The path of the two crossed each other through a mutual friend. Tai’s hairdresser encouraged her to meet him because they had so much in common with each other.

The hairdresser was not mistaken to match them up because they hit it off. However, Rio is not knowledgeable of the fact that she is also seeing other men. According to Tai, “would be jealous, like all men,” if they did.

In the show, Tai revealed that she is close to four inmates excluding Rio.

Tai revealed that seeing an inmate is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, She wants to break the stigma and it was time to stop shunning a good person who may have made some bad decisions in their life. So, Tai certainly checks the background first before she delves into any relationships.

Behind Rio’s back, Tai is also seeing BB. BB is a 38-year-old inmate locked up in New York. She shared that her relationship with BB is mostly platonic.

BB gave Tai her freedom. So, Tai is out seeing other inmates. The third guy she is seeing is Donte.

Donte grabbed Tai’s attention in the visiting room when she came to see BB. She explained, “[Donte] was gorgeous and would always wink at me while I smiled back. He had a pretty girlfriend, but, after I heard one of the guards say his name, I looked up his inmate number on the prison website and started writing to him.”

As already stated, Tai is not seeing just anybody because she also invests a handful of time doing her research. She gets their information and does a self-investigation related to their crimes, prior arrests, and goes through every information available on the various department of corrections websites

About dating the inmates, Tai treats her research as an interview because she has to be prepared about who she is opening up to. Furthermore, Tai added that she keeps track of them all with the help of a vision board showing the inmates’ photos and expected dates of releases.

Tai shared that the biggest thing about dating an inmate is that you become every type of woman to them. She concluded, “You get to be a combination of a [caring] mother and a fantasy sex symbol. They need you because they crave attention and desire.”

Tai believes all of her earlier relationships failed and she thinks that the fifth time, which is Rio might be a charm. But, Rio (aka “Hottie”) might be two-Taiming with another girl.

Moving on, Tai is a single mother of three children.

Love During Lockup Rio Criminal Record

Unlike Dalton, Rio’s criminal record isn’t in the public domain. It hasn’t even been revealed what he was doing the time for. Once the information makes its way to the public record, we’ll be sure to update it.

Is Love During Lockup Rio Still In Jail?

Based on the updates from the show, yes, Rio is still in prison. Based on the intro, she chooses a man who does at least 6 years in prison. So, Rio isn’t coming out any time soon, unless he gets parole.

What Is Love During Lockup Rio’s Last Name?

Love During Lockup’s Rio’s last name is yet to be revealed.

Love During Lockup Rio Age

At the time of filming the show in 2021, Rio was 33 years old.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love During Lockup Rio From?

Love During Lockup’s Rio is imprisoned in Illinois. His hometown is yet to be revealed.

  • Is Love During Lockup Rio On IG?

No, Rio doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or any other social media platforms.

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