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Love In The Flesh Chibz Bio, Condition, Real Name, Height

Meet Chibz from BBC Three’s Love In The Flesh.

Love In The Flesh, a new BBC Three reality show, is ready to premiere. Following the recent epidemic, when socializing with individuals outside of one’s close family was regarded as a luxury, internet dating has grown in popularity. So, dating someone online then meeting for the first time in person seems a lot like Catfish, but the show isn’t about that.

In this episode, five couples meet offline for the first time in a Greek beautiful beach villa to see if their online connection holds up in the real world. The first two episodes of an eight-part series premiered on March 23, 2022. Their first meeting will be in person, and they will engage in pre-planned activities to “explore various elements of their relationships.”

We should mention that Zara McDermott is the host of the show. She served as the couple’s confidante and advisor as they face these difficulties. She told, “It truly reflects the current dating climate for young people that are living in a digital age and constantly glued to screens. This show is about interrogating how far online chemistry can go without that in-person connection.”

Love In The Flesh: Are Chibz And Shazelle Louisa Still Together?

Chibz first met Shazelle Louisa two years ago on Instagram. He is said to have fallen head over heels for her. They set up two dates, but Shazelle dumped him, which didn’t bode well for the romance. He is hoping, though, that she will come to a lovely Greek beach home this time.

Chibz is a personal trainer who believes that confidence attracts women. Some of the characteristics he would seek are a gorgeous face, a sense of humor, and independence.

Shazelle is outgoing and confident with others, although she might be shy around strangers. She isn’t dating right now, and the last boyfriend she had was when she was in high school. Although she prefers looks in a man, personality is a prerequisite for her. Her ideal boy must be able to deal with her grumpy and demanding personality.

She has a bitter experience being on a dating app because she was catfished.

But, the big question is are they still together?

The chances of compatibility between the two don’t look good on what we are provided before the show premiered. However, for some couples, they work better when they meet each other in person. So, we hope that they genuinely work towards building something that remains beyond the TV show.

What Condition Does Love In The Flesh Chibz Have?

Love In the Flesh Chibz has Vitiligo. He developed it when he was 14 and had to deal with people’s judgmental looks. He is now at ease and content with it.

Love In The Flesh Chibz Age

At the time of filming the show in 2021, Chibz was 23 years old.

Love In The Flesh Chibz Job

Chibz is a personal trainer and a model. He has modeled for several apparel brands such as (, (@officialaluren), (@tracksuitculture_), and many other local brands.

He is the owner of ChibzTraining (@chibztraining). There, he serves as a personal trainer and nutrition advisor. In Gymbodyz IG post, he shared “I am 20 years old and I’m from East London. I go to Kingston University and study business and finance. I am a gym head in my spare time as I have multiple friends who are personal trainers.”

He also has a fitness-related YouTube channel named (Life Of Chibz). His IG contains a lot of posts that share details regarding his workout and diet plans. Furthermore, he also posts the testimonials of his followers and their accomplishments on his Instagram inspiring more followers to take on his routine and work out advice.

Furthermore, Chibz was also featured in the first issue of Wiped Magazine.

He attended Kingston University where he studied business and finance. He is currently working to earn his bachelor of LLB from the same.

Is Love In The Flesh Chibz On Instagram?

Chibz is on Instagram (@chibzno10) and TikTok (@lifeofchibz).

Love In The Flesh Chibz Real Name

The real name of Chibz is Nyansako Nku Jr.

Love In The Flesh Chibz Family

Chibz hasn’t shared anything about his family. His father is Nyansako Nku Sr. He is of Cameroonian descent. His mother is Limunga Wang (@Limunga Wang).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love In The Flesh Chibz From?

Love In the Flesh Chibz hailed from East London.

  • When Is Love In The Flesh Chibz Birthday?

In May 2019, Chibz shared that he traveled to Madrid, Spain before his birthday. So, he likely celebrates his birthday in May.

  • How Tall Is Love In The Flesh Chibz?

Chibz stands tall above the height below 6 feet. He got his first tattoo in October 2019 which he dedicated to his late godfather.

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