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Love On The Spectrum James Bio, Age, Job, Instagram

Meet James from Love On The Spectrum. Below we’ll touch on the subject like his age, job, and social media reach.

So, keep on scrolling down this bio, to learn more about him.

Meet James On Love On The Spectrum

Love On The Spectrum U.S. season 1 premiered on 18 May 2022. The spinoff show was the franchise of Love On The Spectrum Australia which was a hit. The show is filled with sweet moments, first date jitters, and heartbreaks, some of the traits which were common with the Australian show.

The show followed a brand new cast of six singles on the autism spectrum based from Los Angeles to Boston. These singles dive headfirst into the world of dating over the course of six episodes. Furthermore, the show also tackles the misconception about their lives with gentle authenticity.

James, a native of Boston, Massachusetts is one of the cast on the show. James was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at an early age, but since “society did not have a great understanding” of his condition, life was not a piece of cake for him. In the show, he shared the bitter taste of getting bullied by peers at school.

He didn’t let these setbacks dictate that path in his life or his behavior toward other people. Nonetheless, James had to practice being around people for years. Renaissance Faire in particular draws his attention. Over the years, he had collected “conversation pieces” like books, crystals (which James conceded “are certainly not for any practical use”), unique stamps, a couple of swords, and a preserved alligator head, amongst others in his collection.

It helped him strike up conversations with other people.

Is Love On The Spectrum James Dating Anyone?

No, after the show, Love On The Spectrum James appears single.

James arrived on the show because he believed that he was “unquestionably” ready to find his true life partner. He shared on the show, “I’m seeking to find a partner, you know, a soul mate with whom I can spend my life”. When it comes to dating, he definitely had some concerns. He shared that he was concerned that he would never find a person right for him or his ideal match.

He also signed up for online dating sites so that he could find the one he could settle down with. This eventually led him to Emma. Emma is a horror-loving ghost-hunting enthusiast.

James and Emma’s first date was a dinner in Boston, where they discussed not only their dating history but also their common enthusiasm for all things exhilarating, among other things. Despite a minor difficulty when it came to the bill, the attitude was absolutely courteous and kind.

As a result, the two decided to continue getting to know each other by taking a walk along the beach. That’s when James brought up the possibility of a second date, which Emma consented to after some thought and closed the night with a pleasant hug.

The following meeting between James and Emma took place at the New York Renaissance Faire, where they learnt more about the medieval era and each other. The duo did everything together, from playing village games to watching a jousting event to perusing the 65-acre fair’s stores, giving the impression that there might be more between them. In fact, when asked, Emma stated that the entire day exceeded her expectations.

To avoid provoking James, she eventually admitted that she really only wanted them to be friends.

After the second date, James invited Emma to attend a Halloween party. They had a great time together. But, Emma responded otherwise than expected. She said, “I really have enjoyed hanging out with you. I think that you’re a lot of fun, and like, really smart and everything, and like, really passionate… I would love to go to that party with you. However, I would like to go as friends if you’re open to that. Like, I really do have a great time with you, and I would love to meet up again, and I really do mean it.”

This response disappointed James since he was having such a great time with her. But, he understood her and was open to being just friends.

Love On The Spectrum James Age

At the time of filming the show, Love On The Spectrum James was 34 years old.

Love On The Spectrum James Last Name

The last name of Love On The Spectrum James is yet to reveal. But, according to the show, his parents and his younger brother played a huge role in his life. Even fans were admiring his relationship with his parents. One IG user wrote, “Is James on IG??? I love the way he speaks and his relationship with his parents! His parents are the freaking best!! They are all so hilarious…James is a wonderful being”.

Another user wrote, “I really enjoy the banter between him & his parents. & I like his hair with gel”.

Likewise, “He had some great responses regarding much worse the past was due to diseases, lack of vaccines, and the greater likelihood of being a peasant when his parents said he should have lived in the past. Best of luck to you in love, James!”

Is Love On The Spectrum James On Instagram?

No, Love On The Spectrum James doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Love On The Spectrum James Job

As of this writing, Love On The Spectrum James’s job and career remain unclear and unanswered. Although he also became a hit on the show, he is yet to be credited on IMDB for his appearance.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Love On The Spectrum James Live?

Boston, Massachusetts is the current residence of Love On The Spectrum James.

  • How Tall Is Love On The Spectrum James?

Speaking about James’s measurements, his height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

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