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Matthew White Bio, Today, Age, Job, Netflix’s Our Father

Matthew White from a very young age knew that his dad wasn’t his biological father. His parents had difficulties having children without help. So, eventually, his mother Liz was referred to Dr. Cline. He was adamant about not finding out who his donor was from the beginning so he never inquired about his father.

However, the news story of Jacoba Ballard which he saw on the television made it clear who his father was. The resemblance was uncanny so he understood that he was looking at his biological father on the TV. Soon after he called his mother and asked whether Dr. Cline was her doctor, her mother took some time but confirmed Cline in fact was her doctor.

Discovering that his mother felt violated was a painful feeling for Matthew. But, where is he today? What does he do for a living? Does he have a wife and kids? Where does he live? We answer it all below in this article.

Who Is Matthew White From Netflix’s Our Father?

Netflix’s Our Father brings forth the story of renowned Indiana-based fertility doctor Dr. Donald Cline who illegally injected his female patients with his own sperm without their consent. The crime went on unbeknownst until one of his children Jacoba Ballard set out to discover the truth about his donor.

This excruciating journey led her to discover more than 93 siblings, the newest sibling who reached out to her after the premiere of the trailer of the show. One such half-sibling of Jacoba is Matthew White.

Besides Matthew, other children we see are Julie Harmon, Heather Woock, Lisa Shepherd-Stidham, Jason Hyatt, Carrie Foster, and Alison Kramer. All of the half-siblings shared them discovering their true paternity. At the time when production of the show was completed, there we nearly 100 half-siblings who came forward claiming Dr. Cline was their biological father.

Where Is Matthew White Today?

During the time of the trial, Matthew White and his half-siblings attended the court hearing. They hated seeing Dr. Cline walk free so they decided to ensure that stringent laws against sperm donor fraud were amended. Matt started working on a legislative application and kept track of all the new donor offspring who named Cline as their biological father. He had to make constant adjustments and updates to the document as the number grew significantly.

Matt and his half-siblings’ efforts were rewarded in 2019 when Indiana approved a law making illegal donor inseminations. He and Jacoba have been in frequent contact, and he has even told her about his previous infertility issues. Matt works as a biologist and appears to live in Indianapolis with his wife and two children, as far as we know. He also continues to work to improve legal provisions for those in similar situations.

Matthew White’s current residence is in Carmel, Indiana.

Matthew White Age

Reportedly born in 1982, Matthew White turned 40 years old in 2022.

Matthew White Job

As of 2022, Matthew White has been working as an Environmental Manager at GAI Consultants, Inc. He has been working in that role since January 2020. Before that, he worked as Assistant Environmental Manager from April 2007 to April 2022.

Matthew holds a B.Sc. degree in Wildlife Biology from Purdue University. He earned his Business Essentials Certificate from Ball State University in Business Administration and Management in 2016. Moreover, he also secured his M.Sc. degree in Biology/Biological Sciences from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Is Matthew White Married?

Yes, Matthew White is married. He is married to Abigail White. They have two children; Molly White (age 11) and Loga White (age 8). Before Matthew discovered his biological father, he and his wife used in vitro fertilization and donor sperm to have their own children.

Abigail works as a 4th Grade Teacher at Carmel Clay Schools since 2020. She has also worked as a teacher at Giggle Learn, LLC, VIPKid, and Gateway School District. She holds a BA degree in Psychology, French, and English from Purdue University. Later in 2008, she earned her M.A. from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Elementary Education and Teaching.

Related FAQs

  • Is Matthew White On Instagram?

No, Matthew White doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

  • What Do We Know About Matthew White Family Members?

Matthew White’s parents tried to conceive children for two and half years. His mother visited Dr. Donald Cline for five months during that period. She visited Dr. Cline thrice a month on her ovulation days. During that period, he inseminated her 15 times.

According to his mother Liz, Dr. Cline took fresh sperm samples and informed her that a medical resident with a similar appearance to her husband would be found to serve as a donor. Liz and her husband were overjoyed to finally have a kid, and they chose a name that meant “gift of God” to convey their appreciation.

Liz painfully added, “I feel like I was rap** 15 times…A man’s mind following ejaculation—there’s a lot of dopamine, a lot of serotonin, and norepinephrine. All of those are mood enhancers that bring about wonderful feelings for them…We came in for a medical procedure”.

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