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Lucy Appleton Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family, Weekender

After ages, the Weekender series is back with a new season and with it a bunch of new reps to lead the show. Yes, it is the Kavos Weekender we speak of. While in the rest of this writing, we shall break down to you one of its cast members, Lucy Appleton.

Lucy Appleton On Kavos Weekender

Lucy Appleton was already a big name on TikTok before she also decided to find fame on Kavos Weekender. Having done seasons in Malia, so seemed super excited to be a rep in Kavos. This was what she was heard telling ahead of joining the show.

Lucy was briefly taking some time out to head over to Dubai to pursue a career in social media when she was approached to be a rep on Kavos Weekender. Of course, she agreed. Earlier in 2022 she was thinking to herself if she could combine repping with her social media that would be the dream. And then the same year, the show reached out to her.

A self-proclaimed “proper party girl”, she exactly knows just what it is like to be involved in the partying crowd as a rep when it came to Kavos weekender. No doubt they chose her.

A teaser for the first episode shares that there is an all-new hotel for the guests and reps to live in. Lucy is seen entering the game as one of the new reps along with Jaegia, Joel, and Ethan, and then there were also the OGs David Potts and Tasha Kiran who returned again. Of course, the promo also promised its fans ample rep and guest romances, and some rep and rep situations unfolding too. For instance, rep Lucy sets her sights on fellow rep Joel. But then again, she is quickly distracted by one of the guests.

Joel is a 25-year-old from Brighton. Professionally he is an online personal trainer, and while on the show he also introduced himself as charismatic and very funny.

How Much Is Lucy Appleton’s Net Worth?

Lucy Appleton reportedly had below $250K net worth as of 2022.

Upon her introduction to Kavos Weekender, she is introduced as a TikToker and influencer, as someone who is really into fashion. Also, she claimed to do funny comedy sketches and a lot of girly content on her social media.

As to how she landed 663K followers and 22 million likes (as of January 2023) on her TikTok @lucyappleton21, the credit goes to her popular blind reactions to songs with dancing videos. She has briefly discussed her life as a TikTok creator, i.e., fashion videos, TikTok live streams, and coping with low days, in the ‘Alise Murray’ YouTube channel back in June 2021.

Before she was able to buy her home from her earnings from TikTok, she used to be a holiday rep. She recalled recently that it was literally the “best” job she ever did.

Today, Lucy is repped by the talent agency, 𝘗𝘞𝘙 𝘔𝘢𝘯𝘢𝘨𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵.

Lucy Appleton Age

Lucy Appleton was born in 1997. So, she turned 25 years old in 2022

Lucy Appleton Family

Lucy Appleton’s parents are Brian and Catherine and they are married and together even today.

Last year, for Christmas, Lucy surprised her family with a trip to New York and plus, and then documented all of it in a YouTube video. The video thus revealed to us that she has two sisters Sophia and Ellie.

Sister Sophia could be found on Instagram @sophappleton_, she studied Advertising and Marketing Communications at the University of Huddersfield and was based in Leeds at the time of this writing. Also, she had a partner named Matthew Holland.

Ellie Appleton, on the other hand, was single and she went to Selby High School and York College.

Is Lucy Appleton On Instagram?

Yes. Lucy Appleton could be found on Instagram @lucyappleton21 with 792 posts and 32.7K followers as of 6 January 2022.

She also entertained her 1.2K friends on Facebook and her 4.42K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. And she shares fashion, lifestyle, and fun-related content on these platforms.

Lucy Appleton Boyfriend

Lucy Appleton did have a boyfriend not a very long time ago. However, this Instagram @lapidis_fivos owner who used to go out with Lucy seems to have turned into her ex lately. Yet, their memories from Christmas and movie night from the year 2020, remained on Lucy’s Instagram.

At the time of this writing though Lucy presented herself as ‘single’ on her social media.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lucy Appleton’s Birthday?

Lucy Appleton’s birthday is on October 21st and that makes her a Libra.

  • Where Is Lucy Appleton From?

Lucy Appleton originally hails from Yorkshire, a historic county in northern England. You should know that this place is known for its Roman and Viking heritage, as well as its Norman castles, medieval abbeys, Industrial Revolution-era cities, and national parks.

But, before Kavos Weekender came to her, she had briefly taken some time out to head over to Dubai.

Today, Lucy seemingly has a home in Anaconda Cut, an apartment complex in Salford, England. She was over the moon when she bought it in December 2021.

  • What Is Lucy Appleton Height?

Lucy Appleton stands below 5’3” in height. Yet, she looks much taller in her perfectly shot modeling pictures.

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