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Luka Brunton Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Height, Below Deck

Luka Brunton, soon after he was introduced on Below Deck Down Under as its new cast member, had everyone talking. About this and more about him, we shall tell you in this writing called ‘Luka Brunton Bio.’

Meet Luka Brunton, Below Deck Down Under Deckhand

After deckhand Adam Lukasiewicz was fired on the Bravo series’ 28 August 2023 episode, Captain Jason Chambers brought Luka Brunton in the role of lead deckhand.

Luka upon his entry instantly stunned his new co-workers with his striking good looks. “He’s a beauty queen, it’s crazy!” Stew Margot Sisson gushed in a confessional immediately after meeting him. She could not believe that his eyelashes were real. Deckhand Harry Van Vliet, on the other hand, joked “I don’t think Jason could have found anyone better looking than me, but he came pretty close.”

Chief Stew Aesha Scott who already knew Luka from before gave him a hug as he joined the team. In a confessional, she said she loves Luka and explained when she first started yachting her sister and she went to France and became friends with Luka. About him, Aesha also said she is just one of those guys that everyone is drawn to and everyone likes.

Luka also felt the same way about Aesha. He said she is like “family actually.” He detailed that he “actually” hooked up with her sister seven years ago. According to him, Aesha knows about that “one-night stand” and they are okay now.

After that, Luka also opened up about a past relationship with BDDU season one Stew Magda Ziomek. This one he was yet to get into details. Instead, the rest of the time in the episode Luka gushed about feeling “awesome” joining new boats. He described the feeling as that of “joining a new family”. He said because everyone is so close, he loves it.

How Much Is Luka Brunton’s Net Worth?

Luka Brunton after having been watching for over seven years reportedly made close to $150K net worth as of August 2023.

Speaking of his salary on Below Deck now, deckhands are believed to get paid for their hard work. As a deckhand Luka should make about $3,500 to $4,500 a month, and up to $50,000 a season.

Luka, over the course, has seen a lot during his tenure in the industry. He claims to have had some high-profile guests visit a yacht.

Luka Brunton Age

By the time, Luka Brunton went on the Below Deck show, he was just 25 years old.

Luka Brunton Family

Luka also made Below Deck watchers swoon by opening up about his love for his family back home in New Zealand.

He explained that his mom was about 26 when she met his biological father and then he was around 1 year old when he took off. It was just him and his mom until he was about 5 years old and his mom met his stepdad. About his stepdad, Luka said he’s “everything” to him, and his blended family he said is his “priority”.

About his two half-siblings, a brother and a sister, he said, he and his brother surf together, and then his sister, he takes her shopping and brunch. Kahu Brunton is the name of his brother and Ayla Brunton of his sister.

Luka’s mom’s name is Mariella Brunton (on IG @mariellabrunton) and she turned 52 on 2 April 2023.

Luka’s stepdad’s name is Olly Brunton. He and Mariella were currently based in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. On his IG @ollybrunton, he mentions being a “waterman” and “a wing foil surfer”.

Luka Brunton Girlfriend

On his Facebook, Luka Brunton mentioned being single as of August 2023. However, his activities on other social media platforms tell otherwise. As of the time of this writing, he was most probably still in a relationship with Lorena, a professional model repped by the Bali Model Agency. Lorena also actually enjoyed over 97K followers on her IG @lorenapeach.

Luka Brunton as seen with his girlfriend back in 2020 (PIC: Instagram)

So, Luke and Lorena have been seen romancing on social media as recently as 6 May 2023. And while we don’t know exactly how and when they started dating, they were together when quarantined back in the COVID pandemic times in March 2020. “Quarantine isn’t so bad when im locked up with you @lorenapeach 💕”, Luka had written next to this picture of them together.

At this point, it was also not understood when Luka and Magda, a stew on season 1 of the spinoff series before being let go by Captain Jess, parted ways.

Luka Brunton Height

Really good-looking Luka Brunton stands above 5’11” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Luka Brunton’s Birthday?

Luka Brunton’s birthday is on October 31st and that makes him a Scorpio.

  • Where Is Luka Brunton From?

Luka Brunton grew up in a small town called Raglan. It is a small beachside town located 48 km west of Hamilton, New Zealand on State Highway 23.

As of 2023 though, Luka had been residing in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Is Luka Brunton On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Luka Brunton was on Instagram and Facebook as of 31 August 2023. His IG @lukabrunton included 60 posts and 19.9K followers. He did not seem to be very much active on ‘Luka Brunton’ Facebook.

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