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Mandana Bolourchi Family: Father, Parents, Net Worth

Mandana Bolourchi is a social media influencer and entrepreneur born in Iran. She is known for her exceptional work in interior design and fashion, and of course, investing and business. And lately, because the fashion and beauty diva chose to be on Buying Beverly Hills, as one of Melissa Platt’s clients, we wanted to tell you about her family, her parents and their net worth, and more.

Meet Mandana Bolourchi Family Members

Mandana Bolourchi’s family seemingly comprises her parents and her two siblings, both sisters.

However, it looks like we will have to wait for some time before stories about each one of Mandana’s family are told.

For now, we know the family includes these people with the names Manijeh Bolourchi and Ensieh Bolourchi.

Manijeh, who claims to work at Facebook, studied at Shahid Beheshti University. She is originally from Tehran, Iran, and had been living in Laguna Niguel, California by 2022. Ensieh, on the other hand, had based herself in Odense, Denmark.

Who Are Mandana Bolourchi Parents?

Mandana Bolourchis’s mother is Mitra Bolourchi and her father’s name was not yet disclosed.

Mandana’s mom, however, could be found also on Instagram ( and Facebook. But, of course, even she kept these mostly private and showed herself on only rare occasions. Her full name is Mitra B Bolorchi and she turned 62 years old in November 2022.

Mandana Bolourchi’s mom as seen with her grandkids (Mandana’s kids) (PIC: Instagram)

Also, Mandana seems to love her mom dearly as she calls her her “sweet, humble and loving mom”. One time, during Mother’s day, Mandana posted a picture of her elegant appearing mother on IG and wrote how she is this selfless, loving, humble creature. Mandana gushed about how she is still in awe of how her “Maman joon” can be so selfless when it comes to loving and caring for others. At last, she addressed that other than being her mother, she is her best friend for life. Another time, on her mom’s birthday, on November 2nd, she confessed that she would be lost without her Maman and without her playing the granny roles to her kids.

  • Who Is Mandana Bolourchi Father?

It was not known who Mandana Bolourchi’s father is. However, everyone knows about her that since she was young, she followed in her father’s footsteps as a philanthropist, founding numerous charities in the Middle East.

So, Mandana is a globe-trotter, leaving her mark from Belair to Emirates Hills, thanks to her father. But, it looked as if she did not always have a great relationship with him.

After Mandana began establishing a name for herself, she also chose to share her lifestyle and knowledge of design and fashion with her followers on the internet. And this was not as uncomplicated as it seems now. She initially struggled with this due to her Middle Eastern norms that asked women to stay away from the public eye. Around this time she even was at odds with her father, among many others.

The influencer-entrepreneur opened up that despite her thriving real estate business in the Middle East, she always felt like being under the shadow of men.

Mandana Bolourchi Boyfriend

When Mandana intended on purchasing a new house with the help of The Agency in Buying Beverly Hills Season 1, she had been dating a Los Angeles Laker named Patrick Beverly. Yes, it was him, traded from the Utah Jazz to the LA Lakers in August 2022.

At this point, it had not been told how or when the couple first met. But, both clearly loved showing one another on their Instagram pages.

34-year-old Patrick happens to have two children, a son, and a daughter, from prior relationships.

Mandana Bolourchi Ex-Husband

Mandana Bolourchi’s alleged ex-husband is Mostafa Ansari. He is also most likely the father of her two kids.

On 20th January 2021, Mandana filed a Family-other Family lawsuit against Mostafa in Los Angeles County Superior Courts. The Judges overseeing the case were Laura Cohen and Holly A Thomas. As per the internet, the case has now been disposed of.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Mandana Bolourchi Family Live?

Mandana Bolourchi’s mother was reportedly inhabiting Aliso Viejo city in the San Joaquin Hills of southern Orange County, California. But, about the rest of the family members, it was not understood where they had been living as of 2022. Their whereabouts were simply a mystery to the public eye. Yet, about Mandana only, we can tell that she moved from Dubai to Los Angeles in 2020.

  • Is Mandana Bolourchi Family From The Royalty?

Mandana Bolourchi was born on 30 March 1994 in Iran to an influential family. So, her childhood, with likely her family was spent in the cities of Tehran in Iran, Dubai in UAE, and Los Angeles in California. This, she said, made her appreciate the beauty of diversity more and more as she grew up.

In the third episode of Buying Beverly Hills, Mandana tours a house alongside Melissa Platt, Mauricio, and Santiago Arana. And when introducing Mandana, Melissa claims that she is her friend from Dubai and that she has royalty in her bloodline. Melissa also adds that Mandana’s family is huge and has many staffs. Mandana too, according to her, has bodyguards.

So far, that was everything known about Mandana’s family being the “royalty”.

Not to miss, this one of the best-known fashion influencers in the world, also admitted during her appearance on Buying Beverly Hills that she is Persian.

  • How Much Is Mandana Bolourchi Family Net Worth?

Mandana Bolourchi’s family net worth stayed undisclosed until 2022. Yet, one can tell they have a fortune judging from the way Mandana lives her life, blessed with diamonds, champagnes, and Rolls Royce.

Speaking of Mandana’s net worth, she is expected to have around $5 million as her net worth based on her global standing.

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