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Meet Johnna Colbry, Duff Goldman Wife! Age, Height, Net Worth

Johnna Colbry is the wife of Pastry Chef Duff Goldman. Duff is best known for Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship. The show is about young chefs competing in the kitchen.

“These kids come on and they’re making pate a choux, they’re making puff pastry, they’re making pie dough,” he spoke to KTLA 5. “At first, I was like ‘I didn’t learn how to make this stuff until I was in my 20’s, how are these kids figuring this out?’ I started talking to them and they’re like ‘we watched 10 different videos on YouTube on how to make pie dough.’ They just figured it out.”

Along with a thriving career, Duff also has a beautiful family life, that started after his wife Johnna came into his life. This article is all about the woman who started it all, thus Johnna Colbry. Learn about her age, job, parents, and her husband.

Meet Johnna Colbry, Pastry Chef Duff Goldman Wife

Pastry Chef Duff Goldman and Johnna Colbry have a heartwarming but modern story, and unlike many lasting relationships these days, it began on the dating app Tinder. Two of them met in 2016 on Tinder and they immediately bonded over their mutual love of art and dessert.

They only had to fall a short way from there to realize they were in love.

About two years into their relationship, the gifted chef unexpectedly proposed to an unprepared Johnna. Duff claimed that he had also had the notion come to him on its own; in fact, he had been shaving in the bathtub when he suddenly realized how much he loved her. A few hours later, during their Easter supper with Johnna’s family, he proposed, having first asked her mother. Johnna answered yes, just as in love with him as he is with her, and Duff rejoiced by sharing a joyful homage on Instagram.

Their engagement happened about one year prior to the wedding when Duff popped the question in April 2018 on a whim after having a gut feeling about Johnna. “It was really weird. I was in the shower, I was shaving my head and it felt like a punch to my heart. It was just like, ‘Boom! You’re incredibly in love with this girl, you need to marry her,'” the Ace of Cakes star told PEOPLE.

There was no diamond ring for Johnna because he had not intended to propose at that time. The Food Network star decided to wrap her finger in twine as a substitute. In his Instagram caption, he apologized for not having the genuine article and hoped she wouldn’t mind the butcher’s twine. The charming couple then got married in January 2019 at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles after Johnna chose “a thin and really simple, beautiful band.”

“I told her she could pick out any kind of ring she wanted,” he said, “and she went with a thin, very simple, beautiful band.”

Duff, a chef, and food enthusiast made sure the ceremony included baked goods; they took the form of cakes, one of which was made completely of meat. They were planned by Duff and his team and were a much-anticipated high point of the little ceremony. Following the ceremony, which was prepared by renowned wedding planner Mindy Weiss, Duff and his wife immediately took out for Thailand to begin their honeymoon. The couple was quite thrilled about their two-month trip across the world that would serve as the second portion of their honeymoon.

The married couple recently celebrated their three years of marriage. In his celebratory post, the master cake maker wrote, “Happy anniversary muffin. You’re the best mommy in the whole world…to Josephine and me! I ❤️ you little muff.” His wife Johnna commented on the post. He wrote, “I love my family so much it huurrtttsss 😭😍❤️.”

Johnna also took to her IG to remember her third anniversary. She made a simple post writing, “The meat cake actually did exist. 1.19.19.”

Johnna Colbry And Duff Goldman Children

Johnna Colbry and Duff Goldman share one child together. Their daughter Josephine arrived on 31 January 2021. When they made their pregnancy announcement in August 2020, the happy parents gushed about it on their individual social media accounts.

“I have no words to describe this blessing. @johnnapgoldman and I made a baby!” Duff wrote on his Instagram page. “Her name is Josephine, and she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in the whole world.”

Johnna announced her daughter’s birth writing, “Josephine Frances Goldman. 🧁 1.31.21 ⚖️8lbs 2 oz 📏21 inches.” On Josephine’s first birthday, Johnna took to her IG and wrote, “One year later and we’re still obsessed with you. Happy 1st birthday sweet baby Josephine. I love you so much I don’t even understand it.”

Johnna Colbry Age

Johnna Colbry was born in June 1993. In September 2022, she celebrated her 29th birthday.

Is Johnna Colbry On Instagram?

On Instagram Johnna Colbry (@johnnapgoldman) has 25.6K followers. You can also find her on Facebook (@johnnacolbry).

Johnna Colbry Height

Johnna Colbry stands tall at the height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her fair complexion and slim-built are her distinct feature.

Johnna Colbry Job

The earliest that Johnna Colbry had, according to her LinkedIn, is working as a Model/Sales Associate at Hollister Co. She started the job in July 2011 and continued till July 2013. She also served as a host trainer at Rusty’s Surf Ranch. Later, she also worked at the ranch as a server and kept her job till April 2015.

From April 2015 to December 2015, Johnna worked at Roots as a Key Holder.

In December 2015, William B + Friends hired Johnna as an assistant manager. In that job, she maintained stock quantities, managed day-to-day operations, worked with iPads as the POS, along with iPhones and iPods, aided the Merchandiser in refreshing the store and placing new merchandise, recruited candidates and conducted interviews for potential new hires, and trained new hires on all expectations and guidelines.

Johnna worked as lead sales at Roots from February 2016 to 2018. Her most recent job was as assistant manager at GREATS, a sneaker brand, in Venice, California.

Moving on to her academic qualifications, Johnna Colbry graduated high school from Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences in 2011. In 2015, she worked at Santa Monica College with a degree in film/cinema/video studies.

How Much Is Johnna Colbry Net Worth?

Johnna Colbry’s net worth is below $200 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Johnna Colbry Birthday?

Johnna Colbry celebrates her birthday on 10 June.

  • Where Is Johnna Colbry From?

Johnna Colbry is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is currently a dweller in Topanga, California.

  • Who Are Johnna Colbry Parents?

Johnna Colbry was born to her parents Brett and Rebecca Colbry.

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