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Meet Mikey Bortone, Aurora Culpo Husband! Age, Job

Mikey Bortone was a contestant on Survivor: Micronesia. But he only climbed the international spotlight in 2022, as he cheated on his lovely wife Aurora Culpo (from The Culpo Sisters).

Let’s get to know Mikey better as this article proceeds.

The Culpo Sisters: Meet Mikey Bortone, Aurora Culpo Husband

In the very first episode of The Culpo Sisters, Aurora Culpo sits her sisters down and tells tell her husband Mikey Bortone has been cheating on her.

According to Aurora, she received an anonymous tip that her husband was unfaithful and when she finally confronted him, Mikey eventually admitted to having an affair and to cheating on Aurora multiple times.

Surprisingly, Aurora didn’t immediately cut him off because she had set a unique parameter for their relationship when they started dating. “I made a rule with him, way back when, because I was so confident that nothing could ever come between what we had. Nothing would ever be as special as what we had. He was allowed to have one a year, like a hook up with a random person,” she explained.

But Aurora’s sisters weren’t having it. “What are you thinking?” Olivia exclaimed,

Thereafter, Aurora realized that she didn’t get the same freedom as her husband did, and eventually, made up her mind to file for divorce in April 2022.

Mikey and Aurora married in 2019 and share two children named Remi and Solei Marie Bortone. After Aurora filed for divorce, Mikey also responded with his own divorce suit and asked the court for joint custody of their children.

Their kid, Remi turned 4 on June 13, 2022. “Remi Berkeley Bortone 6/13/18. 8lbs 15.2 oz. I really wanted 9 but I’ll take it,” Mikey posted on his IG when Remi was born.

As for Solei — pronounced So-lay (Inspired by the Italian word Sole & French Soleil) — she was born on August 16, 2020.

Looking back, Aurora always claimed that Mikey was the most loving husband, her soul partner, and an even more amazing father.

Their last post together on Aurora’s IG was in May 2021 (on their second anniversary), captioned, “I once read “90% of being married is just shouting “what” from the other room”. Trying to have conversations from opposite ends of the house is definitely something I do that annoys Mikey.”

Fun Fact: Mikey’s daughter shares a birthday with Aurora’s grandfather (also the same date her grandmother passed away). Also, she was born exactly 1 year after Mikey lost his precious dog Woogie woo — that his sister found her in a park in Nashville when she was less than 1.

Mikey Bortone Age

Mikey Bortone was 48 years of age in 2022.

He is 15 years older than his ex-wife Aurora Culpo.

Mikey Bortone Job

Mikey Bortone is the owner of Watertown Whiskey — a whiskey infused with Organic Coconut Water. Opening a distillery was always a dream for Mikey, and it finally came true in September 2022.

Now, the whiskey is available at the Waterman’s in Hermosa Beach.

Here’s Watertown Whiskey’s official IG @watertownwhiskey.

Prior to opening Watertown Whiskey, Mikey was set on becoming an actor. He moved out to Los Angeles in 2003 and his talent got him enough footage to create his reel with roles in four short films and one independent film. Thereafter, he landed roles in movies and TV shows including The Naked Run (2002), Underdog (2003), The Last Supper (2006), Knocked Down (2008), Play the Game (2009), Black Red Yellow (2001), and Ghost Trek (2011 and 2013).

Also, back in 2008, Mikey joined Survivor: Micronesia where he was bounced from the CBS reality show after just four episodes. Displeased, Mikey said at the time, “. “I played with a bunch of losers.”

As for his education, Mikey attended Watertown High School, Belmont High School, and Northeastern University.

At Northeastern University, he excelled in all sports and chose to play quarterback for the Huskies. From there he decided to stray from his major in criminal justice and went into the liquor business.

How Much Is Mikey Bortone Net Worth?

Mikey Bortone flaunted a net worth of above $1 million in 2022.

Who Are Mikey Bortone Parents?

Mikey Bortone was born to parents Robert C and Marie Bortone.

Sadly, both of them have long passed away.

We don’t have info on his father, but his mother took her last breath on March 28, 2008. She is the daughter of Agnes Melanson and Ernest.

As for Mikey’s siblings, he has a brother named Bobby Bortone (who lived in  Watertown, Massachusetts with his wife Sue Hauswirth and their kids) and two sisters named Allison M Bortone (born: Aug 1971) and A Bortone (born: Dec 1972).

Mikey Bortone Height

Mikey Bortone stands tall at a height of 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) and weighs around 95 kg (210 lbs).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mikey Bortone Birthday?

Mikey receives his birthday wishes on December 29.

“My birthday boy/old man!! The fact that you forgot it was your birthday sums up why you’re my favorite human on earth. (Xanax Online) Thank you for always reminding me of what’s important and being the most patient man alive. Love you preshy,”  Aurora wished him a birthday in 2017.

  • Where Is Mikey Bortone From?

Mikey hails from Watertown, Massachusetts, 10 minutes outside of Boston.

Now, as of 2022, he resides in Manhattan Beach, California.

  • Is Mikey Bortone On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @mikeybortone.

Also, here’s his Facebook @michael.bortone.3.

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