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Mark Romano Bio, Age, Married, Net Worth, Mountain Men

Meet Mark Romano the world-champion shooter and now the host of History Channel’s Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman which premiered on 3 November 2022. The new series encapsulates the general ideas set forth by the original series but also hones in on those with superior aiming skills. Mark, in the undertaking, is also joined by the outdoor enthusiast, welder, and thrice Survivor contestant Colby Donaldson.

Now, in the remaining of the writing let us tell you about who Mark Romano is and everything concerning his age, married life, net worth, and other things.

Mark Romano On Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman

The original Mountain Men series, as you all know, saw its participants living off-grid with no instructions. But this changes with Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman. Because the new series functions more like a competition show. In this iteration, contestants are trusted with showing their marksman abilities with a variety of historical weapons across various scenarios designed to replicate the American frontier. Competitors are fighting to earn the title “Ultimate Marksman” and to take home a $10,000 prize.

As for Mark, he is a perfect host for Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman. He seems to have many guns in his possession, which is precisely what a world-renowned shooter would need experience with to judge a show focusing on history’s most famous armaments.

Mark also goes around by his full name Mark Lawrence Romano or by the other name Frederick Jackson Turner.

Before Mountain Men, until May 2021, Mark was busy co-hosting the KABC Los Angeles weekly radio program, The Gunslinger Hour, and the YouTube program, Epic Guns.

Mark Romano Net Worth

Mark Romano reportedly had less than $2 million net worth as of 2022.

He makes this money from his pro shop called Woodenship Recording Co and from working as the head instructor at American Gun Works, in Glendale, California among other things.

You may not believe this but Mark also has had a career as a 4.4 out of 5 stars rated professor in the Political Science department at Glendale Community College. Back in 2012, he mentioned on his Facebook being a professor by trade and spending most of his days doing research and analysis of the US’s political structure and functions. His students seem to love him as they reviewed his teaching as a “tough grader”, “amazing lectures”, “inspirational”, and likewise.

Is Mark Romano Married?

Marj Romano’s marital status as of the time of this writing was that he was not married.

Be that as it may, everybody who knew him could tell that he is a father and a proud one at that. He has a daughter named Caehle Skye Wieand (on IG @caehlems).

On social media Mark not only fondly refers to her as “CAELS” but he also admitted that growing up his girl made every day better than Christmas.

Mark Romano and Caehle Wieand as seen in June 2017 (PIC: Facebook)

Caehle, now, is all grown up. As per her LinkedIn, she is a communications director at She also introduces herself as an expert storyteller and communications professional with a background in social media, PR/marketing, fitness, and sales, as well as a humorist. Between 2003 and 2007, she studied B.A. in Communications at the University of California, Davis, and later got married in June 2017. On her wedding day, her dad, Mark seemed more excited than the bride herself, walking her down the aisle.

Mark Romano Age

Because Mark Romano was born in 1953, he reached the age of 69 in 2022.

Mark Romano Height

Mark Romano stands above 6 feet in height and has all sporty bones in him. He happens to be Arizona State Wild Bunch Senior Champion and the California State Wild Bunch Champion.

Mark, not to miss, has been the official instructor for S.A.S.S., the Single Action Shooting Society, the German Shooting Sports Federation, and the European Cowboy Championships.

What Do We Know About Mark Romano Family?

Most of Mark Romano’s family are no more. The most recent was in July 2019 when Mark lost his brother Peter Romano. With a “stunned” and “heavy heart” he had reported the passing of his sibling on social media. In the writing, he gushed how his brother was a passionate, talented, and occasionally troubled soul, filled with only warmth, humor, and bursting with music. He then had also urged the family, friends, and neighbors to be mindful of the deceased’s family, children, and loved ones.

Before this, the brothers together had bid farewell to their beloved father and mother Bert and Lucille Romano.

Even today, Mark recalls his father’s memories and discusses how amazing a human he was.

As for his mum, Lucille Romano, she was gone on 15 September 2011. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Lucille had moved to Lompoc, California with her husband, Bert, after the war, and had resided in La Crescenta for over 30 years. “Goodbye, Mom. Thanks for a wonderful life”, Mark tributed her on social media.

It was Lucille who preceded Bert in death.

Mark’s sister Louise is also no more. She too passed away in 2019 making the world, as Mark claims, poorer without her in it. Also in Mark’s words, she was a warm, wonderful, loving human being.

In addition, Mark also has marked these people with the names Micaela Romano and Jared Gline as his family members, on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mark Romano Birthday?

Mark Romano’s birthday is on August 21st and that makes him a Leo.

  • Where Is Mark Romano From?

Mark Romano was born in a small town in ranch country on the central California coast, where he grew up riding, roping and shooting.

As of 2022, he had been naming Verdugo City, California as his address.

  • Is Mark Romano On Instagram?

Yes. Mar Romano could be found on Instagram @cowboyfjt with 589 posts and 1,346 followers as of 7 November 2022.

He also showed glimpses of him riding motorcycles, enjoying offshore sailing, and occasionally pirating on ‘Mark Romano (Frederick Jackson Turner)’ Facebook.

One can also see glances from Mark’s frontiersman life on these platforms.

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