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Martha Tansy Age, Married, Net Worth, Mountain Men

Martha Tansy is one of the cast of Mountain Men and her skills as a wilderness survivalist has earned her tons of fans who want to learn more about her. This article covers details regarding her career, age, marriage, husband & kids, and social media reach.

So, keep scrolling down this article to learn more about her.

Martha Tansy On Mountain Men

Martha Tansy is the cast of History channel’s Mountain Men since season 10. She was interested in exploring the Alaskan Wilderness and also dabbled in off-road racing. She is a designated hunter of the native Athabascan people who inhabit the region. In her bio, she stated that she spent her life exploring the wilderness and five years in the U.S. Army prepared Martha with the outdoor survival and sharpshooting abilities required for the job.

Martha can go far into the bush in search of moose, caribou, and other large game because of her expert off-road driving and mechanical abilities. Every day, Martha’s skills and tenacity are tested by the hostile environment, the weather, and the animals, but with so much on the line, she refuses to give up no matter what the bush throws at her.

According to her IMDB, she appeared on 6 episodes of the show in 2021.

Martha Tansy Net Worth

Martha Tansy sits comfortably on a net worth above $700 thousand. She is the president at Martha Tansy Offroad, Racing and Hunting starting in March 2018.

She enlisted in the army as a vehicle mechanic after receiving her degree because she wanted to serve her nation. Martha was given a position as a non-commissioned officer in the army’s vehicle recovery unit due to her ability to perform her job well and endure challenging circumstances. Before returning to Alaska, Martha served five years in the US Army.

Martha continued to pursue her off-road career at races back home. She eventually rose to the status of an off-road racing celebrity in Alaska and was profiled in a number of magazines.

Talking more about her off-road racing, Martha first rode dirt bikes before switching to four-wheelers and then 4X4 trucks. She earned an associate’s degree in diesel and automotive technology from UAA: the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2004. She began her career in the military as a mechanic and swiftly rose to the position of Vehicle Recovery Team NCO.

Later on, she also developed a strong interest in welding.

King of the Hammers, Ultra4, NorCal Rock Racing, W.E. Rock Crawling, Dirt Riot, NORRA Mexican 1000, Score Baja 500, Rebelle Rally, Arena Truck, and Circle Track Dirt and Asphalt are just a few of the events in which she has participated.

Is Martha Tansy Married?

No, Martha Tansy is currently single. She was previously married to her ex-husband Roy Tansy Jr. Almost no details regarding their marriage have surfaced on the web and Martha doesn’t discuss her marriage on her socials.

Born in 1971, Roy J Tansy is currently 51 years old. His parents are the Ehtna elders; Roy and Irene Widmark Tansy. His father is a member of the Native Village of Cantwell (Yedatene Na – “River behind the mountain”) and the Naltsiine (Sky) clan and Caribou (Udzisyu) clan. Roy and Irene stayed married for 41 years.

Roy Sr. grew up hunting and fishing in the Brushkana area near Cantwell and credited his dad, Jake Tansy, with teaching him traditional ways of living off the land. He worked in the oil and gas industry for nearly 30 years and was a member of the 302 Operators Union. Moreover, he was also heavily involved in the Ahtna region as an Elder advisor for the Ahtna Heritage Foundation, member of the Cantwell Joint Successor Village Organization, and past board member of the Native Village of Cantwell, Fairbanks Native Association, and Tanana Chiefs Conference.

As for Roy Sr’s wife, Irene was a Copper Valley schoolteacher who passed away in 2009. She was from Klawock and was Tlingit of the Raven/Dog Salmon (Yéil /L’eeneidí) clan. Roy Sr. passed away on 10 January 2021 at the age of 86.

Back to Martha’s husband, Roy is the COO at Ahtna Netiye’. His professional background has included management of construction, oil and gas, facilities management, and security companies. Tansy currently sits on the boards of the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Chamber of Commerce.

According to his LinkedIn, he has been serving as the vice president of subsidiary operations.

Did You Know: Martha Tansy’s maiden name is Firmin. Her full name is Martha Quirk Firmin.

Martha Tansy Daughter

Martha Tansy and her ex-husband Roy Tansy Jr. share a daughter named Ellie Tansy. Ellie was born on 26 August 2008 so in 2022, she is 14 years old. Martha is very proud of her daughter and has posted about her a few times on her socials.

Living with her mother, Elli participates in all of her exciting activities. With Martha’s guidance, Elli is swiftly gaining proficiency in most other survival skills as well as hunting and skinning. She is Martha’s most valuable assistant and goes with her mother on every hunting trip.

Martha Tansy Age

Born in February 1983, Martha Tansy is 39 years old (as of Sept 2022).

Does Martha Tansy Use Hearing Aid?

Yes, it appears so. Martha Tansy has even promoted a company named Tactical Hearing on her Facebook.

“My electronic devices are so small and discreet nowadays that I actually have to pull them out to show people what they look like otherwise, they’d have no idea I was even wearing protection at all. I can remember back in the day not wanting to wear traditional foam ear plugs because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hear an Alaskan grizz sneaking up on me,” she wrote in one section of the post. “But with TACTICAL HEARING I’m able to have my hearing protected and sounds amplified at the same time. So no more worrying about missing animal sounds or my daughter’s whispered shot info.”

But the use of the hearing aid is more for her hearing protection and amplifying her hearing during hunting. The equipment that she promoted also suppresses loud noises according to the post.

Martha Tansy Height

Martha Tansy stands tall to the height of around 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Martha Tansy From?

Martha Tansy hailed from Wasilla, Alaska.

  • When Is Martha Tansy Birthday?

According to Facebook posts, Martha Tansy celebrates her birthday on 13 February.

  • Is Martha Tansy On Instagram?

Yes, Martha Tansy is on Instagram (@marthatansy) and Facebook (@marthatansyoffroad and @marthaquirk.firmin).

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