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Meet Roy Tansy Jr: Mountain Men Martha Tansy Husband!

Ever since the Season 10 of Mountain Men premiered on 3 June 2022, viewers have loved seeing her as one of its cast. Fans have loved her skills as a wilderness survivalist. And naturally, they wanted to know more about her. She was once married to Roy Tansy Jr. and even that has intrigued her people.

Having said that, let’s look at who Roy Tansy Jr. is in this writing.

Meet Roy Tansy Jr, Mountain Men Martha Tansy’s Husband (Ex)

Roy Tansy Jr. was previously married to Mountain Men‘s Martha Tansy. But, there have been almost zero details about this marriage — about when it happened, and what story led to it. The only thing understood was that they share a daughter named Ellie Tansy and she was born on 26 August 2008. So, in 2022, she turned 14 years old.

Also, as of 2022, Ellie was living with her mother participating in all kinds of exciting outdoor activities.

With Martha’s help, the young one was seemingly learning survival skills as well as hunting and skinning. Martha even took her little assistant on each one of her hunting trips.

This year (2022) in February, Martha turned 39 and she seemed to be single around this time. Also, one could not tell if she had a friendly enough equation with Roy, her ex-husband, and the father of her only child. Yet, clearly, she has decided to keep her ex’s last name for until future or even eternity.

A Wasilla, Alaska native and on IG (@marthatansy) Martha has been the president at Martha Tansy Offroad, Racing, and Hunting since March 2018. She is also introduced in the History Channel’s Mountain Men as a designated hinter of the native Athabascan people who spend her life exploring the wilderness. Formerly, she was in the US Army for five years.

Roy Tansy Jr Wife Now

Like Martha, Roy Tansy Jr. seemed to be single as of the time of this writing. But, in his case, it looked that way more because he had kept his relationship status to only himself and a few around him.

Roy Tansy Jr Age

Born in 1971, Roy with the full name ‘Roy Jake Tansy’ should have reached the age of 51 in 2022. Though it was not clear at what day and month he turned that age.

Who Are Roy Tansy Jr Parents?

Roy Tansy Jr.’s father Ahtna Elder Roy Tansy Sr. passed away at the age of 86 on 10 January 2021. He breathed his last in Fairbanks, Alaska, after contracting COVID-19. He is said to have devoted himself to a life of service and his late wife, Irene Widmark Tansy.

Roy Sr. was married to his son’s mother Irene for 41 years until she passed away in 2009.

Speaking of what he did, Roy Sr was heavily involved in the Ahtna region. He was involved in early warning protection for the US Air Force during the Cold War. And he also worked for the Alaska Road Commission. Not to miss, he lived through a long career working on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System during its construction in 1974 up until his retirement in 2002. He acquired an Associate Accounting degree from Sawyer Business College.

As for Irene, it is said, she was a well-liked, well-known, soft-spoken, and dedicated Copper Valley schoolteacher who baked birthday cakes for her students. Together, she and her husband raised three children in Copper Center — Carmel Tansy Read, Douglas Tansy, and Roy.

In several stories about Roy Jr.’s parents, it has also been highlighted that the patriarch was a member of the Caribou (Udzisyu) clan and also from Cantwell and is Ahtna Athabascan of the Sky (Naltsiine) clan. While about the matriarch, it is said, she was from Klawock and was Tlingit of the Raven/Dog Salmon (Yéil /L’eeneidí) clan.

Roy Tansy Jr Job

As of 2022, Roy tansy Jr. was the chief operating officer at Ahtna Netiye’. In this position he claims to have helped Ahtna grow its businesses outside of the federal sector, leading to greater and more diverse opportunities for the Ahtna family of companies.

As an Ahtna shareholder, he was said to have brought over 20 years of executive management experience in operations, business development, strategic planning, and corporate leadership, to the organization. Over the years, he has served in a variety of leadership roles at Ahtna, also including Executive Vice President of Ahtna Netiye’ and President of Ahtna Construction.

Additionally, Roy also sat on the Alaska Native Heritage Center and Alaska Chamber of Commerce boards.

What’s more, his professional background has included management of construction, oil & gas, facilities, security, and service companies. He insists on having broad experience in government contracting and the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program.

As for his educational background, he went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1989 through 2003.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Roy Tansy Jr From?

Roy J. Tansy, Jr. is originally from Ahtna village of Cantwell in Denali Borough, Alaska. Although currently (2022) he was likely based near Chugiak community, situated approximately 20 miles northeast of downtown Anchorage in Alaska.

  • Is Roy Tansy Jr On Instagram And Facebook?

Roy Tansy Jr. could not be found on Instagram and even though he had a Facebook account, it too even did not have a profile picture. There too was seemingly zero activity as of 5 September 2022.

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