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Match Me Abroad Pavol Age, Job, Still With Michelle?

In Aug 2023, Match Me Abroad wrapped up the first season and one of the couples we saw at the end was Michelle and Pavol. Are the pair still together? What do we know about Pavol?

Keep scrolling down for what we know about Pavol.

Are Match Me Abroad Pavol And Michelle Still Together?

The finale of the first season of Match Me Abroad, on August 6, 2023, seemed to leave Michelle and Pavol on friendly terms. When she was ready to go back to North Carolina, he even drove her to the airport.

The couple’s current relationship status is unknown. However, on August 5, 2023, Michelle made a suggestion that she might go back to Europe in an Instagram post. Is this my last goodbye to Prague? The TLC celebrity added a caption to a picture from her journey. Alternative phrase: “Je tohle sbohem?”

Michelle hasn’t posted any pictures of Pavol on social media or stated whether or not they are still dating, despite appearing ready to return to Prague.

When Michelle signed up for an international love, she turned to matchmaker Katarina ​Němcová. The outspoken feminist specified that her ideal partner must not adhere to gender roles before being set up on dates.

In the episode from July 30, 2023, Katarina went with Michelle to Prague for their first date so she could make sure she didn’t “waste her time.” Even though the matchmaker doesn’t frequently accompany her clients on dates, she said she was going to be present to “facilitate some fun games for the two of them to enable them to get to know one another quickly.”

The unusual date saw the two going on a date to a meal with a masquerade theme while donning masks and discussing their private sex lives. Over the course of the evening, questions such as “the weirdest place” they have ever had sex, “sex boundaries,” and “anything they have never told anyone they want their next partner to know about” were posed to the couple.

“I love anyone who can talk about sex,” Michelle tells producers. “So immediately, Pavol becomes more sexually attractive. That playfulness is very sexy to me.”

Pavol appeared to be just as smitten as well. He informed the cameras that he thought Michelle was “very open-minded,” remarking on the fact that she had acknowledged not being able to find a partner who could keep up with her sex appetite. Additionally, he stated that he found it alluring that she is “totally American.”

Besides Michelle, viewers at home also found Pavol to be a great person. One viewer commented, “He’s a Doll and Nice to Boot…”

Another wrote, “I really like Pavol – maybe it’s just being on TV and being nervous, but Michelle feels really high-strung…talks too fast and laughs really loud..she should slow down a bit and listen more. I think they could be a good match.”

Likewise, another added, “Pavol is adorable !! (booking flight to Prague to meet Katarina)”

However, that doesn’t mean the viewers entertained their dates. One wrote, “Sex shouldn’t even be discussed on a first date. I understand with hookup culture, people definitely don’t have the same boundaries that they used to. But this seems like looking for someone to hook up with and not do we have the same morals, values, wants, lifestyles and desires.”

Another shared a similar sentiment, “Wow. Sex shouldn’t even be discussed on a first date. People wonder why their relationships dont work it’s cause they rush everything. Slow down.”

Match Me Abroad Pavol Age

The current age of Match Me Abroad Pavol is yet to reveal. His date Michelle was 34 years old.

What Is Match Me Abroad Pavol Last Name?

Unfortunately, the last name of Match Me Abroad Pavol is not available at this moment.

Match Me Abroad Pavol Job

Along with age and last name, the job of Pavol is also currently kept a secret from the public yet. Hope we get to learn more about him in season 2 if his and Michelle’s story gets explored further as they left in the right term.

Match Me Abroad Pavol Height

Viewers found Match Me Abroad Pavol dashing and adorable and his height measured somewhere above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Match Me Abroad Pavol Birthday?

No, Watch Me Abroad Pavol’s birthday is not available.

  • Where Is Match Me Abroad Pavol From?

Based on the show, Pavol likely hailed from Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Is Match Me Abroad Pavol On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Pavol doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or Facebook.

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