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Who Is Maurizio Mian Daughter? What Is Her Name?

Meet the daughter of Maurizio Mian of Netflix’s newest release Gunther’s Millions. In the show, it was revealed that he welcomed a daughter with his second wife. So who is she? How old is she?

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Gunther’s Millions: Who Is Maurizio Mian?

After Tiger King debuted in 2020, it was challenging to fathom any animal-themed Netflix documentary that would be as absurd and alluring as the Joe Exotic series. However, the streamer may have exceeded itself with Gunther’s Millions. In the four-part series, Gunther, a German Shepherd, is described as having inherited $400 million from his owner, Countess, following her passing in 1992.

In addition to delving into the unbelievable tale, the documentary series also sheds light on Maurizio Mian, the man who became Gunther’s handler and was in charge of carrying out his trust’s directives. The history of Gunther is much more intricate than it appears on the surface, involving everything from buying football teams to conducting contentious social experiments. But who is Maurizio Mian, the CEO of The Gunther Corporation?

Gunther VI, whom Maurizio Mian said to be the richest dog in the world, is under his care. The Italian businessman has been using his dog Gunther as a spokesperson for his investments and endeavors since 1992. He claims that Gunther III, the dog’s great-grandfather, inherited $400 million from his first owner, Countess Karlotta Leibenstein. Actually, Mian’s mother, pharmaceutical entrepreneur Maria Gabriella Gentili, was the source of the riches. Her business, The Gentili Institute, created a medicine that was successful in treating bone disease before selling it to pharmaceutical behemoth Merck.

While Mian asserted that the fortune had been moved into the name of Countess Leibenstein, a German citizen, in order to evade Italian taxes and that it had then been put in a trust for the Countess’ dog Gunther, he now admits in the documentary that the Countess never truly existed. In reality, a Gentili buddy assisted them with the tax loophole, and the Countess in the images was actually Mian’s aunt.

The original Gunther, on the other hand, belonged to Antonella Signorini, Mian’s ex-girlfriend. Although Mian established The Gunther Corporation and asserted that the trust mandated that the cash always benefit Gunther or the corporation, the Countess’s story frequently made news throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Through the corporation, Mian paid $7.5 million for Madonna’s Miami property in 2000 and established The Burgundians, a band that resided there with Gunther and was being researched by members of his team to learn more about the science of joy. He ran for the Rose in the Fist alliance in the 2006 Italian general election, but he was not successful.

Through the Gunther fund, Mian also made significant investments in the world of sports, giving Gunther control over U.S. Città di Pontedera and making porn star Ilona Staller, aka La Cicciolina, the club’s spokesperson. Gunther is now the owner of Pisa Calcio. He has two kids: a boy with his ex-girlfriend Carla Riccitelli and a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Cristina Mian.

Who Is Maurizio Mian Daughter?

Almost no details about Maurizio Mian’s daughter. But we know that he had welcomed a daughter from his second marriage. She has appeared on her son’s socials a few times.

What Is Maurizio Mian Daughter Name?

Maurizio Mian’s daughter’s name is Joy Ann Mian. She is on Instagram (@mian_joyann) but her profile is currently private.

Maurizio Mian Daughter Age

In January 2023, Maurizio Mian’s daughter Joy Ann Mian should be in her mid-teen as she appears not more than 15 years old.

Who Is Maurizio Mian Daughter Mother?

Cristina Mian is the mother of Maurizio Mian’s daughter Joy Ann Mian. In 2003, Cristina, a supposedly emerging public figure, first encountered Gunther and his handler Maurizio Mian, but she made such an impression on the latter that he later approached her.

He continued, “If you like, you can try to be in my group,” alluding to the entertaining party of five young, hot people who, by the terms of the trust agreements, almost always had to be by Gunther’s side. She immediately decided to join the group named The Magnificent because of her passion for acting, dancing, and music.

“There were various houses [we lived in across Italy and internationally],” Cristina revealed in the Netflix show. “The people who tried to be a part of The Magnificent 5 were interchangeable.”

She went on to say that Maurizio’s presence and his meticulous, observational studies, which he conducted in the hopes of discovering a tangible scientific secret to true bliss, were the only elements that rarely varied. His seeming search for joy has contributed to his apparent lack of faith in traditional, familial, or religious aspects, and even Cristina has always had this same community-centered outlook.

“When I met Maurizio, the first thing he showed me and made clear was that he had a son, he was no longer with his partner…,” Cristina explained. “But after a friendship that had already started, and after various conversations over months and months, at a certain point, he said, ‘Look, we are very close friends, but with someone like you, I would like to have a daughter.’ I said, ‘Wow.'”

She nevertheless permitted their platonic connection to turn into an open romance because she wanted a baby girl as well, and they occasionally supposedly had safe encounters with other people.

Cristina then elucidated, “With the birth of our daughter, this beautiful design was created so that this group of five [The Magnificent 5] can have children and can prove the children who are raised by them [as a unit] will be nothing but content and happy… I mean, for me, it’s a plus. It’s more, not less, you know?” However, because of her public declaration referring to their infant as “the daughter of Gunther,” which she meant sentimentally but other people took seriously, there were substantial difficulties that later surfaced.

Related FAQs

  • Does Maurizio Mian Daughter Have Siblings?

Yes, Maurizio Mian’s daughter Joy Ann Mian has one older brother Gunther Mian from her dad’s previous marriage. Click the link to learn all about him.

  • Where Was Maurizio Mian Daughter Born?

Maurizio Mian’s daughter Joy Ann Mian was born in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

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