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Max O’Dwyer Bio, Height, Parents, Age, Lovestruck High

Meet Max O’Dwyer on Lovestruck High. The new dating show is done in American high school so Max said a few words before the premiere of the show. He told, “American high schools have intrigued me. Growing up watching that on TV always made me wonder what it would be like. Hopefully, it will be an experience and I’m excited to see what it brings into my life”.

As for the person, he is looking for “someone that can keep me interested. The main problem I’ve had with girls is I lose interest after sex or a few dates.”

Learn more about his age, parents, height, and his job. Keep scrolling down to learn more about him with this Max O’Dwyer Bio.

Max O’Dwyer On Lovestruck High

A new dating show has begun airing. Lovestruck High is Prime Video’s first original series, and it’s based on the same premise as many other dating shows before it. The show’s narration is provided by Lindsay Lohan.

17 young and sultry British men and women are apprehended and whisked away in pursuit of love. That’s not all; there’s also a staggering £100,000 up for grabs. The show’s trailer included the same elements as other dating shows, such as bikinis, slow-motion laughter, and a little smooching, but with a unique twist. The show, however, takes place in an American high school.

Mean Girls star Lindsay spoke about the show, “here’s jocks, queen Bs, the nerds”. As a typical high school viewers get to see cheerleaders, singletons asking one another to prom, and the line, “you have been expelled,” just to really drive the theme home. But, the show also includes members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Personal trainer Max is one of the young and hot contestants on the show. Joining him are Alex Dean, Huss Zalzale, Yasmine Rabeea, Sin, KT Franklin, Chante, Charlie Curtis, Junaid Ahmed, Megan Vail, Geoff Cheung, Theo McDermott, Jess Doolan, Dan Elward, Jody Williams, Basit, and Adam Jordan.

The first three episodes of the show premiered on 18 May. The next three episodes are set to premiere on 25 May and the final two episodes premiere on 1 June.

Before the show’s premiere, Max announced on his Instagram, “Let’s GO, BABY, 🤪 @lovestruckhigh @primevideouk I’m going back to school for a summer of love 😍 can’t wait for you all to tune in on May 18th!!! #WeGlobalNow  #SchoolsInSessionBaby”.

Is Max O’Dwyer Dating Anyone Today?

As of May 2022, Max O’Dwyer is keeping his personal life private so there is no confirmation whether he is dating Yasmine or someone else.

However, in the show, Max was smitten by Yasmine, a London-based model. He was fixated on Yasmine from the very beginning. Later, he also admitted to fellow contestant Geoff that Yasmine was everything he wanted in a woman. As the homecoming dance neared, Max made steel his mind and tried to know her better.

Max and Yasmine had their first meeting in a library, the place he rarely frequented during his time as a student. But because Yasmine was there he went to the library to meet her. They hit it off as expected and discovered that they had a lot in common. Max then asked her to attend the homecoming dance which she happily accepted.

Although Yasmine was approached by Huss for dance, she turned him down because of the bond she had built with Max. The London-based model found Max extremely cute and he was her type. They were likely the only pair who weren’t open to knowing anyone else except each other.

Although Yasmine claimed she never kisses on the first date, the budding couple ended up sharing a passionate kiss. Based on that Max and Yasmine seemed like the only couple who would see it through to the end. For further updates, you’ll have to patiently wait for the new episodes to air.

Max O’Dwyer Age

As of 2022, Max O’Dwyer is reportedly 23 years old.

Max O’Dwyer Parents

Max O’Dwyer is of mixed heritage if you haven’t guessed it already. While his mother’s side of the family is Irish, his father’s side is African. Very little is known about his father. Besides a few featured on his sister’s socials and getting mentioned on his tweets, we know almost nothing about him.

Meanwhile, Max was born to his mother Shivla O’Dwyer who turned 50 years old on 24 April 2022. His parents were pictured together when his sister graduated in October 2017.

Max has an older sister named Robyn O’Dwyer. Robyn turned 25 years old in August 2021. She is currently based in London and works at iTech Media as a People Operations Specialist. She had also worked for MVF as a talent coordinator and later as senior resources.

Robyn had briefly worked as an events assistant at Prestige Events Magazine.

Moreover, Robyn graduated with a BSc Hons, in Psychology from the University of Greenwich in 2017.

Is Max O’Dwyer On Instagram?

Yes, Ma O’Dwyer is on Instagram (@maxodyr). He is also on Facebook (@max.odwyer) and Twitter (@Max_ODwyer).

Max O’Dwyer Job

By profession, Max O’Dwyer is working as a fitness instructor. A few of his IG posts speak the same. According to, a personal trainer’s salary in Brentwood, UK is up to £12 per hour.

Furthermore, he also might’ve played soccer in FA Youth Club back in 2014 for Brentwood Town as a substitute.

Fun Fact — Max was alleged to be the cast of The Only Way Is Essex season 24 back in 2019. He was spotted filming with the rest of the stars at the TOWIE Easter party. However, he wasn’t “officially” added to the cast at the time. He was also spotted at Tommy Mallet’s charity football match in one of the episodes.

Max O’Dwyer Height

Max O’Dwyer stands tall under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Max O’Dwyer From?

Max O’Dwyer is from Brentwood, UK.

  • When Is Max O’Dwyer Birthday?

According to Twitter posts, Max O’Dwyer celebrates her birthday on 11 August.

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