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Maxwell Frost Girlfriend: Who Is Jamie Arena? Her Age, Job

Democrat Maxwell Frost has won in Florida’s 10th Congressional District making him the first member of Generation Z elected to serve in the U.S. Congress. Maxwell’s victory marks a pivotal moment for progressive activists who came of voting age over the last decade and found their political voice in response to divisive issues including gun violence. No doubt he is all over Twitter since the win.

But, in the writing below, we shall not talk about his political journey and instead about his very proud and supportive girlfriend Jamie Arena.

Meet Jamie Arena, Maxwell Frost’s Girlfriend

Jamie Arena is Maxwell Frost’s girlfriend since at least 2019.

While it was still not known when they met, one could tell from some glimpses on the internet, and their respective social media pages, that they have been so in love with each other. Also, Jamie has been constantly showing her support for Maxwell throughout his journey. “Very proud of my partner, I know how much heā€™s worked for this. He’s gonna be amazing”, she recently wrote on his win in a social media post. For Maxwell’s campaign, she also actively participated in fundraising among other things.

Other times, now and then, the couple also showed some glances of them having fun either while on dates or on some outings.

Maxwell also often tweeted about Jamie be it when showing off her moment of fame in Iowa or be it simply in the likes of tweets “Love my girlfriend @jamiekarenašŸ’™”.

Before Jamie, Maxwell dated a girl named Pauli and they were still together until May 2016. Around this time, they took some cute pictures on their prom. Today, Maxwell’s ex too has moved on with some other guy.

Jamie Arena Age

Jamie Arena was reportedly born in 1999. So, she likely turned 23 years old by 2022.

What Is Jamie Arena Ethnicity?

Jamie Arena’s ethnicity is White. As proof of this, let us tell you that she once tweeted “Dobbleganger challenge for me is apparently every white brunette actress LOL”.

We can actually go into details talking about Jamie’s boyfriend’s ethnicity.

Maxwell’s biological mom was part Lebanese and part Puerto Rican, and his dad was Haitian. But, he was raised by a Cuban mom and a white father who adopted him at birth. So, Maxwell grew up speaking both English and Spanish at home.

Maxwell’s mom, the one who raised him, is Maritza Argibay Frost and his father is Patrick Frost. The family also includes Maria Frost, the sister.

Jamie Arena Family

Jamie Arena’s mother is Joyce Humphreys Arena of Jensen Beach, Florida. She turned 61 years old in November 2022. As per her Facebook, she worked at Martin Memorial Health Systems and studied at Western Governors University, Indian River Community College, and Wyoming Valley West Senior High School.

She married Patrick J Arena, who turned 54 in June 2022, and they gave birth to Jamie and a couple of others. Yet, as of 2022, the couple seemed to be no longer together as even Joyce had marked her relationship status, on Facebook, as ‘single’.

As for siblings, Jamie has a sister named Kaya Arena. Kaya, according to her Facebook was studying Humanities and Museum studies at Florida State University and was staying in Tallahassee, Florida by 2022. Also, they have a brother called Andy Pac who formerly worked at Ridge To Reef Farm and is currently employed at My Brother’s Workshop.

Jamie Arena Job

Jamie Arena is a film plus TV, horror enthusiast. But while this seems more like her hobby, she is a multimedia journalist and coordinator, according to her LinkedIn.

Since September 2022, she had been working freelance as a site leat at First Point Touring Co. From the same time around, she also started working at Weymouth/Watson as their advance associate.

Since January of this year, Jamie has been creating informational copy and blog posts centering on representation on screen and behind the camera in film and tv as a part-time staff writer at SheSources LLC.

There is one more. Jamie continued overseeing her affairs as the coordinator artist at MadSoul Music and Arts Festival, during its season. This has been one of her jobs since April 2019.

Jamie believes storytelling is her passion and representation is her motivation. So, she has this in mind, her ultimate goal is to amplify and bring to life diverse stories that make people feel connected and inspired.

Is Jamie Arena On Instagram?

Yes. Jamie Arena could be found on Instagram @jamiekarena with 3 posts and 467 followers (as of 11 November 2022). But, the page was kept private.

Jamie seemed to be active on Twitter @jamiekarena and on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jamie Arena From?

Jamie Arena is originally from Jensen Beach, Florida. By 2022 too, he was still staying in Florida, but in Orlando.

  • When Is Jamie Arena Birthday?

Jamie Arena’s birthday is on June 16th and that makes him a Gemini.

  • Where Did Jamie Arena Recieve Her Education?

Jamie Arena went to Indian River State College for an Associate’s degree in Journalism from 2015 through 2017. Then, between 2018 and 2020, she did her bachelor’s degree, Communication and Media Studies. For her high school, she went to Jensen Beach High.


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