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Meet Dawn Joanne Shand, Bryce Johnson Wife! Age, Job

Travel Channel brought back Expedition Bigfoot for a third season in 2022. The series, much like Discovery Channel’s Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch, has a history of leaving viewers questioning what could be during each episode.

So, the deal is a two-month cross-country hunt conducted by an elite team of researchers, i.e, the show’s cast. Bryce Johnson, one of them, is a Bigfoot-obsessed actor and producer, which brings us to Dawn Joanne Shand, the woman he has been married to for some good time now. As it turns out, you including us are more interested to find out who Dawn is and what’s her life like as Bryce Johnson’s wife.

Meet Dawn Joanne Shand, Bryce Johnson’s Wife

Dawn Joanne Shand has been married to Bryce Johnson since (likely September of) 2003. Both these people seemed to love to have their privacy. Dawn especially values it even more than Bryce or so it seemed because she allows none of us to peek into her life on social media. Bryce on the other hand lets his fans into his life with Dawn.

And by the look of it, the life they have is a good one, accompanied by their kids and a dog even.

The family, as seen in June 2020 (PIC: Instagram)

A seemingly-a-fan Jackie Slaughter once took to comment on Bryce’s Instagram post that was a picture of him and his wife to write, “And your kids are so cute. I have enjoyed looking at your posts. Y’all have a lot of fun together. What a wonderful family. And love your little dog too! So cute! You are a great dad and husband. ❤️❤️❤️.”

On Mother’s Day, we caught Bryce saying “To the love of my life, #HappyMothersDay! Thanks for always looking out after us! Life would be dull without you! 💋” to his “wifey” (of course).

Let us also tell you that we might have indirectly learned that Dawn and Bryce are vegans.

Dawn Joanne Shand Age

It is on the 9th of November that Dawn Joanne Shand celebrates her birthday making her a Scorpio. On this day in 2021, she should, in the least, have turned 41-year-old as it is said she was born before 1980.

Bryce, her husband, if you need to know, turned 44 on 18 April 2021. He was born the middle son of three boys in Reno, Nevada. When he was five, the family moved to Denver, Colorado. The family relocated to Sioux City, Iowa, again. This is where he took acting classes at the local community college before deciding to venture into his acting career.

Dawn Joanne Shand Job

“I am a beauty editor and green make-up artist with a passion for exploring all things green beauty and healthy living!”, is how Dawn Joanne introduces herself to others on social media.

Then, she goes on to tell that she is an editor in chief at and

The editor-in-chief and freelance makeup artist formerly worked as a makeup artist at Local 706 IATSE Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild.

From March 2006 through January 2011, she was also the beauty editor at Genlux Magazine.

Speaking of her educational background, we only found out that she did her schooling at Handsworth Secondary School.

A hint on her salary would be, as per’s estimation, Dawn should have made $23,637/per year or the salary ranging from $20,885 to $27,248, working as a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles. As per LinkedIn, Dawn has been doing the job as of January 2002.

You will be surprised to know that Dawn has been working on the sets of countless films and TV shows from 2008 through 2019.

The debut likely was as the key makeup artist for the 2008’s The Blue Tooth Virgin also starring Bryce, her husband, as in an actor in lead.

Dawn then worked in 61 episodes of Greek TV series from 2007 to 2011. In the 2016 TV mini-series documentary, she did the hair and makeup for its 7 episodes.

During the Oscars in 2017 and 2018, she get to do makeups for a TV special. She was the key makeup artist at the set of Bothered UP in 2017; hair and makeup for the TV mini-series documentary The 2000s. The most recent was for the “A Modest Proposal” episode (2019) of the Fuller House TV series.

Is Dawn Joanne Shand On Instagram?

Yes. Dawn Joanne Shand could be found on Instagram. But, both her accounts, @dshandjohnson, and @pink_kale, were set to private and therefore inaccessible to everyone but her not many friends and family.

One could also give Dawn a follow on Twitter @pinkkale and @dshandjohnson; as well as on ‘Dawn Shand Johnson’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dawn Joanne Shand From?

Dawn Joanne Shands hails from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Although currently (2022) she called Los Angeles, California her home.

  • How Tall Is Dawn Joanne Shand?

Naturally-blonde Dawn Joanne Shand stands below 5’7” tall. She lets her husband tower over her in his 6′ 2″. They still make a very good-looking pair.

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