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Vanessa Cross Bio, Partner, Parents, Weight Loss, Age

Meet TLC’s ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ star Vanessa Cross. She and her best friend Meghan Crumpler are appearing on the new show which is inspired by ‘1000-Lb Sisters’.

Here you’ll learn about Vanessa’s partner, parents, and her weight loss journey. Scroll down to learn more about her.

Vanessa Cross On 1000-Lb Best Friends

TLC has returned with a new show with a similar idea to ‘1000-Lb Sisters.’ According to Vanessa, the filming of the show started on 12 February 2020. The show is called ‘1000-Lb Best Friends,’ and it follows two best friends, Meghan Crumpler and Vannessa Cross, as they try to lose weight. Meghan and Vanessa have been together since senior high throughout years of poverty and bullying.

They stood up for one other no matter how difficult it was, and now they want to embark on a weight-loss journey together.

Vannessa told in the trailer of the show, “This girl has been with my ride or die through it and if anyone says anything to me, she’s got my back”. Meghan added while laughing, “I used to threaten them with other things but now I just say I’m going to sit on your a–, leave her alone”.

Years later, they are still best friends and Vannessa keeps Meghan in high regard. In the show, we’ll see that Meghan who had made up her mind to lose weight is convincing her friend to lose the weight. Meghan, who weighed 496 lbs, needed an oxygen tank to breathe and wants to be free of it.

But, Vannessa, who is 56 lbs lesser (i.e. 440 lbs), was hard to convince to go through the weight loss journey.

In the trailer, Vannessa shared with Meghan, “Somebody the other day, I pulled up at the gas station, was pumping gas, and from across the parking lot called me a fat ‘b-i-…’ From across a parking lot”. She added, “I sat in my car and cried for 10 minutes. Somebody who never met me and didn’t know me. ( ”

Vannessa added further, “People are extremely judgmental of people my size. They think that we’re just nasty people, we sit on our butts. We eat, we don’t bathe, we don’t take care of ourselves. And it’s not true. I’m the same as a woman that weighs 150 lbs. Just because I’ve got extra skin doesn’t make me any different. My heart still works, my brain still works, and I still have emotions.”

She added, “You’re like me, we are so beautiful. Yeah, we big, we got a little,” she says, holding her stomach. “But we pretty.”

Catch up to the TLC’s new show to see what unfolds.

Vanessa Cross Weight Loss Journey

Vanessa Cross had gained 70 pounds in one year. But she was reluctant to join Meghan on the weight loss journey. Initially, Vanessa told Meghan that she was happy the way she was, but she later admitted that wasn’t true. She claimed that she would become enraged when she saw food she wasn’t permitted to consume, and that willpower was fruitless for her.

After a few failed attempts to eat healthily, Vanessa revealed that COVID-19 made it difficult for her to get healthy. Both Meghan and Dr. Procter try their best to slim down Vanessa. So, giving up on herself, she starts to eat cheat meals and eats fast food. But, she picks herself back up and starts to exercise, eat low sodium, and make better food choices.

Her new game plan makes her lose 440 pounds to 427 pounds.

But, the weight loss journey isn’t the only health issue Vanessa is struggling with because she was also diagnosed with skin cancer on her lady bits. So, she was required to take a few months off of her health journey to focus on getting better from the skin cancer removal surgery.

Although Vanessa worried that she might die, the medical team did good work and she became cancer-free.

Does Vanessa Cross Have A Partner?

Vanessa Cross is currently single but she hopes that the weight loss journey she went through will change that forever. However, Vanessa has three sons with her partner.

Her oldest son Jacob Cross is 18 years old as of this writing. Similarly, her youngest son Werner Cross turned 13 years old on 8 November 2021. Although the father/father of her two elder sons is not known, she had her youngest son with her baby father Michael Gibbs. They were together at least until 2010 but separated later on. But, they stayed friends and agreed on co-parenting.

On 21 January 2018, Vanessa wrote on her Facebook, “This man is an excellent father and I’m blessed he is”. So, they were still friends.

Vanessa Cross Parents

Vanessa Cross never shared the names of her parents. But they appear on her socials. According to a few of her posts, Vanessa lost her mother a while back and features her occasionally on her Facebook. As the story goes, Vanessa’s family struggled financially when she was growing up.

At the age of 4 and 5, Vanessa lived with her mother in a car. She explained, “I was big because my mother comforted me with food. Any time I cried, I was happy, anything, she gave me a cookie, gave me a cookie.”

As for Vanessa’s father, he also deals with being overweight and is alive.

Vanessa grew up with two sisters but she lost her elder sister who was born in 1974. She allegedly died in either 1993 or 1994. Vanessa is very close to her other sister Jakie Cross. Jakie appears on her Facebook regularly.

Vanessa Cross Job

Not much is known about Vanessa Cross’s job. She attended Stockbridge High School with her best friend Meghan.

Is Vanessa Cross On Instagram?

Yes, Vanessa Cross is on Instagram. Her IG handle is (@vannessa_toolarge). She is also on Facebook (@vannessa.cross1).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Vanessa Cross?

Vanessa Cross is currently 42 years old as of this writing in January 2022.

  • Where Is Vanessa Cross From?

Vanessa Cross hailed from McDonough, Georgia. She currently lives in Jonesboro, Georgia.

  • How Tall Is Vanessa Cross?

Vanessa Cross stands tall to the height above 5 feet 5 inches.

  • How Much Does Vanessa Cross Weigh Now?

Although Vanessa Cross wasn’t able to attend to the enormous weight loss like her friend Meghan, she is making progress and it is apparent in her pictures. She should be at most 400 lbs as of this writing. But, she has Meghan and Dr. Procter to assist her to reach that weight goal.

  • How Much Is Vanessa Cross Net Worth?

Vanessa Cross should be worth under $200 thousand.

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