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Meet Ray Sidney, Eileen Gu’s Alleged Dad!

Meet Ray Sidney alleged dad of Eileen Gu. How did Ray go viral on Chinese media and social media? Is he the father of Eileen Gu? What is his relationship with Eileen and her mother Yan Gu?

We address it all in this article about Eileen Gu’s alleged father.

Is Ray Sidney Eileen Gu’s Dad?

Eileen Gu’s American dad was the most sought-after person on the internet after Eileen’s controversial win at Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. In early February 2022, a man named Ray Sidney posted a picture of himself with young Eileen Guu, probably around the age of 4 or 5.

In the comment section, Ray commented, “Who can identify this future superstar? (I’m not talking about the guy in yellow.)” Many of his friends joined the comment and one of them revealed it was young Eileen. Not long after, people discovered the man they were looking for, Ray checked off everything we knew about Eileen’s dad. He was American, he was white, and he graduated from Harvard.

Yan Gu, Ray’s mother had also commented on the post. She wrote, “That’s not easy!!!”.

That particular thread on the 5 February 2022 photo went viral and whoever was linked with Ray started getting calls if they knew Ray. One particular comment further ignited the assumption that Ray was Eileen’s father. One of Ray’s friend’s commented, “Wait, Eileen Gu is secretly your love child?”

To which Ray responded, “Josh Sher Who said it’s a secret?” Then his friend commented, “Ray Sidney Well it was a secret from inquiring minds such as mine”. But, then after Eileen’s Gold Medal win, he posted a photo of Eileen which had much more distinct features than the previous one.

He was holding her on his shoulder as affectionate fathers would do. So, was Ray Sidney Eileen Gu’s estranged father?

No, Ray is not the father of Eileen. But, they shared a father-daughter-like bond. But, he served as her instructor. He clarified all the errors after commenting that he is not the father of Eileen.

Ray Sidney’s Relationship With Eileen Gu’s Mom

While replying to one of his friends, Ray Sidney stated that he and Eileen Gu’s mom dated each other for several years. So, he knew Eileen from a very young age. He clarified that he met Eileen’s mom Yan after she gave birth to Eileen. But, he is not the father of Eileen.

Ray and Yan maintained romantic relationships for several years but parted ways later. However, they still maintained a great friendship with each other and were very respectful to each other.

Is Ray Sidney Married Now?

It is hard to confirm his relationship status as of this writing. Many posts prove that he had ever tied the knots. He has shared a few pictures of teenagers on his FB who could be his kids. But, he hasn’t posted anything related to his marriage yet.

Ray Sidney Age

Reportedly born in 1969, Ray Sidney should be 52 years old as of February 2022.

Ray Sidney Job

Ray Sidney started his career as a security engineer at Trusted Information Systems (1995-1996) in Glenwood, Maryland. After that, he started working as a Software engineer at The D. E. Shaw Group where he worked until August 1996 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Then, he joined RSA Security as Research Engineer and worked in the company for two years. He quit his job in June 1998. A month later, he joined The D.E. Shaw Group as Software Engineer in Santa Clara, California. In January 1999, he landed the job of Software Engineer in Google.

After four years working in the company, he quit his job in March 2003.

He is currently the owner of Big George Ventures, a real estate business that he started in 2005. He is also the co-owner of The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in 2010.

About his academic qualifications, Ray attended first attended Brookfield High School followed by Kaiser High School but ended up graduating from Edwin O. Smith High School in 1987. After high school graduation, he enrolled at the California Institute of Technology where he studied mathematics.

He then attended Harvard University and graduated with his degree in Mathematics in 1991. Following that, he attended MIT to study mathematics and secured his Ph.D. in 1995. Ray also studied at The Fannie & John Hertz Foundation. He earned his MBA degree from Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley in December 2014.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ray Sidney From?

Ray Sidney hailed from New Haven, Connecticut. But, he has lived in several states over the years. He currently lives in Zephyr Cove, Nevada. He had cited Storrs, Connecticut as his hometown. 

  • Is Ray Sidney On Facebook?

Ray Sidney is on Facebook and can be found here (@raysidney).

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