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Minami Takahashi Bio, Age, Job, IG, Mori, Love Is Blind

Meet Minami Takahashi is one of the marriage-minded singles on Netflix’s 8 February 2022-release Love Is Blind: Japan, who like everyone is looking for a less conventional way of dating and hoping to meet the love of her life without ever seeing his face.

Now, find out all about the Japanese version of Love Island star and her journey on the show in this ‘Minami Takahashi Bio’.

Minami Takahashi On Love Is Blind: Japan

Like in the flagship show, Love is Blind: Japan follows a group of singletons as they meet and get to know one another while each one of them is unbeknownst to the other’s physical appearance. If they take the plunge and choose to propose, only then do they get to meet face-to-face. Following this comes a “honeymoon-like” vacation before they head back home and see if their relationship can work also in the real world.

Minami Takahashi, here, was allowed to announce her Love Island stint only on the day of its premiere.

When filming Love Is Blind in Tokyo and Yomitan, Minami found herself coupled with Mori, a 37-year-old cosmetic dermatologist.

From the solid first impression, Minami and Mori continued to develop their bond while talking about their upbringing and their future family/life to be. And because these elements, along with their expectations, also turned out to be a match, they gradually understood each other on a much deeper level.

Mori was also initially interested in Ayano. But, he realized that while Ayano never really let her guard down, Minami seemed very sincere even if she said/asked the strangest things sometimes. Mori also knew that Minami was the one for him because they shared the common ground of having a Korean heritage.

So, the viewers saw Mori confess that he wants to be by Minami’s side while she figured out the balance between being honest and being kind before proposing.

Then the proposal!

Mori asked “Even if I were to go blind one day I know that I would still be in love with you. Minami, will you marry me?” To this, Minami gladly said ‘yes’ before adding, “I’ve always had you on my mind, Mori. But I never dreamed that it would turn out this way. I’m overjoyed.”

Joining Minami and Mori on this dating journey, other than Ayano, were twelve more men: Takumi, Jinya, Yudai, Shuntaro, Odacchi, Atsushi, Sho, Misaki, Ryotaro, Ryoga, Mizuki, Wataru, and 8 more women: Toshie, Midori, Motomi, Maki, Priya, Kaoru, Nana, and Nanako.

Are Minami Takahashi And Mori From Love Is Blind Still Together?

So despite the age gap, that the viewers were so concerned about, Minami Takahashi and Mori found the ground where they could come together. But did they manage to stay together even outside Love Is Blind?

Mori does not seem to have an active social media presence. And even Minami’s social media activity gave us no clear clues, to if they are likely still on good terms.

Still, concerning Minami’s admission that she had such a crazy and wonderful experience and she gave her 120% to this experience, she is likely together with Mori even today.

Minami Takahashi Age

Minami Takahashi was reportedly born in 1994. So, she turned 27 years old in 2021.

Minami Takahashi Job

Minami Takahashi is an architect. Even her social media tells it all. Because it features some of the best sights and architecture the world has to offer. By the look of it, she has been to the landscapes of Lisbon, Portugal, beautiful churches in Spain, and massive archways in Russia. Also, the way Bustle puts it, her internet page also comes off as a bit of a love letter ramen. She did not seem to get bored of sharing pictures of the delicious-looking bowls.

Hint on her salary as an architect would be,

As per’s estimation, a person working in Architecture in Japan typically earned around 478,000 JPY per month. The salaries ranged from 230,000 JPY to 919,000 JPY.

Speaking of her education, Minami attended the Tokyo University of Science Kagurazaka Campus. While there, she not just studied Architecture but also participated in beauty pageants and other activities. Back in 2016, she was in her third year affiliated with its faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture.

Is Minami Takahashi On IG?

Yes. Minami Takahashi could be found on Instagram as of 10 February 2022. And the account @minami.170cm included 115 posts and some 405 followers.

What Do We Know About Minami Takahashi Family?

Minami Takahashi keeps mentioning her family outing and family time on her social media. But that is all. Fans were unaware of her family and her early life as of the time of this writing.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Minami Takahashi?

Minami Takahashi stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

  • When Is Minami Takahashi Birthday?

Every year the 20th of June marks Minami Takahashi’s birthday making her a Gemini.

  • Where Is Minami Takahashi From?

Minami was born and bred in Tokyo in Japan.

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