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Meet Sophie Morgan Partner, Tom Robinson! His Age, Job

The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2022 casts have been pretty amazing this year, with the remaining four, TV presenter Sophie Morgan, comedian and actor Mawaan Rizwan, actress Tracy-Ann Oberman, and singer Ellie Goulding competing to be crowned “Star Baker” in the final week.

They all were expected to make one Signature, Technical and Showstopper bake, based on which one of them called the winner.

Now, because we are telling you about Sophie Morgan’s partner in the rest of this writing, let us first introduce you to Sophie.

Sophie is known mostly as a British television presenter and disability advocate. In 2003, when she was 18, she suffered a T6 spinal cord injury in a road traffic accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. But, she did not let this be the end. Instead, she has been on the rise, especially after she got to do Channel 4’s TV coverage of the Summer Paralympics in Tokyo in 2021. Ever since she has made several documentaries and been a guest panel member on the big hit Loose Women (also starring Judi Love).

Meet Sophie Morgan Partner, Tom Robinson

So, Sophie Morgan’s long-time partner is Tom Robinson. If in case they have also been married already, they chose not to discuss it with the public.

By the time when Sophie candidly spoke to DailyMail about her sex life in March 2013, she and Tom were already engaged as she addressed him as her fiance.

Starting with an “I’m no exhibitionist – I do not relish the thought of strangers knowing intimate details of my life”, Sophie said she wanted to address the subject of intercourse anyway because for people like her it is still taboo. In the process, she mentioned her handsome long-haired surfer ex-boyfriend called Olly who was the first person she got intimated after she met with her tragedy.

Apparently, the following man coming into her life was Tom. This was a few months after breaking up with Olly and Sophie was visiting a friend at university; she was introduced to the friend’s housemates and one of them was Tom. The two hit it off and enjoyed a good flirt but nothing happened. (Only because Tom had originally assumed that she was unable to have relationships or have children.)

Fast forward to today, the couple can be seen on the internet, posting especially from their recent adventures together, from time to time. For instance, in April 2018, they were in Aguille De Medi standing on glass at 3800 meters. Later in November 2019, Sophie had taken to write on her Instagram @sophlmorg that she is grateful for this man by her side and for this life she has with him.

Most recently in March 2022, she thanked him for being the ying to her yang, her legs, her guidance counselor, her punchbag, her partner in crime, her adventure buddy, her road trip partner, her brother, and basically everything.

Tom Robinson Age

Tom Robinson celebrates his birthday on the 9th of March. So, on this day in 2022, he turned 37 years old. Also, for people born on this day, the zodiac sign is Pisces.

So you know, Sophie also was born in the same year as Tom, but on the 24th of February.

Tom Robinson Tom Job

Tom Robinson is an acupuncturist. Though at this point we could not tell where he practiced his profession. From what’s been listed on his Facebook BIO, he studied at Scottish Agricultural College and graduated from Balf in 2004.

Speaking of Sophie, besides working in the telly she invented the Mannequal which is a wheelchair for mannequins in clothing shops. And now that we are talking about her let us also give a briefing on what kind of accident Sophie was in, that changed her life forever.

It was just after receiving her A-level results. She crashed a car carrying four friends while driving between parties in Elgin, Scotland. Her friends received minor injuries. But she was trapped under the overturned car and ended up with a fractured back, nose, and skull. Looking back she admits, that though she was not drunk she was just driving like “an idiot”.

Is Tom Robinson On Instagram?

Indeed! Tom Robinson could be found on Instagram @bowl85. But, on it, he goes around as Alick Robertson. Though on his Facebook account he is back to being ‘Tom Robinson’.

Tom Robinson Family

Tom Robinson’s mom is Joanne Robinson (Lilley), who on her Facebook, mentions being an author. While back in the day, she happens to have studied International studies at Staffordshire University and Corby Grammar School. Also so you know, the matriarch was born to the deceased Kath and Bruce Liley.

Then there is Donald, Tom’s dad, and Katy Dyson, Tom’s sister who turned 34 years old in January 2022. Katy has been married to Ben Dyson as of 5 October 2019.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tom Robinson From?

Tom Robinson hails from Scotland while Sophie was born in Crowborough, East Sussex, in the UK (to a wealthy family). She was educated in South Croydon and thereafter in Moray in Scotland. The latter is where she met Tom.

  • How Tall Is Tom Robinson Tom?

Tom Robinson stands above 5′ 11” tall in height. He is good-looking and therefore complements his beautiful partner with a great personality.

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