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Is Judi Love Dating Anyone? Who Is Her Baby Father?

The Season 13 of Taskmaster on Channel 4 is back. And like old times, the Bafta-winning program introduced to its audience a new line-up of actors, comedians, writers, and broadcasters as its contestants for the season. Among them is Judi Love, who began her stand-up career in 2011 with her stage debut in Laughter Is Healing.

Comedian/presenter Judi who became ITV’s Loose Women panelist in 2020. You also might remember her from the time she was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing in 2021 or the one time she became the finalist of Celebrity Masterchef 2020.

We shall now tell you more about her in the rest of this writing.

Is Judi Love Dating Anyone?

Judi Love was not married as of the time of this writing. She also did not seem to be in a public relationship. In fact, many of her fans believe her to be single.

Until at least Loose Women, Judi was single for sure. Because at the time on the show, she discussed the matter quite in detail. She told the show that she is open to finding love. She literally said she was in search of the perfect man.

During lockdown in the COVID pandemic, she even tried playing cupid to her people on the internet with the “Judi Love’s Quarantine date night” series. She encouraged the singles and the ready to mingles to share their wildest dating stories and dilemmas.

Then, talking about it later with Graham Norton, Judi explained how she had a great response to the series. He said the whole process really opened up the conversation about dating. Still, of course, she did not reveal if it also opened doors for her.

Most recently on the 2022’s Valentine’s Day, Judi confirmed she is in love with… herself.

Judi Love Kids

Judi’s fans have also been aware of the fact that she is a doting mother of two children, a 16-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son (ages as of October 2021).

Many a time, on her shows, we have heard her speak about her children. However, most of the other times, she keeps them out of the spotlight. Even when she showed glimpses of them on Instagram @1judilove (267K followers as of 15 April 2022), the matriarch made sure their face was hidden.

Who Is Judi Love Baby Father?

Speaking of her baby father, Judy Love revealed in a Facebook Live from 2019 that she does encourage her children to keep up a relationship with their father. She said that she tried to speak to her kids about how she and their father’s relationship has not developed. Other than the baby’s father, Judi said, she also encouraged the kids’ grandparents to be in their life.

Judi Love Net Worth

Judi Love reportedly had more than $400K as her net worth as of April 2022. A good deal of her earnings, she also shared with those in need. She is an avid supporter of charities. She personally traveled to a refugee camp with a group of fellow comedians to offer aid. Through her work/fame, she aims to raise much-needed funds for these great causes.

Speaking of her qualification, she has two degrees, one in Community Arts and Social Science and a Masters in Social Work for which she studied at the Tavistock Institute. She actually managed to gain these whilst raising two children single-handed.

(Of course) later, she also attended the Identity School of Acting.

Judi Love Weight Loss

Around November 2021, Judi Love wowed her fans showing off an impressive 1.5 stone weight loss after strenuous training with Graziano Prima.

Fans on Instagram who noticed her slimmed-down figure straight away had flocked to the internet to praise her for it.

Months later into 2022 and Judi continued to hit punch bags in the gym.

Is Judi Love Related To Loni Love?

Despite Loni Love wondering if she might be really related to Judi Love, these stand-up comedians are not related in other ways except for their craft.

Loni, best known for her witty commentary on the VH1 nostalgia series I Love the ’80s, impressed by Judi in Loose Women had taken to Instagram to celebrate her.

Judi Love Height

Judi Love stands above 5′ 6″ tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • Who Are Judi Love’s Mother And Father?

Judi Love was born in Hackney, East London Jamaican parents in London on 4 June 1980. Both her parents are no longer living. Her mother passed away following a battle with dementia in 2009 and her father, during the COVID pandemic. The folks originally came from West Indies.

During Strictly Come Dancing, Judi said that she is determined to continue her deceased parents’ legacy.

Judi actually began comedy when she performed a set in front of her class for a module, in which she revealed the comedic side of caring for her mother with dementia.

Also so you know, growing up Jusi and her siblings were brought up by a single mom and in Judi’s words, their dad was “around”.

  • Does Judi Love Have Siblings?

Judi Love is the youngest of five children. So, she has four siblings and among them, she was the comedian of the family. Judi and likely her siblings too spent the vast majority of her youth in and around the East London area.

  • What Is Judi Love’s Real Name?

‘Judi Love’ is actually the stage name. Her real name happens to be ‘Judy Veronica Thomas’.

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