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Megan Dufresne Adoptive Parents: Dean And Mary Dufresne

Dean and Mary Dufresne, the adoptive parents, raised Megan Dufresne one of the three children of Suzanne Sevakis. They recently appeared in Netflix’s documentary Girl In The Picture. This article covers their current whereabouts, their age, and their jobs, in 2022.

Learn everything about them in the article below.

Who Are Megan Dufresne Adoptive Parents?

Warren Marshall (Franklin Delano Floyd) and Sharon Marshall (Suzanne Sevakis) made the decision to give up their newly born daughter Megan Dufresne for adoption in 1989 shortly after her birth. They were arguing that they weren’t financially sound to take care of Suzanne’s three children. They approached the attorney’s office six weeks before Megan was born.

At the time, Suzanne’s first child was already put up for adoption but Michael Hughes was with her.

Megan Dufresne’s adoptive parents were a Louisiana-based couple Dean and Mary Dufresne. Dean and Mary Dufresne shared their wedding vows in November 1983. So, on 11 November 2021, they have been married for 38 years. In November 2019, Mary wished her husband an anniversary on her Facebook with a post captioned, “Happy Anniversary to my love of 36 yrs. With many more to come”.

Mary recollected that when she and her husband met Franklin and Suzanne, they appeared as an awry couple. However, Dean and Mary couldn’t have any children so they were up for adopting the kids.

Fun Fact: Megan’s adoptive mother Mary Dufresne was also an adopted child. On St. Partick’s Day 2020, she posted on her Facebook, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Not only is this a celebration of St. Patrick but today was the day I become part of my wonderful Family. This is my adoption anniversary. To the most wonderful Mother. Love you, Mom”.

Likewise, in 2013, Mary posted, “Today is my Anniversary. No Not wedding anniversary, Adoption Anniversary. Today is the day that I became a Bourgeois, Today is the day my parents took me home and welcomed me into their Hearts. I Love my family. But also glad to meet my birth family. (love ya, SIS). Today my MOM and I celebrate the day we came into each other’s hearts. Miss Dad today”.

Meet Megan Dufresne Adoptive Dad, Dean Dufresne

Dean Dufresne is the adoptive dad of Suzanne Sevakis’s daughter Megan Dufresne. Dean is the son of Mary “Mei Mei” Victoria Bauer Dufresne and Isaac Joseph Dufresne. His parents were happily married for 30 years. He also has a sister named Leontine “Tina” Dufresne Lang.

Megan’s grandmother Mary “Mei Mei” Victoria Bauer Dufresne died on 2 January 2017. “Mei Mei” was a homemaker who took care of everyone in the family. She enjoyed cooking, and yard work, loved pets, and mostly had friends over for coffee.

  • Dean Dufresne Age

Reportedly born in December 1958, Dean Dufresne is 63 years old in July 2022.

  • Dean Dufresne Job

According to LinkedIn, Dean Dufresne worked as an electronic technician at EXPRESS SERVICES, INC. from 2016 to 2018. His LinkedIn states that he started his career at Ochsner Health System as Electronic Technician and Security Maintenance. He worked till January 2013.

From 2013 to 2015, he worked at Omni Systems as an Electronic Technician, Security Maintenance/Installation.

Talking about academic qualifications, he attended R.E.T.S. Electronic School. He studied there from 1978 to 1980. He graduated with Electronic Certification in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

  • Does Dean Dufresne Appear On Netflix’s Girl In The Picture?

Yes, Dean Dufresne’s father appeared on Netflix’s Girl In The Picture. He is also available on Facebook (@dean.j.dufresne).

Meet Megan Dufresne Adoptive Mom, Mary Dufresne

Megan Dufresne’s adoptive mom is Mary Dufresne. In April 2020, Mary posted a pic dedicating her daughter that read, “I wish you were home with me where I can see you and hug you and keep you safe. Sincerely, moms of grown kids everywhere.”

Mary DuFresne reached out to Matt Birkbeck in 2005 Matt’s first book A Beautiful Child published in 2004. Matt recollected that Megan’s mother Mary reached out to him and they kept her identity a secret for a number of years.

Before that, Megan was informed that her mother had passed away in a vehicle accident, but she didn’t discover additional information about her birth mother until 2004 when Matt Birkbeck’s book “A Beautiful Child” was published.

  • Mary Dufresne Age

At the time of the premiere of Netflix’s Girl In The Picture, Mary Dufresne is 61 years old. She celebrated her birthday in January 2022.

  • Mary Dufresne Job

According to LinkedIn, Mary Dufresne is working as a full-time teacher at St. John the Baptist School. She has been working there since August 2018. About her education, she graduated from St. Mary’s Dominican High School in 1979.

Later on, Mary attended the University of New Orleans where she studied Secondary Education and Social Studies.

  • Does Mary Dufresne Appear On Netflix’s Girl In The Picture?

Yes, Mary Dufresne appears on Netflix’s Girl In The Picture.

Related FAQs

  • Are Megan Dufresne Adoptive Parents Still Married?

Yes, Megan Dufresne’s adoptive parents are still married, according to their Facebook posts.

  • How Many Kids Do Megan Dufresne Adoptive Parents Have?

Megan Dufresne is the only child of her adoptive parents Dean and Mary Dufresne.

  • Where Do Megan Dufresne Adoptive Parents Live?

Megan Dufresne’s adoptive parents Dean and Maru are currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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