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Suzanne Sevakis Family: Brother, Sisters, Daughter, Father

Netflix’s Girl In The Picture is a tragic story of Suzanne Sevakis who was kidnapped as a child. A few of her family members including her father, mother, and daughter have appeared on the show to share her harrowing story. Learn more about her family in this article.

We will cover details of her remaining family members including her sisters and her brothers.

Who Are Suzanne Sevakis Family Members?

Suzanne Sevakis was the oldest of seven children born to her parents Sandra Willet and the only child of Cliff Sevakis. She was born on 9 September 1969. Her parents met in Southfield High School in Southfield, Michigan.

The remaining siblings were reportedly from Sandra’s different relationship.

Meet Suzanne Sevakis Father, Cliff Sevakis

Clifford “Cliff” Sevakis, the father of Suzanne Sevakis, was briefly married to Suzanne Sevakis. Although he joined the military (Vietnam veteran) and was able to see Suzanne occasionally when she was small, the marriage ultimately failed. When Sandra got remarried, he was asked to sign away his parental rights, and he decided it would be best for his daughter.

Cliff was saddened to learn what actually happened to his daughter, the life she led, and what finally became of her.

Sources revealed that Cliff was a privileged individual and highly educated at the same time. He reportedly held a Master’s degree in Finance and Business.

Cliff Sevakis with his wife Jan Sevakis (Pic: Facebook)

Whoever was familiar with the case of Suzanne Sevakis, had a difference in opinion about Cliff’s role in Suzanne’s tragic life. One alleged relative of Cliff attested that Cliff had no idea that he had a child until 2010’s DNA testing which confirmed Suzanne was his daughter.

Furthermore, they insisted that knowing what happened to Suzanne, wrecked him mentally with guilt. And, Cliff had no clue that he was even remotely related to this until police tracked him down in the early 2000s.

Cliff is alive and he has a Facebook account that you can find here (@cliff.sevakis). Born in July 1949, Clifford is 73 years old in 2022. He is currently based in Bellevue, Washington. It appears his wife is Jan Sevakis (@jan.sevakis). They have two children named Robin Sevakis (@robin.sevakis) and Justin Sevakis who are the creators of Anime News Nina.

Learn more about her father here and his new wife here.

Meet Suzanne Sevakis Brother

Suzanne Sevakis had a younger brother named Phillip Steven Brandenburg. He was reportedly born on 12 April 1974. Her mother Sandra had Phillip with a man named Dennis C. Brandenburg, her second husband. You should also know that Dennis died on 24 April 2019 at the age of 72, as his obituary reads.

Phillip’s father Dennis was born on 29 October 1946 in Detroit, Michigan. He was the son of Donald Brandenburg and Elaine Brandenburg and had five siblings; Mike Brandenburg (Zelma), Linda Collins (Roger), David Brandenburg (Marilyn), Sandra Billings (Houston), and Randy Brandenburg (Linda).

In 1974, Sandra, Suzanne, Allison, Amy, and Phillip were living in North Carolina, when a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He claimed his name was “Brandon Cleo Williams”. Phillip was reportedly just 1 month and 2 days, his mother Sandra married “Brandon Cleo Williams” AKA Franklin Delano Floyd.

He had no family, she claimed. “Brandon” had a certain charm and sense of humor. He attended church, he painted houses, and he “liked children.”

Although it was rumored that Phillip was killed, he wasn’t. Phillip is reportedly alive and thriving as an adult who was given away for adoption by Franklin. A man allegedly came forward believing that he was Phillip after he learned about his true identity in 2019. Later in 2020, a DNA test confirmed it was Phillip.

Suzanne also had other two brothers; Jonathan Bradenburg and Jeff Dinnell. According to Sandra’s husband Caron Willett‘s obituary, Jonathan is married to his wife Jennifer and has two children Amiyah and Mika. Jeff is also married. His wife is Harmony with whom he shares Kelly, Jacob, Arianna, Dylana, and Casey.

Meet Suzanne Sevakis Sisters

Talking more about Suzanne Sevakis family, she was the oldest of known seven children born to her mother. At the time of her kidnapping, she had two sisters; Allison and Amy Brandenburg. Franklin Delano Floyd took off with the four children while their mother was in prison for a bounced check for a month. However, Franklin had dropped Amy and Allison in a Baptist “children’s home”.

Allison was born in January 1971 whereas Amy was born on 28 June 1972.

Sandra also had another daughter named Dorothy Morgan (Willett) who was born on 17 April 1981 with her fourth husband Carson Willett. Dorothy is married to John and their children are Mariah, Autumn, and Summer.

Dorothy has been active on social media and has defended her mother against whoever condemned her actions. She shared that her mother did everything to find her sister Suzanne before her tragic death, although there wasn’t much that she could do.

Did Suzanne Sevakis Leave Behind A Daughter Named Megan?

Yes, Suzanne Sevakis had a daughter named Megan Dufresne. Megan was reportedly given up for adoption to a childless couple in New Orleans in 1989. When Suzanne’s real identity was revealed it was decided to give her a new headstone, this time with her family members and other important people in attendance.

Megan DuFresne daughter of Suzanne Sevakis (Pic: Netflix)

The procession was attended by Suzane’s father Clifford, her son Michael’s foster parents Ernest and Merle Bean, and her daughter Megan, among others. It was the first time, Megan got to meet her grandfather Clifford. In the service, it was also revealed that Megan was pregnant and would soon be having a son.

As an honor to Megan’s brother Michael Anthony Hughes she never got to meet, Megan honored him by naming her son Michael.

Moreover, Megan appeared in the Netflix documentary. She talked about the anger in the show. Her birth mother’s story has left her feeling a strange kind of anger, which she’s still trying to process. “No girl should have to go through that,” she said. “From a stranger, much less somebody’s that’s supposed to be her father, father figure, whatever the hell he was”.

Learn more about her daughter here, her adoptive parents, job, and husband.

Related FAQs

  • Do Suzanne Sevakis Family Members Appear On Netflix’s Girl In The Picture?

Yes, Suzanne Sevakis’s mother Sandra Willet, father Clifford Sevakis, and her daughter Megan Dufresne appear on Netflix’s Girl In The Picture.

  • Has Suzanne Sevakis Family Come Forward Following The Release Of Netflix’s Girl In The Picture?

Most of her family members of Suzanne were discovered after her DNA was verified and her true identity was revealed. One of the last of Suzanne’s family to come forward was her brother Phillip, which is in 2020. But, at the time of the release of Netflix’s Girl In The Picture, there are no news of family members coming forward.

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