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Michael Anthony Hughes Bio, Father, Suzanne Sevakis Son

Michael Anthony Hughes was the son of Suzanne Marie Sevakis, the main subject and the person on Netflix’s new show Girl In The Picture is based. He went missing in November 1994 but there is more to his life than that. Suzanne and Michael, both led a life that was anything but ordinary.

This article is focused mostly on Michael. So, keep on scrolling to learn more about him.

Meet Michael Anthony Hughes, Suzanne Sevakis Son

Suzanne Sevakis had her son Michael Anthony Hughes with her high school boyfriend in her senior year. At the time, they were living in a mobile home park on 28th Street near Cockroach Bay and at the Town & Country park in Valrico.

She was forced to work in adult clubs such as the Mons Venus in Tampa to support her family. In fact, Franklin was the one who forced her to do it. When Suzanne got pregnant with her daughter Megan Dufresne, Michael was with him.

In April 1990, Suzanne was killed in a hit-and-run incident. Franklin became the person of interest but he had an alibi but many assumed that he set up the “accident”. Not long after Suzanne’s death, Franklin handed Michael to state welfare officials. The officials found a new family for him, he was taken in by Merle and Ernest Bean.

Michael was two years old when he became the part of Bean family. They were going through the adoption process but Michael was still a foster child when he was kidnapped on 12 September 1994. Merle and Ernest were bound by state laws of confidentiality. In fact, after the kidnapping, Michael’s school called the Beans to ask for his caseworker’s name. No one had told the foster parents their child had been taken.

“We did not know he was missing until 2 p.m.,” Merle Bean said. “He was taken around 9 in the morning. We had no idea that Michael was missing. If they had told us, maybe we could have told them right away that it was Floyd who took him and given them a description”.

It wasn’t until after an FBI request made two months after Michael was kidnapped that the Beans were able to make a public plea for the return of their child.

“If we could have spoken out, given a description of Floyd and told people what Michael was wearing – done something in the first 24 hours – I feel like he would have been found,” Merle Bean said.

On the day Michael was kidnapped, he was attending Indian Meridian Elementary School in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Franklin walked into the office of principal James Davis and announced he needed help getting his son.

“I think I’d better tell you I’ve got a gun in my pocket, and I’d better show it to you. . . . I’m ready to die, and if you don’t help me, you won’t live,” Franklin told the principal. Floyd left the school with the boy and the principal. He drove the principal’s pickup to the woods, then cuffed the principal to a tree, not far from where Michael lived with his new foster parents.

Describing Michael, Ernest said, “He was not up to grade for his age. He didn’t have muscle control as he should have. He did not talk at all He was very hysterical He was delayed”.

Michael Anthony Hughes Father

The only that we know is Michael Anthony Hughes was born out of Suzanne Sevakis’s relationship with her high school boyfriend. It has been reported that her boyfriend knew about the pregnancy. However, there isn’t much about his father.

But, it was believed that Michael’s older brother was adopted, (allegedly into a wealthy Texan family), and was Franklin Floyd’s son. When a DNA test of Franklin and Michael was done it proved that he wasn’t a biological father.

Franklin had talked about kidnapping Michael. He said, “You’re acting like I walked up to a Mcdonald’s, took a strange boy, and walked off with him. And that’s where you’re wrong”.

Years later, two FBI agents restarted the investigation and got Franklin to admit that he killed Michael. Investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck also shared about Franklin admitting to Michael’s death. He shared, “Floyd felt the pressure and he just ran out of patience. He turned and looked at me and said, ‘I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick.'”

Franklin also shared where he buried the body but the remains of Michael were never found.

After Michael’s abduction, the Beans stopped accepting foster children. But they did finally take a special-needs baby, whom they later adopted. Kabreena Bean died on 29 May 2002. “We still feel the loss of Michael, just like we feel the loss of Kabreena,” Merle Bean said. “In Michael’s case, there’s no closure.”

Michael Anthony Hughes Age At The Time Of His Death

Several records show that Michael Anthony Hughes was born in March 1988. At the time of his death, Michael was only six years old.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Michael Anthony Hughes Living When He Passed Away?

Michael Anthony Hughes was living in Choctaw, Oklahoma at the time of his passing.

  • When Did Michael Anthony Hughes Go Missing?

As reported, Michael Anthony Hughes was last seen on 12 September 1994.

  • When Was Michael Anthony Hughes Born?

Michael Anthony Hughes was born on 21 March 1988.

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