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Megan Vail Bio, Parents, Height, Age, Lovestruck High

Megan Vail never had time for a boyfriend during her high school. She missed out on all the excitement of teen love, like hanging out after school or going to the cinema. But thankfully, she got a retake at life through Amazon’s dating show Lovestruck High — which put contestants in an authentic American high school ecosystem.

Let’s get to know her better as this “Megan Vail Bio” proceeds. 

Megan Vail On Lovestruck High

Amazon’s new dating show Lovestruck High premiered on May 18, 2022, and it saw a group of 17 participants including Megan Vail all set to experience high school life and attend classes like any other students but in hopes of finding love.

Furthermore, the participants were also provided with a principal (Ria Lina), a coach (Russell Hicks), and a homeroom teacher (Miss Kelly – Chloe Zeitounian) who guided them and entertained them with different tasks. Also, it was up to them to expel the “students” if they ever put a foot wrong.

And to make the show even more interesting, the story was narrated by actress Lindsay Lohan who’s known for her roles in Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and Confessions of a Teen Drama Queen.

Joining Megan for this inaugural season were her co-stars — Ada, Alex, Basit, Chante, Charlie, Dan, Geoff, Huss, Jeff, Jodi, Junaid, KT, Max, Sin, Theo, and Yasmine.

All of them ranged from 20 – 30 years of age.

Excited to see herself on the show, Megan took it to her IG on April 21, 2022, to write, “THE NEWS IS OUT!! Catch me on your screens 18th of May!”

Who Is Megan Vail Dating Today?

Megan kept her dating life a secret in 2022 because Lovestruck High was still going on, and she didn’t want to give away any spoilers.

As for her romantic interests on the show, Megan enchanted two boys from her class — Alex and Huss. 

Initially, it was Huss who made the first move and asked her for the homecoming dance. However, given Huss’s fame as a known playboy, Megan rejected her right away. Thus, grabbing this opportunity with both hands, Alex then asked her out, and the two attended the dance as a couple.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the homecoming event, Alex made a sexual joke. This immediately put off Megan and made her realize that Alex wasn’t the man she was looking for. Thus, she distanced herself from him, ultimately leading Alex to pursue KT.

Surprisingly, while Alex was still dating KT, he came back to Megan, trying to keep things “open” with her. But as soon as KT realized she was an option for Alex, she immediately ended things with him.

Megan, who’s been cheated on a lot in relationships wasn’t in a rush to find a boyfriend.

However, she did admit that she’d like to find her husband soon.

Megan Vail Parents

Megan Vail was born to her parents Justin and Sara (Stockdale) Vail.

Her mother, Sara Stockdale Vail is a Winterton Comprehensive School graduate who went on to work as a funeral coordinator at East of England Co-op (from Nov 2017 to Aug 2021) and C.E Fuller& Co (ever since Aug 2021). Here’s her IG @sara_vail and Facebook @sara.s.vail.

As for her dad, Justin is Megan’s biggest supporter. Back when Megan performed in  Aladdin at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, he mentioned that it was a proud day for the Vail family.

Talking about her siblings, Megan has a sister named Imogen Vail. She was in a relationship with Cameron McPhee, a seller at Royal British Legion. Here’s her TikTok @imogeneva01.

Besides them, Megan is close to her uncle Martin Vail and her grandmother Jill Vail who worked at Isabel Hospice and English Heritage.

Trivia: Megan attended her cousin, Freya Bombaya’s wedding in India in Jan 2022. She was dressed in a saree for the occasion.

Megan Vail Height

Megan Vail stands tall at a height above 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her district features include — green eyes, a butterfly tattoo on her left arm, and a super flexible body.

Is Megan Vail On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @_meganvail.

Also, here’s her Facebook @megan.vail.54 (page) and @Megan-Vai (page), TikTok @_meganvail, and Twitter @meganvail97.

Megan Vail Age

Megan Vail was 24 years of age when she filmed Lovestruck High.

She is 3 and 4 years younger than Alex and Huff, respectively.

Megan Vail Job

Megan is a professional dancer. She admitted that dancing is her life, and she mostly listened to Justin Bieber’s music when she danced. “Justin Bieber is  MY WORLD! I officially have Bieber fever,” she added.

Besides that, Megan is also an aspiring model. She was even listed by Stomp Talent as a model and a dancer.

For those of you wondering, a pro dancer in the UK made around $30 thousand per annum. So, that was probably what Megan earned.

Also, Megan already has an IMDb profile as well, thanks to her time in Lovestruck High.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Megan Vail Birthday?

Megan didn’t reveal her birthday.

  • Where Is Megan Vail From?

She hails from Ely, Cambridge, England.

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