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Meghan Crumpler Bio, Partner, Parents, Weight Loss, Age

Meet Meghan Crumpler, one of the leading cast members of TLC’s new show 1000-Lb Best Friends. The show was inspired by “1000-Lb Sisters”. Here, you’ll see two best friends Meghan and Vannessa going through a weight loss journey.

Scroll down, to learn about her partner, parents, the weight loss journey, her age, and her current weight. Scroll down this Meghan Crumpler Bio to learn more!

Meghan Crumpler On 1000-Lb Best Friends

TLC is back with yet another show which has a similar theme as ‘1000-Lb Sisters’. The show is titled ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ that explores the weight loss journey of two best friends Meghan Crumpler and Vanessa Cross. Meghan and Vanessa have been together since senior high throughout years of poverty and bullying.

No matter how tough it was, they stood up for each other and now they are looking to go through the weight loss journey together.

Vannessa told in the trailer of the show, “This girl has been with my ride or die through it and if anyone says anything to me, she’s got my back”. Meghan added while laughing, “I used to threaten them with other things but now I just say I’m going to sit on your a–, leave her alone”.

Years later, they are still best friends and Vannessa keeps Meghan in high regard. In the show, we’ll see that Meghan who had made up her mind to lose weight is convincing her friend to lose the weight. Meghan, who weighed 496 lbs, needed an oxygen tank to breathe and wants to be free of it.

But, Vannessa, who is 56 lbs lesser (i.e. 440 lbs), was hard to convince to go through the weight loss journey.

Meghan revealed that she was inspired to go on “Too Large” after her father David, dying in hospice, had watched comparable shows and told her she can lose weight, too. The bariatric surgeon who would be guiding them through the process is Atlant Dr. Charles Procter who is already a public figure to TLC.

Meghan complemented her doctor, “He is not just a talented surgeon but he’s compassionate and has the greatest bedside manner. He makes me feel like a human being and is not judgmental.” She met Dr. Procter because she was tired of not being able to move around or be productive.

Meghan had also mentioned that besides Vannessa other two best friends also featured on the show Tina Arnold and Ash Thebff. She revealed on her Facebook that she had a few best friends but Tina Arnold is the truest best friend who she has known from the age of 15.

Catch up to the TLC’s new show to see what unfolds.

Meghan Crumpler’s Weight Loss Journey

Meghan Crumpler’s weight loss journey starts at 496 pounds which she discovers at Dr. Procter’s office. Then, Dr. Procter gives her a weight goal of 20 pounds to lose and her journey begins. She reveals how hard her journey was but she was making progress. Although at first losing 20 pounds seemed impossible but the number reads 459 pounds which is 37 pounds less and 17 pounds more than the set target in just a matter of a month.

Then, she tries to get her friend Vannessa on the journey to lose weight.

“This was a do-or-die moment for me,” Meghan said. “I was tired of sitting on the sidelines I was alive but not living. I had to do something I’d contemplated for years. And doing it this way, hopefully, I can help others who relate to me.”

Now that she is making progress in losing her weight, Meghan can check the list of things she wanted to do such as fly in an airplane, go swimming, go on a cruise, take a vacation, kayak, take dance lessons, even cross her legs.

Crumpler early in the episode brought her friend Vannessa Cross to meet with Procter for possible surgery as well.

Does Meghan Crumpler Have A Partner?

Yes, Megan Crumpler is dating her partner, Jon who has supported her throughout her weight loss journey. Meghan, who is 43 years old right now, met her boyfriend when she was 35. She and her future boyfriend, Jon have an age difference of 10 years who is currently 33 years old.

On June 2021, Meghan wrote on her Instagram, “meghancrumpler_toolarge #couplegoals  #Toolarge  #selflove  #cougar  #agegap  #MeghanCrumpler_toolarge This is the week that I met Jon for the first time when he came from California to meet me. Era 2013. I was 35 and he was 25.”

They met 10 years ago online while he was living in California. Meghan was initially hesitant to expose him to her true self. She did, however, mistakenly switch on the camera one night when they were discussing. He later admitted to her that he had seen her, and she was relieved that he had stayed.

She’d previously dabbled in fetish modeling, but she wanted to find someone who adored her for who she was, not simply because of a BBW inclination. Jon appears to be that person for her.0

“I love Meghan to the world and back,” Jon says about Meghan early in the episode. “Everything that she does. She’s such a wonderful person. She has such a kind, sweet, heart.”

The dating couple got engaged on 24 February 2021. Jon was so happy that Meghan accepted his proposal. “She said yes. I’m so excited,” he said with a huge grin on his face. “I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with someone I love.”

As for the kids, Meghan has revealed on her Instagram that she doesn’t have any. But, she has godchildren.

Talking about Jon, Megan’s fiance grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. But, Jon, moved to Atlanta, Georgia on 27 May 2021.

Meghan Crumpler Parents

This may come as a surprise but, Meghan Crumpler hasn’t shared details on her biological parents. Because, David James Crumpler and Wanda Teresa Crumpler who she calls her parents, are her adoptive parents, at least her father was. She lost her father on 21 November 2019 at the age of 60.

Talking about James, he had been a working American citizen from the age of 17 until he went on to Hospice 2018,  and worked from a wheelchair with practically no hand use for the last 10 years of his life. He was a 12 year veteran of the Army National Guard. But, he suffered from one of the worst cases of Gout known in History to Date.

He first developed Gout from having a Work accident in  October of 1980 that caused him to have an electrical shock. He had enough electricity going through him to have been in an electric chair. That day changed his life forever. The disease forced him to retire from his job. He was so severe that he had over 300 knots all over his body at some point.

He lost his Life insurance when he had to retire due to being on Hospice. During that period he also has kidney failure because of gout. His wife Teresa started a fundraiser on GoFundMe as a Recently Veteran Widowed Emergency Fund.

Meghan had talked about her father on the show. “My dad was not just my dad,” She said. “He adopted me. He chose to love me. We had a special bond.”

Meghan’s parents were married for 40.5 years. Moving on, Meghan’s mom is on Facebook as well as Instagram. Her mother graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1978.

As for siblings, Meghan has a younger sister named Ashley Wood. Ashley Wood is married to her husband Chris Wood and has a daughter together.

Meghan Crumpler Job

About the job, Meghan Crumpler indulged herself in making handmade ornaments. She has shared pictures of them on her socials. A few of her jewelry was created out of the inspiration she got from World Of Warcraft. Meghan has an Etsy store named (@Penguinstoned) where she put on her works for sale.

Meghan also worked as an influencer and promoted cosmetic products such as TRESemme on her Instagram.

Talking about education, Meghan attended Stockbridge High School. She also studied at Fayette Beauty Academy Inc.

Is Meghan Crumpler On Instagram?

Yes, Meghan Crumpler s on Instagram (@meghancrumpler_toolarge), Facebook (@MeghanCrumplerTooLarge), Twitter (@foxypenguinjp), and also on TikTok (@meghancrumpler_toolarge).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Meghan Crumpler?

As of this writing in Jan 2022, Meghan Crumpler is 43 years old.

  • Where Is Meghan Crumpler From?

Meghan Crumpler hailed from Stockbridge, Georgia. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • How Tall Is Meghan Crumpler?

Meghan Crumpler stands tall at the height of 5 feet 2 inches, which she revealed on her Facebook. She recently got a tattoo “Beautiful Disaster” in October 2021.

  • How Much Does Meghan Crumpler Weigh?

After losing the first forty pounds, Meghan Crumpler was able to go through bariatric surgery which helped her lose 160 pounds more. That, helped her to lose weight to 338 pounds. With the weight loss, Meghan said she can now stand and cook and use a seatbelt.

  • How Much Is Meghan Crumpler Net Worth?

Meghan Crumpler should have a net worth under $200 thousand.

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