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Tina Arnold Bio, Age, Job, Married, IG, 1000-Lb Best Friends

Meet Tina Arnold, TLC’s 1000-lb Best Friends’ Meghan Crumpler’s best friend. They have known each other for over 25 years and now embarked on a journey to lose weight together. Learn about her age, job, her husband, and her socials in this article.

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Tina Arnold On 1000-Lb Best Friends

TLC’s ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ documents the journey of four friends Meghan Crumpler, Vannessa Cross, Ashley Sutton, and Tina Arnold taking on the journey to lose some weight. Every single one of them has their reason whether it is to look good or to be alive so that family doesn’t have to endure the pain of them going away before time.

In the preview of the show, Vannessa introduces herself and her friend Meghan. Friends since senior high, they got each others’ back. Tired of all the bullying and for the sake of their children, they have shown determination to shed some weight. However, it surely isn’t going to be easy, so Vannessa also tapped their two friends Tina and Ashley to come along on the journey.

Not only Ashley and Tina are appearing on the show as their motivators, but they are also trying to lose weight.

As stressful as it is, nobody says “oversized” girls can’t have fun. We see Tina on the preview threatening to duct-tape Vanessa’s mouth in the heat of the moment. But, she is shown emotional when she talks to Meghan when she says, “My biggest fear is me leaving my kids alone without me,”

But, viewers are promised the inevitable drama which we see at the end of the preview. Based on Ashley’s tweet, she has been a fan of TLC’s show ‘My 600lb Life’ never knowing one day she would get to star on a reality show with a similar theme.

About Tina and Meghan’s history, you should know that they have known each other when Meghan was only 15. So, they have 3 decades-old friendship behind them. Meghan wrote on her Facebook, “I have some of the best friends a person could ever hope for. I know you have all met Vannessa TooLarge. But this is also one of the truest best friends Tina Arnold I have on this planet. We also go way back to my age 15.”

As a testament to her long-lasting friendship, Tina also posted on her Instagram, “Most marriages don’t even last 27 years these days… but that’s just how long this chick has been dealing with my bs. I don’t say it as much as I should, ’cause I’m a hardass – but I’m super proud of her and thankful to have her in my life.”

Tina Arnold Weight Loss Journey

Tina was hinting at her weight loss journey since July 2021. She wrote, “My journey isn’t over… I’m just getting started again”. She posted a photo of herself in 2012 when she weighed 300 lbs. According to her early December 2021 post, she hated herself and it was hard for her to breathe just doing the bare minimal tasks.

A year later, Tina lost 80 lbs by working out six days a week, doing P90X with Mr. Tony Horton, and drinking two chocolate Shakeology shakes a day. For eight long months, she worked hard to learn all she could about health and nutrition, giving herself a wellness education she had never had any interest in before.

However, in 2021, Tina weighed over 300 lbs again and revealed that she was starting over again. And this time, she is doing it on national television.

Is Tina Arnold Married?

Tina Arnold has a husband. In March 2021, Tina revealed that she and her husband Johnnie Arnold have been together for 19 years.

Tina dedicated a post for her husband and wrote, “I’m grateful for this guy cause he’s been here for me for 18+ years. We’ve been through it all and he’s never faltered in his love for me. He’s here for me when I need him the most, he makes me laugh and he lets me ugly cry on him when I just need to let it all out. He’s kinda cool, I guess – in a computer geek, Star Wars loving (obsessed) kinda way… he’s a’ight.”

Tina and her husband, Johnnie tied the knots in October 2002. She celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary on 17 October 2021 with an Ig post. She wrote, “Me and mah honey, out for our Anniversary dinner (a day early). 19 years (married) and counting. #anniversary #dinner #marriage #almosttwodecades“.

They are parents to four children that including at least one son and two daughters named Clara and Mary. Tina features her kids occasionally on her socials.

About Tina’s husband: Johnnie is a tech guy and hosts The Oddfather Oodcast.

Tina Arnold Age

Tina Arnold is currently 41 years old. She celebrates her birthday every year on 30 November.

Tina Arnold Job

Based on her LinkedIn, Tina Arnold is a business owner. She started her business in February 2012 which she is currently working on. She also penned a book herself titled Sweet Lantern. Furthermore, She published her book on 12 September 2019 independently.

As shared in her book, Tina developed a passion for writing very early on. She began writing at the age of 10. With encouragement from family and friends, she published her first novel Sweet Lantern in 2019.

Moreover, she is also working on something called Project Takeback. It is the joint project created by Meghan and Tina as a way to reach others who have lost their footing on the pathway to being who they desire to be. It is our goal to help people realize their worth and show them how to reach their full potential. Through our own journey’s we hope to exhibit to others that there is hope and that they too can turn their lives around because it’s never too late to start over and rise from the ashes a new, better version of yourself.

Related FAQs

  • Has Tina Arnold Revealed Her Family?

No, Tina Arnold hasn’t revealed much about her family. But, in the introductory part of the author of her book, she shared that she was born in Landstuhl, Germany, and was raised in Stockbridge, Georgia.

  • How Tall Is Tina Arnold?

Tina Arnold stands tall around 5 feet 6 inches.

  • How Much Does Tina Arnold Weigh?

Tina Arnold currently weighs over 350 lbs.

  • Is Tina Arnold On IG, Facebook?

Tina Arnold on Instagram goes by the name (@tinasshenanigans). Her TikTok account is (@tina1kbf). Likewise, her Twitter account is (@Tina1kBF). She is also on Facebook.

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