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Meisha Johnson Daughters: Who Are Morea And Svea?

Meet Morea and Svea, the two daughters of 90 Day Fiance‘s Meisha Johnson. After their appearance on Tell All fans wish to learn more about them. Here we cover their age and education.

Keep scrolling down this article to read all that we know about Meisha’s daughters.

Who Are Meisha Johnson Daughters?

Meisha Johnson, who is a mother to two daughters (Morea and Svea), is joining the cast of 90 Days Fiance: Before The 90 Days in 2023. Meisha is a divorced former TV journalist from Minnesota who converted to Catholicism. She seemed to have had a spiritual epiphany in her living room, which led to her quitting her job.

Nicola, 46, first met Meisha seven years ago when she was investigating her newly discovered beliefs. Meisha and Nicola hit it off right away, and she learned that he had never been in a committed relationship before. Israeli virgin Nicola still resides with his mother and is a virgin. But after seven years of communication, the couple is now prepared to actually be together.

They have many obstacles to overcome as a pair, but they both want to give their union a chance to succeed.

When Nicola stated that he believed women should “follow the man,” there was a great deal of discussion on how they differed. In the past, Meisha Johnson’s ex-husband resided in Sweden with her and their two girls.

Morea and Svea attended the Tell All dressed in pink and blue for their mother’s support, who called them “strong.” Her daughters, she claimed, would “put him [Nicola] in his place.” The daughters from a previous marriage were welcomed by Meisha. Meisha, the church’s spiritual director, accompanies them to services.

They felt Nicola “isn’t listening to her” following their mom sharing her concerns.

Meisha had to be cleared to get married again by the Tribunal for the Archdiocese. However, Meisha’s daughters fear that Nicola would criticize them for acting like typical adolescent girls. Once Nicola moves in, they don’t want to feel confined in their house. Star of 90 Day Fiance in Sweden, Meisha shared a home with her ex-husband. She got divorced from her first husband after being married to him for two years when she was 22 and is now engaged to Nicola.

On social media on Mother’s Day 2014, Meisha posted, “There’s no greater or more rewarding job than being a mom- a channel through which our legacy is left. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom’s! What a true gift you are to so many. I hope you’re deservingly celebrated in a big way.”

A year before that she wrote, “If there were nothing else in life, my world be 100% complete with these two. The meaning of true love. Mama’s, enjoy YOUR day with the loves of your life.”

Talking about Meisha, she has been a director of Pastoral Ministry since 2022 at the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. She also co-founded in 2020. She is also working as a Viral Blogger – YouTube: Meisha Johnson at MimiMinistries.

Over the years she has worked as a host for many shows and stations like CBS-3 Philadelphia, K-Swiss, KMSP FOX 9, EVINE Live Inc., CBS Sports, and FOX 9 News KMSP to name a few.

Meisha went to Bethel University, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Kaplan Real Estate Education, The Catholic University of America, and Saint Joseph’s College of Maine.

Meet Morea, Meisha Johnson Older Daughter

Morea Wallin is the older daughter of Meisha Johnson. At the time of this article, she is 20 years old.

Per Hudl, Morea attended Spring Lake Park High School and was part of Girls’ JV Dance & Drill and Girl’s B Squad Dance & Drill. From 2017 to 2020, she was also a part of the BHS Dance Team and from 2016 to 2022, she was part of the SLPHS Pantherettes Dance Team.

After graduating from Spring Lake Park High School she is currently attending the University of Minnesota and expected to graduate in 2025.

Morea is available on Instagram (@moreawallin), Facebook, and Twitter (@MoreaWallin).

As for her relationship, Morea might be dating one Carter Johnson. On her most recent post, Morea featured Carter. When one fan asked, “Who’s that man? 🤨” Carter himself replied, “Her bf.”

Carter is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He has also working as a Merchandise Associate at The TJX Companies, Inc. since September 2022.

Meet Svea, Meisha Johnson Younger Daughter


As of 2023, Meisha Johnson is 18 years old and the younger of two daughters. She is likely attending Arizona State University – Tempe. She is also the part of Delta Zeta sorority.

Find Svea on Instagram (@svea_wallin), TikTok (@sveawallin), and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Meisha Johnson Daughters Reside?

Meisha Johnson’s daughters are residing in Blaine, Minnesota.

  • Do Meisha Johnson Daughters Have The Same Father?

Meisha Johnson’s daughters likely share the same father as both use “Wallin” as their last name.

  • Do Meisha Johnson Daughters Have A Brother?

No, Meisha Johnson’s daughters don’t have a brother.

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