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Mike Onorato Bio, Age, Job, Family, Seeking Brother Husband

As the new TLC series Seeking Brother Husband premiered on 26 March 2023, viewers were introduced to polyandrous couples and trios. Unlike the other TLC originals Sister Wives or Seeking Sister Wife, this one is about one woman having more than one husband. Now, the show also features Mike Onorato and Elisa Alpizar, Los Angeles-based newlyweds who are open to adding another husband to the mix.

In the rest of the writing, let us tell you who Mike Onorato is, what the Seeking Brother Husband journey has been like for him, and more.

Mike Onorato On Seeking Brother Husband

Seeking Brother Husband chronicles four polyandrous relationships at various stages of their relationship. Mike Onorato and Elisa’s romance is one of them. The couple is to be seen reflecting on their challenging journey to becoming a polyandrous couple in this reality experiment.

So, this is how their relationship is documented on the TLC show:

Despite everything being okay between them, Elisa has had struggles with commitment, which is why she and Mike agreed to open their relationship and be polyamorous. In a confessional, Elisa even admitted to cheating on Mike, despite being content with Mike. She said she was just intensely drawn toward someone, which led to adultery. This time, she said was the most difficult time in their relationship because she could not figure out why she was drawn to someone else.

Even Mike shared that it was a rocky path and quite difficult for him to go through that phase of acceptance. he said he even had to read books related to psychology and relationships to be more welcoming of the idea.

So, in Seeking Brother Husband, they seemed to be wanting to make sense of this problem and even solve it. Together, they will be seen seeking a viable partner for Elisa to experiment with and see where their relationship goes.

“I had to ask myself questions: Do I want to stay with her to pursue multiple partners? Or do I want to break up with her? I decided to stay with her and just grow from there”, Mike can be heard saying at one point on the show.

Mike Onorato And Elisa Alpizar Relationship Details

Mike Onorato and Elisa Alpizar have been inseparable since they met for the first time at the “Lightning in a Bottle” festival on a random Saturday in 2015. The two were separately enjoying themselves at the event, which Elisa attended with her best friend.

Seven years later on 24 May 2022, Elisa wrote on a social media post how she is so proud of everything they have accomplished together. “I can’t think of anything that I’ve been this dedicated and committed to for 7 years. And yet, here I am with Mike, and it feels like barely any time at all”, she also wrote in the lengthy caption on the occasion.

The same year, on the 28th of August, they celebrated their fourth marriage anniversary. Meaning, they got married on that day in 2018, in a beautiful beach ceremony.

Mike Onorato Age

Because Mike Onorato was born in 1987, he turned 36 years old early in 2023.

Mike Onorato Family

Mike Onorato’s mother is Lisa Kou. Since 26 January 2014, she has been married to Noel E Kou, who is not Mike’s biological father. On Facebook, the matriarch mentioned being an executive assistant at DeVry University and going to Edison Senior High from 1977 through 1978. Also, at this point, they were residing in Elk Grove, California.

Mike’s stepdad Noel, of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, mentioned working as a general contractor.

Mike in his family, also has a twin brother called Matthew “Matt” Sampson. This sibling of Mike following graduation from San Diego State University in February 2021, has worked as a research associate and in bioinformatics consulting. He is married to Terri Onorato who turned 35 in October 2022.

Is Mike Onorato On Instagram?

Yes. Mike Onorato could be found on Instagram. As of 27 March 2023 and there were 2 posts and 225 followers on the account @monorato1. Also, it was kept private, unlike Elisa’s @_elisa.janelle.

On his ‘Mike Onorato’ Facebook though, he did not mind showing glimpses of his life regularly and publicly.

Mike Onorato Job

Since 4 January 2022, Mike Onorato had been working as a senior specialist/mechanical engineer at Stellant Systems, Inc. in Torrance, California.

Before this, he worked also as a mechanical engineer at Argos Engineers, Inc., also of Torrance, California, from 14 January 2013 through 3 December 2021.

Mike studied MS in Mechanical Engineering at UCLA from September 2011 through June 2012. Also, before this, he graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical engineering at UCLA in 2010. For his school, he attended Leigh High in the Class of 2005.

How Much Is Mike Onorato’s Net Worth?

Mike Onorato reportedly had above $600K net worth as of March 2023.

His current salary as a mechanical engineer should be more or less $50,108 a year, per ZipRecruiter’s general estimation.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mike Onorato From?

Mike Onrato was born and brought up in San Jose, California.

In 2020, he and Elisa moved to the Hollywood region of Los Angeles in pursuit of an ideal lifestyle.

  • When Is Mike Onorato’s Birthday?

Mike Onorato’s birthday is on February 11th and that makes him an Aquarius.

  • How Tall Is Mike Onorato?

Mike Onorato stands above 5’9” in height.

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