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Aussie Chau Bio, The Ultimatum, Age, Job, Height, Family

The Ultimatum: Queer Love is a follow-up to Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On, which aired on the platform in 2022. The first queer season of the show features ten women as five couples as they enter the show to find out if they will get married or get separated instead at the conclusion of the experiment. Aussie Chau, whom we are about to talk about in this writing, and Sam Mark are one of the five original couples/cast featured on the show hosted by JoAnna Garcia Swisher.

Now keep reading as we tell you about Aussie and also about their romance with Sam.

Aussie Chau On Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love

Sam Mark issued the “ultimatum” to Aussie Chau and so they decided to go on The Ultimatum: Queer Love. In this experiment, just like every other couple, they were hoping to find out if they should take the next step in their relationships or call it quits.

As seen on the show, Sam seemed ready for the ultimate connection. However, Aussie was wanting to spend more time living together before making such a big commitment. The couple first met during the pandemic in an online social group for the LGBTQ+ community.

Also, one can see Sam goes by she/her and Aussie goes by the pronoun “Aussie”.

In their journey on Queer Love, Aussie and Sam tried their best to make things work in the experiment in the hopes of promising one another forever in the end, but it does not seem like it panned out that way. The couple also seemed to be having some communication and anxiety issues among other things.

Are Sam Mark And Aussie Chau Still Together?

Following the initial trial marriages with their new partners Sam and Aussie seemed drifting apart rather than coming closer. Also, as per their social media activities, the two do not seem to have made out alive from the competition as a couple.

As of May 2023, not only did Sam and Aussie not follow one another on Instagram, but there also has been no sign of their possible reunion. Despite seeming cozy to some extent at Netflix’s recent Pride event, they lacked rings on both their hands.

All these only point to them not being romantically involved anymore.

To unversed, Sam 31, much younger than Aussie, has a career as a Certified Tarot Healer, Mental Health Advocate, and Conscious Altruism Movement enthusiast these days.

Are Aussie Chau And Mildred Still Together?

After episode 2, Aussie Chau also was coupled with Mildred Woody, who originally came on the show with Tiff Der.

As the show progresses, we see Aussie liking Mildred’s confidence. About her Aussie also liked that she was not as confrontational and aggressive as Sam.

They seemed to have an instant connection during their very first meeting, as Mildred also very much liked Aussie. One of the most amazing humans she has ever met is how she had described her. Aussie was also feted for creating a safe place for Mildred. So, putting her own two-year relationship with Tiff on the line by giving the ultimatum, Mildred seemed to be taking her bonding with Mildred pretty seriously. What happened to them outside the show, we do not know yet.

Tiff meanwhile, upon knowing about her initial partner choosing Aussie, gets vulnerable. Yet, she also seemed to be getting closer to Sam. She liked how Sam always came into their double dates without any judgment. And so these two exes went through a series of deep conversations and still looked forward to spending the next few weeks together.

Before Aussie and even before Tiff, Mildred went through a divorce. She also is a mother to a special needs son.

Aussie Chau Age

Aussie Chau was 42 years old when filming The Ultimatum: Queer Love show.

Aussie Chau Family

Naturally, Aussie Chau also is very reserved when it comes to their family. Aussie has not shared anything related to their family on public platforms. So, where Aussie comes from or what kind of upbringing Aussie had growing up is not understood.

What Job Does Aussie Chau Do For A Living?

Even The Ultimatum: Queer Love did not cover much about Aussie Chau’s professional life/career. Moreover, there also is no LinkedIn profile of Aussie it seems. Together, all this makes it quite impossible for us to know what Aussie did or has been doing for a living.

Aussie Chau Height

Aussie Chau stands below 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Aussie Chau’s Birthday?

It is not known when Aussie Chau celebrates their birthday. Aussie was yet to tell about it even to their people on social media.

  • Is Aussie Chau On Instagram?

Yes. Aussie Chau can be found on Instagram @aussie_has_fomo. Here as of 26 May 2023, there were 48 posts and 630 followers. “Emotional” and “manifestor” is how Aussie described themselves on its BIO.

Other than that Aussie also ran a Cameo account @aussie88.

  • Where Is Aussie Chau From?

We also don’t yet know where Aussie Chau originally hails from. But as of 2023, Aussie had been splitting their time between Myanmar, Australia, and even the United States.


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