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Mizuki Kubo Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Priya, Love Is Blind

Meet Mizuki Kubo from Love Is Blind: Japan. He is a restauranter by profession who is now ready to meet the girl of his dream. But, he has resorted to the speed dating procedure of Netflix’s show to find the one. Learn more about him in this Mizuki Kubo Bio.

Here we cover his age, job, Instagram, and his connection with Priya/Priyanka Yoshikawa.

Mizuki Kubo On Love Is Blind

“Love Comes Blind” is back on Netflix, but this time from a different part of the world. Fans will be able to witness young singletons from Japan who will appear on the show to find love but will not be able to see their faces. The first episode aired on February 8, 2022. On Netflix’s new show, we watch thirteen men looking for love. The format of the presentation is identical to that of the original.

The male contestants appearing on the show are,

  • Takumi (23) Ex-Maritime Self-Defense Force officer,
  • Jinya (26) Hair and makeup stylist,
  • Yudai (23) Men’s hairstylist,
  • Mori (37) Cosmetic dermatologist,
  • Shuntaro (56) Consultant,
  • Odacchi (31) Comedian,
  • Atsushi (42) Business owner,
  • Sho (28) Design firm owner,
  • Misaki (31) Baseball coach in Kenya,
  • Ryotaro (32) Hairstylist,
  • Ryoga (30) Real estate,
  • Mizuki (29) Restaurateur,
  • Wataru (38) Executive

Whereas, there are only 11 female contestants to make it much more interesting namely,

  • Toshie (39) Aromatherapy instructor,
  • Midori (30) Business planner,
  • Motomi (27) Advertising salesperson,
  • Minami (26) Architecture firm,
  • Eri (32) Fitness trainer,
  • Ayano (30) Corporate worker,
  • Maki (34) Yoga instructor,
  • Nana (31) Online marketing,
  • Priya (27) Entrepreneur,
  • Kaoru (31) Singer-songwriter,
  • Nanako (35) Ex-ballet instructor

Guiding these singletons are show’s hosts Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya.

The show was shot in Yomitan and Tokyo. Furthermore, it has been alleged that filming took place in Tokyo at Toho Studios, which has previously produced films such as Godzilla. They shot the episode in Yomitan at a luxury villa called Hoshinoya Okinawa.

We’re talking about Mizuko Kubo. He and his fellow contestants will travel to a beautiful location and meet each other’s families before deciding whether to separate or marry in the final episode. The 11-part show will be released over three weeks.

The first five episodes premiered on 8 February. Then, episodes 6-9 will premiere on 15 February. The remaining two episodes 10 and 11 will premiere on 22 February.

Are Mizuki Kubo And Priya From Love Is Blind Still Together?

Wataru piqued Priya’s or Priyanka’s curiosity at first. Wataru, on the other hand, selected Midori, and Mizuki ended up stealing Priyanka’s heart. They had already interacted a few times and had built a strong bond. Priya’s lovely, smooth voice was recognized by Mizuki.

Initially, they conversed casually, but Mizuki seizes the opportunity and opens the way for deeper connections. Priya was at ease with Mizuki’s approaches and returned the favor. They chatted about their professional and romantic goals, but more critically, they talked about how they would balance their families as entrepreneurs.

Priyanka’s independent character and feminism helped them form a strong bond because Mizuki wasn’t searching for a housewife. Priyanka was overjoyed to learn this because she is passionate about what she does. They worked together to understand each other better by going through various life hardships.

Mizuki then got down on his knees and said, “From the moment we met, I’ve deeply admired you… I truly respect you… I think that with you, Priya, I can overcome anything… Will you marry me?” Priya gladly accepted the proposal.

Even though Mizuki and Priya started strong after meeting face-to-face for the first time, an encounter that raised no concerns because they thought each other to be quite attractive, cracks in their relationship gradually emerged. She found him snobbish during their double date with Misaki and Karou, and she began to wonder if he could make her happy in the long run.

Yes, they had a strong bond and were always willing to work things out. However, based on their social media platforms, it appears that wasn’t enough to get them started.

Moreover, one hint that they might not be together anymore is they don’t follow each other on social media. There is no ring on the fingers of both and are kind of living very different lives. So, it is likely they aren’t together.

Love Is Blind Mizuki Kubo Age

At the time of this writing in 2022, Love Is Blind’s Mizuki Kubo is 29 years old.

Love Is Blind Mizuki Kubo Job

Mizuki Kubo has a job as a restauranter. He appears to co-own a beat bar named Caro which opened in May 2021 in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. He has shared several pictures of foods and has made several posts about his restaurant business on his Instagram. The restaurant serves lunch from 11: 30-15: 00 (L.O 14:30 in the shop) whereas serves dinner at (18: 00 – 21: 00) (L.O20: 30).

The shop is closed on Wednesday.

Also, rhe restaurant has its IG page (@umacaro.oneedge) with 323 followers. Besides that, he also promotes Nomitami Pudding (@nomitai_pudding) on his page.

His Facebook revealed that Mizuki worked at Kirin Beer from 2014 to 2016. He is also a blogger where he writes on several topics such as money, liquor, diet record, baseball, reading impressions, and Nomitami Pudding among other topics.

Mizuki is also an athlete who played baseball in school, high school, and also in college. He also plays now and then. He had recently played a game in December 2018 where he and his team placed second.

As for his education, Mizuki attended Imabari West High School. He also studied at Imagine Education Australia whereas he completed his college education from Meiji University Meiji as the class of 2014.

Is Love Is Blind Mizuki Kubo On Instagram?

Love Is Blind’s Mizuki Kubo is on Facebook, Instagram (@mizuki.k1128), TikTok (@miichan.1128), and Pinterest (@miichan_1128).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love Is Blind Mizuki Kubo From?

Love Is Blind’s Mizuki was born in Hachinohe. But, he grew up in Imabari. However, he currently lives in Imabari, Ehime.

  • When Is Love Is Blind Mizuki Kubo Birthday?

On 13 December 2018, Love Is Blind’s Mizuki Kubo had referenced about birthday, possibly his. But, it is yet to be confirmed.

  • How Tall Is Love Is Blind Mizuki Kubo?

Love Is Blind’s Mizuki stands tall under the height of 5 feet 10 inches.

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