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Misaki Hirotani Bio, Height, Job, Age, Love Is Blind

Misaki Hirotani is one of the 13 men joining the casts of “Love Is Blind: Japan”. The show gained popularity for its unconventional premise of “blind” dating. This article covers his job, height, age, and also his family members.

Here you’ll also learn about his journey by far.

Misaki Hirotani On Love Is Blind: Japan

Meet Misaki Hirotami in “Love Is Blind: Japan.” Fans will be able to observe singletons from Japan who will come on the show in the hopes of finding love, but they will be unable to see their faces. On February 8, 2022, the first batch of episodes aired. We see thirteen men hunting for love in Netflix’s new show. The presentation’s format is identical to that of the original.

The male contestants appearing on the show are,

  • Takumi (23) Ex-Maritime Self-Defense Force officer,
  • Jinya (26) Hair and makeup stylist,
  • Yudai (23) Men’s hairstylist,
  • Mori (37) Cosmetic dermatologist,
  • Shuntaro (56) Consultant,
  • Odacchi (31) Comedian,
  • Atsushi (42) Business owner,
  • Sho (28) Design firm owner,
  • Misaki (31) Baseball coach in Kenya,
  • Ryotaro (32) Hairstylist,
  • Ryoga (30) Real estate,
  • Mizuki (29) Restaurateur,
  • Wataru (38) Executive

Whereas, there are only 11 female contestants to make it much more interesting namely,

  • Toshie (39) Aromatherapy instructor,
  • Midori (30) Business planner,
  • Motomi (27) Advertising salesperson,
  • Minami (26) Architecture firm,
  • Eri (32) Fitness trainer,
  • Ayano (30) Corporate worker,
  • Maki (34) Yoga instructor,
  • Nana (31) Online marketing,
  • Priya (27) Entrepreneur,
  • Kaoru (31) Singer-songwriter,
  • Nanako (35) Ex-ballet instructor

Guiding these singletons are show’s hosts Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya.

The show was shot in Yomitan and Tokyo. Furthermore, it has been alleged that filming took place in Tokyo at Toho Studios. They shot the episode in Yomitan at a luxury villa called Hoshinoya Okinawa.

The first five episodes premiered on 8 February. Then, episodes 6-9 will premiere on 15 February. The remaining two episodes 10 and 11 will premiere on 22 February 2022.

Are Misaki Hirotani And Kaoru Miyazaki From Love Is Blind Still Together?

Misaki Hirotani knew what he wanted in his prospective partner when he joined the show. He was looking for someone who wouldn’t mind traveling to Africa with him, mind you he is Kenya’s National Baseball Team coach. He linked with singer-songwriter Kaoru Miyazaki from the start who loved Kenya, so they shared something in common.

In addition, both of them being animal lovers and having pet dogs attracted them together even more. These commonalities between the two helped them get excited to develop bonds with each other. Misaki and Kaoru spoke about various topics. But, Kaoru had something from her past that she was afraid to reveal to him because he would probably laugh it off.

The baseball coach then made it clear that she could share it with him once they meet each other face to face.

Misaki later admitted that he was ready to proceed to the next step. But, Kaoru requested another conversation and shared that they weren’t on the same page emotionally. She was admittedly too cautious but expressed her desire to continue the experiment. Misaki proposed the day after and both of them knew they were getting into it.

When they met each other face to face, they were glad that they chose to be with one another. However, things between the two started falling apart when Kaoru realized that he was a bit of an “airhead” who knew nothing about her. She accused him of forgetting her last name when asked during the show.

That particular fact along with lack of interaction between the two kinds of informed they aren’t together anymore. Kaoru is in Tokyo currently meanwhile, Misaki is headed to Kenya because of his job. But, their split hasn’t been confirmed yet.

But, Misaki has shared that he is single on his Facebook.

Misaki Hirotani Age

Reportedly born in 1990, Misaki Hirotani turned 31 years old in 2021.

Misaki Hirotani Job

Misaki Hirotani’s Facebook revealed that he has been working as a head coach for Kenya’s National Baseball Team since August 2015. He also played baseball in America at the Seattle Mariners when he was about 20 years old. Misaki played in the position of SS (shortstop). In 2010, he played for Saskatchewan Silver Sox in Arizona league.

His game log shared that he played 21 games where he averaged .297.

Misaki, in 2019, met people of the United Nations Support and Exchange Association Headquarters. He wrote in a part of his IG caption, “We hope that you will help Kenyan children and Kenyan baseball in the future. It will take some time for Kenya to develop, but I would like to move forward one by one.”

Also, Misaki is a graduate of Josai International University.

Is Misaki Hirotani On Instagram?

Misaki Hirotami is on multiple social media platforms. You can find and follow him on Instagram (@misaki_jambo), Twitter (@misakijambo), TikTok (@misaki_jambo), YouTube, and Facebook (@misaki.hirotani.1).

Misaki Hirotani Family

Misaki Hirotami was born to his father Kazunobu Hirotani. His father was 2021 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Kenya National Team Official Agent. He was also Kenya Football Association’s official Agent. He has shared pictures of himself drinking with his father.

Although his mother is not known as much as his father, Misaki has mentioned his mother in his September 2018 post. He shared an old picture of himself and his sister when they were young. He captioned the post, ” The old photo …why my mother chose this T-shirt … it gives off an aura as if I was working here. Lol As for my sister, the whole face is rice ball senbei”.

Speaking of his sister, her name is Keiko Hirotani. Keiko celebrates her birthday on 14 October every year.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Misaki Hirotani Birthday?

According to his player profile, Misaki celebrates his birthday on 22 January.

  • Where Does Misaki Hirotani Reside?

Misaki is originally from Ashiya, Hyogo in Japan. But, he is currently living in Meguro, Japan.

  • How Tall Is Misaki Hirotani?

Miaki’s player profile also revealed that he stands tall to the height of 5 feet 9 inches.

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