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Monte Taylor Bio, Height, Parents, Dating, Big Brother 24

One look at Monte Taylor and most people would jump to the conclusion that the guy’s all about gym and muscles. But little do they do about his mechanical engineering degree, the books that he read, and things of that nature.

This Monte Taylor Bio will explore the secrets behind this hunk of a man. 

Monte Taylor On Big Brother 24

Big Brother season 24 premiered on July 6, 2022, and as always there appeared 16 contestants including Monte Taylor fighting for that stunning $500,000 cash prize. So, a brand new season meant a brand new set of dramas and shenanigans. And our star, Monte was well prepared for it.

According to him, Monte would ally with people who were trustworthy and loyal. “So if what’s talked about within the alliance stays within the alliance, then that’ll make sure that we can advance our game even further,” he explained. And if there was one thing that got on his nerves, it was chatty people “who like to talk a lot about the things that you’ve said in private to others.”

Guess, Monte wasn’t having many friends. Also, another thing, other house guests may dislike about him was the fact that he is very positive. He didn’t like to get into any drama or entertain a lot of that stuff. Moreover, he also kept his cards pretty close to my chest, so he didn’t share too much. But then again, he didn’t plan on sharing too much about how he felt about certain situations just to stay out of the mix on a lot of things.

Overall, his game plan was to just be himself. “I plan on doing that throughout this whole summer, not altering or changing who I am. Because that’s going to be the best version of me,” he added.

All excited to see himself on the show, Monte took it to his IG to share, “Want to see more of Monte?! Tune in this week to CBS to watch Monte on Biiiiiiiig Brother.”

Unfortunately, Monte was already up for elimination in the first week, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a chance.

Is Monte Taylor Dating Anyone?

No, Monte wasn’t dating anyone when he entered the Big Brother house. But given his charm, there’s a possibility that he won’t come out single.

Joining Monte for season 24 of the reality show were houseguests — Jasmine Davis, Monte Taylor, Kyle Capener, Nicole Layog, Taylor Hale, Matt Turner, Joseph Abdin, Terrance Higgins, Michael Bruner, Indy Santos, Ameerah Jones, Paloma Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, Brittany Hoopes, Daniel Durston, and Joe “Pooch.”

Among them, Daniel and Joe won the title “Head of Household” in week 1.

Monte Taylor Height

Monte Taylor stands towering at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) and weighs 106 kg (235 lbs).

His distinct features include — brown eyes, an amazing beard, and a ripped body.

Monte Taylor Parents

Monte Taylor’s biological parents have separated. His father, Monte V Taylor Sr then went on to marry Dawn Martin Taylor on 19 August 2018.

Talking more about his father, Monte worked as a Sr. Project Manager at GTT. He was born in May 1971 in  Richmond Hill and attended Hillcrest High School. The last we checked, Monte lived with his wife in  New Castle, Delaware.

As for Monte’s siblings, he has two brothers named Bear and Dontae Taylor.

Is Monte Taylor On Instagram?

Yes, as of July 2022, find Monte on Instagram @taylord_fit_ with 6.7K followers.

Also, here’s his TikTok @taylord_fit_.

Monte Taylor Age

Monte Taylor was 27 years of age when he appeared on Big Brother in 2022.

But he was a year younger when he filmed the show.

Monte Taylor Job

Monte Taylor worked as an account manager at W. L. Gore & Associates when in 2022. But initially, he joined the company as a process engineer in July 2017 and was only promoted to account manager after 2½ years. Overall, his job there was to support the growth of the company-oriented Fabrics Defense Business Unit by developing, capturing, and executing meaningful opportunities.

Prior to starting his career at W. L. Gore & Associates, Monte interned at DuPontDuPont, University of Delaware, Air Products, and Remington & Vernick Engineers, each for 3 months respectively. There, he claimed to have improved his technical understanding of test methods and process capability by using statistical applications, supported multiple civil engineering projects, and handled a multimillion-dollar Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide plant in Kochi, India. (

Besides the table job, Monte also worked as a personal trainer. His fitness program was called “Taylor’d Fit.”

As for his education, Monte attended the  University of Delaware for his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from 2013 to 2017.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Monte Taylor Birthday?

Monte celebrities his birthday on May 19, and is of the Taurus zodiac.

On his 27th birthday, he took it to his IG to share a dance captioned, “Today marks 27 years on this ball of mud and it feels like life is just getting started.”

  • Where Is Monte Taylor From?

Monte hails from Bear, Delaware, and resided there as of 2022.

  • How Much Is Monte Taylor Net Worth?

By 2022, Monte garnered a net worth of under $350 thousand.

For those of you curious, a personal trainer and account manager in Delaware earned around $42 thousand and $58 thousand respectively. Combine the two — Monte was indeed making good money.

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