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Terrance Higgins Bio, Wife, Height, Juice WRLD, Big Brother

Meet Terrance Higgins from the Season 24 of Big Brother. Fans of the show recently discovered that he might be related to rapper Juice WRLD. But is he really? Along with that here you can find details regarding his wife, his height, and his job & career.

This article covers it all below, so keep on scrolling down to keep learning more.

Terrance Higgins Big Brother 24

Terrance Higgins is one of the contestants of Big Brother 24. He has currently made it to Week 4 as Turner and The Leftovers want to get Ameerah out of the house. In addition, he has also been making rounds on season 24. When Ameerah was sent away, the house chose to save him.

He instantly understood that in order to continue playing the game, he would need to join a new partnership after losing the protection of automatic safety. If he will ultimately succeed, only time will be able to tell.

Before joining the show, Terrance interviewed with Parade. He shared that people would perceive him as funny, super sarcastic, and the life of the party. Terrance added that he didn’t want to be around contestants who were fickle and who were overthinkers that didn’t stick to the original plan.

As for flipping votes against the house or going with the house, Terrance said it all depended on the stage of the game he was in.

Is Terrance Higgins Related To Juice WRLD?

Yes, Terrance Higgins is related to American rapper, singer, and songwriter Juice WRLD. The rapper had built a successful career until he died in 2019 after suffering from a substance-related seizure at an airport. When the Chicago native was announced as the cast of the show, viewers wondered if he was related to the rapper as Juice WRLD’s real name was Jarad Higgins.

Terrance is the cousin of the late rapper. He had opened up about his relation to Juice but never brought up being related to the rapper.

While he never spoke in the show, Terrance did a podcast after the rapper’s death and opened up about losing his cousin. He shared that Juice is the first from his family who was a celebrity who died. So, he talked about how the world has an opinion and how celebrities move during this time.

For him, it was a whole different experience from how he often views a lot of people. He also touched on the subject of speculations surrounding Juice’s death. He confirmed that part of it was true while the rest of the part was just false rumors. But, he didn’t go into details.

According to Terrance, Juice’s family conducted a private memorial for the rapper. The DJ described his cousin as a great kid who dealt with a lot of things in the past. He also added that he knew Juice was big but not to the extent of how big he was as he never listened to his music.

Terrance Higgins Family

Terrance Higgins can be labeled private when it comes to sharing about family members. But, his Facebook surely helps to unearth details about his family members. According to June 2022 post, he has four brothers.

Terrance has a very supportive aunt named Diane Higgins. She announced him being on the show in July 2022 on her Facebook and asked everyone to support him.

Likewise, other family members of Terrance include Deborah Higgins, Terra Higgins, Joseph Higgins, Jeff Higgins, and Martell Jones.

Terrance Higgins Wife

When Terrance Higgins entered the show he was a married man. He tied the knots with his wife Traycee Allen on 19 July 2021.

How Old Is Terrance Higgins?

May 1975 is the year that marks the birth of Terrance Higgins. So, the Chicago-native is currently 47 years old in 2022. Cheatsheet reported that the married couple also has kids. Other than that, there isn’t much about their relationship.

Is Terrance Higgins On Instagram?

No, Terrance Higgins doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. But you can find him on Facebook here.

Terrance Higgins Height

Most likely the tallest in his family, Terrance Higgins’s height measures above 6 feet.

Terrance Higgins Job

Terrance Higgins’s current job is working as a city bus operator, according to his bio on CBS. reports that a bus driver’s salary is around $20.65 per hour.

However, his LinkedIn states that he works as a CEO at Spilled Soul Productions. He aimed at establishing a career as a filmmaker in Chicago. His passion lies in bringing the bring Hollywood back to Chicago where it started. He founded the company in 2007.

Terrance also worked as an IT coordinator at Project Exploration, a nonprofit science education organization that makes science accessible to the public—especially minority youth and girls—through personalized experiences with scientists and science.

Terrance also worked as a DJ with the moniker DJ ShowTime. He also played at The Boca in Blue Island, Illinois.

He studied radio and television broadcasting at Illinois Center for Broadcasting till 2008.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Terrance Higgins’s Birthday?

Terrance Higgins’s profile on the web reports that he celebrates his birthday in May.

  • Where Is Terrance Higgins From?

Chicago, Illinois for Terrance Higgins is both his hometown and his current residence.

  • How Much Is Terrance Higgins’s Net Worth?

Terrance Higgins’s net worth is growing and it is currently under $300 thousand.

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